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Tips To Create Social Media Videos For Your Business

Social media platforms are becoming crucial for promoting a company or brand. In 2021, many marketers reported social media as a powerful tool. 88 % of executives said that using social media as a marketing tool has given them more exposure, according to Statista.

Social media users are spending an increasing amount of time watching videos. According to Statista, users spend 147 minutes daily on social media platforms. Because people have found video content to keep users engaged on social media platforms for longer than any other type of content, social media businesses are more eager than ever to continue this trend.

Given this, it makes sense that businesses would want to become involved in trying video marketing, viewing the strong demand for video and the algorithmic preference for video as an excellent opportunity to promote their brands to a big audience.

tips to create social media videos for your business
Creating social media videos for your business.

While creating video content can be difficult, especially creating it for social media is difficult. Thanks to some great video-making and editing tools that offers incredible features that can be used in videos to make them more appealing.

In this digital world of engagement, we have to create videos that hook the consumers every minute that passes. 

Since the introduction of Instagram reels, marketers have set the tone that resonates with their audience by showing them their products and services. Facebook has recently placed a lot of emphasis on video. The amount of video material displayed in the News Feed has been rising, and the business has been expanding its library of tools for artists.

Social media videos behave differently on different platforms. Each & every platform has the potential to reach a wider audience using videos. 

Making a video could be scary, and for a good reason – it also takes a lot of work. But don’t worry; you can now create engaging videos by following the tips in this blog post.

Tips To Create Social Media Videos 

If you are looking to create social media videos for your business or brand, consider the following tips:

Pre-Requisites for A Video

  • Planning video content: Plan your video content before you shoot. This will help ensure that your videos are well-constructed and achieve your desired results.
  • Write a script: Writing a script for a video is now required. A script can be a reference to the material you will cover in the video or a verbatim transcript of what you will say or show the camera while narrating or presenting.

Get Right to The Point

Keep your videos short and to the point. Most social media users have a short attention span, so capturing their attention and keeping it throughout the video is important.

It is important to keep the key message in mind when sharing videos on social media. Get to work straight away. Spend no time introducing yourself or your business before watching the video. 

In the video, it is workable to achieve this, but not at first.

  • For Instagram, keep it anywhere from 10 seconds to 30 seconds (Although you can upload up to 90 seconds long videos, this update is still in the pipeline of testing the engagement rate)
  •  For Facebook, please keep it for 2 minutes
  •  For Twitter, keep it 30 seconds

Select The Suitable Video Maker

Use a platform that makes it simple to customize for social media. For instance, choose a video maker online free of cost that doesn’t require your computer to be installed with any software. Such tools also come with pre-made video templates to help you get started quickly.

With the right tools, make use of creative visuals and exciting angles. This will help your videos stand out from the crowd and keep users engaged.

Customize and edit videos for each platform accordingly. 

Use Different Emotions

Use humour and emotional appeals where appropriate. These tactics can effectively get users to watch and share your videos.

Add Subtitles

Include subtitles or animated captions, pictures, and videos that illustrate the words in the script when creating captions for videos so that viewers may understand what you are saying, even if the sound is muted or off.

Choose a tool that allows you to add captions to videos and change them automatically.

Instagram goes live !
Instagram goes live !

Make It Socially Acceptable

As you design your storyboard, consider a few ideas that will assist you in comprehending what your video will need to do well on social media.

For your video to be socially acceptable, it should aim to be:

  1. Shareable: When viewers watch your video, they should feel compelled to share it with their friends. This is crucial to social media because shared videos often get more views than unshared ones.
  2. Interactive: Your video should include interactive elements like polls and questions. This will help to keep viewers engaged and ensure that they stick around until the end.
  3. Relatable: Your video should be relatable to viewers, which you can achieve by including humour, using relatable examples, and speaking in a conversational tone.
  4. Engaging: Finally, your video should engage from start to finish. This means using creative visuals, keeping the pace quick, and avoiding any pauses in the action.

Promote Promote Promote

Finally, promote your videos online and offline. This will help ensure that as many people as possible see them and that they achieve your desired results. If you don’t promote it yourself, a large audience online may not find your videos.


Making social media videos is tough, but here’s good news: you don’t have to be an expert to make a video. You can finish the task with a professional video-making tool. We often waste our time and money trying to find the ideal agencies to create social media videos but finding the best online video editing program will take little time and will be well worth it.

Before you begin, everything seems difficult, but as you get going, creating the best content for video marketing gets easier. Like I’ve been creating reels and social media videos on YouTube of late 🙂 Share your thoughts in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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