Streets of Amritsar. Courtesy: Atulmaharaj
Streets of Amritsar. Courtesy: Atulmaharaj

Travel Tip: Walk and navigate a new city

OK, so it’s vacation time and you have decided to visit a new city. After a long train journey and a tiring bus journey, you finally reach your new destination. You have already spent a good amount from your pocket towards transportation and Hotel. Would you want to book a cab and navigate the city or would you love to have a walk and navigate the city ? I don’t know what your answer is, but my answer is the second one. If your’s is the first one, then read the post as it will tell you why you should walk and navigate in a new city.

You may want to hire a cab and save some time walking and spend more time on the important places. Agree with you on that. However is it only the places you want to see ? Don’t you want to explore the local culture ? What do they have in breakfast, don’t you want to try it ? Well you should if you don’t want to. That is the true essence of traveling. If you are in Amritsar, navigate the city on foot and find some finger licking food Amritsari Kulchas or enjoy the Idli Sambhar when in Bengaluru. If you navigate a city on foot, there are high chances that you would discover something that is neither on the internet nor in that fat travel guide.

Streets of Amritsar. Courtesy: Atulmaharaj
Streets of Amritsar. Courtesy: Atulmaharaj

Further for a foodie like me, walking to navigate a city is the best thing that can happen especially after a heavy breakfast. I love to eat what the locals eat. So the moment I’m in a new city, I walk up to a shack where I see a lot of people eating and ask for the same thing they are eating – if it is vegetarian 😛 Let me tell you that I don’t count calories when I eat, it’s just that the food digests very well after you walk. So for me walking 15-20Kms on an average in a day in a new city is common. It not only helps you explore the city in a better way but it allows you to have that heavy dinner without any issue !

So you read why you should walk and navigate  a new city when you are travelling. Walking gives you a great view of the local culture and helps you experience it first hand. Make a travel plan such that your hotel is close to the central places – if not the important places – like bus stand, railway station. So if you walk everyday to the bus stand or the railway station not only you will get an idea on roads in the city, but you will also how the people live in the city. Thus the next time you are traveling to a new city make sure you walk and navigate in the city.

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