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Impact of learning new Languages. Image Courtesy: howto.wired.com
Impact of learning new Languages. Image Courtesy: howto.wired.com

When a peppy party means Alcohol

I remember my school days when my friends used to invite me for their birthday parties. Buying a present was the toughest task. A water bottle, a colouring book, a tiffin box. Oh My God, that was the biggest confusion. While at the peppy party we were served some amazing food – Chole Bhature, Pav Bhaji, Maggi, and other quick and tasty food items. Then we used to have the cake cutting ceremony happily singing the Birthday song. Then came the gift giving ceremony. We all looked anxiously as to who gave what – rather who gave the biggest gift. And we had return gifts before the part was over. Those days were amazing and the parties were peppy and simple. With changing times we have a vast change in parties. No, not in the birthday parties of kids, I’m talking about the party a teenager or an adult would attend. Today the parties are incomplete with Alcohol or booze as they call it. So is it that a peppy party means Alcohol ?

I know there are a very few people like me in the society who don’t consume alcohol. Yes I don’t drink even if I’m outside my house, had to clarify because some people think I don’t drink in front of my parents. I remember going to my friend’s birthday party in college. And guess what he had to specially get something for me. I went inside the house and saw 3-4 ice boxes with beer. It was nice of him that he at least didn’t force me to drink and got something that I liked. You see. The parties today mean alcohol, if you have a group of friends and you are inviting them for a party, make sure to have some booze ready for the peppy party else prepare to spend the evening alone.

Even the last time around I thought of going to a buffet party during new year with my family, I was surprised at the charges of the restaurants charged. It included music, unlimited food and unlimited alcohol. Yes the manager stressed on unlimited alcohol and I’m quite sure the high charges were because of the alcohol. I was like is there any party anywhere which doesn’t serve alcohol ? At times you feel that you are being left out, because you don’t drink. Even if your friend circle wants you to sit, you cannot sit between them for various reasons.

So does it mean that to have a peppy party alcohol is a must ? I may be wrong, but that’s what I see at most of the places. I have rarely seen a party till date – except kids birthday parties – that didn’t serve alcohol. Every time some of our friends meet, the first thing they talk is “Bhai Daaru hai kya” I don’t mean to say that they are drunkards. Occasional drinkers, and I’m not at all against it. But I wonder if such people would be able to survive a party without alcohol ? What are your thoughts ?

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