Data analytics and its Impact. Image Courtesy:
Data analytics and its Impact. Image Courtesy:

Impact of Online Advertising: More reach and Instant Results

Remember those days when you were standing in the market and suddenly you get a pamphlet about a new store in the locality. Advertising years ago was a tough task, because reaching out to the customers wasn’t easy. Since the businesses had no automated means of reaching out, they employed people to distribute the pamphlets to their customers. With print media improving, there were options to place advertisements in the newspapers and it was costly. It still is a costly affair. And there stepped in the Internet which was a new fad at that time. Who would have thought that the Internet would become so famous that the entire world would be online. And then came the advertisements on the Internet. The impact these online advertisements had were immense in terms of the number of people it reached out to.

Online Advertising is a boon. Image Courtesy:
Online Advertising is a boon. Image Courtesy:

Advertising today on the Internet isn’t a rocket science anymore. All you need is your content – text and photo/video – along with money and you are good to go. Putting up your advertisement on a website is easy as most of the websites have the entire procedure automated. So you key in your text, upload your photo, give the budget and voila your advertisement is live within minutes ! Facebook too follows the same procedure and has had a positive impact on small businesses who want to promote themselves.  In India, facebook charges a minimum of 40Rs per day to “boost” a post. You can choose your target audience, region and almost everything to tailor make it just for you. Decide the number of days you want your advertisement to run and you are good to go. Once you advertisement is approved, you shall see instant results. If you think your advertisement is performing well and you want to increase the reach, simply top up your old balance with some amount and see the boost. This service has had a positive impact even on small industries to promote their products.

Twitter on the other had has a similar model too. As you know most of the latest happenings are on Twitter. So if your brand is not on Twitter yet, then make sure you get in Twitter immediately to feel the impact of the large reach it has. You can compose a tweet, choose a region and target audience just like facebook and you are good to go. Your tweet will be shows to people with similar likes as Promoted. You can even promote your own account to increase the followers. So an increase in followers will have a good impact on your product’s reach.

Advertising online in today’s scenario is very easy and hassle free and does a world of good. The impact of online advertising is quickly visible and you get result instantly. You will see a rush of visitors to your website, more clicks and all the number you need will be on the rise. I feel, advertising online is a better way to reach out to the audience that print. From price point of view I don’t know how cheap is online advertising but for starters I know it’s dead cheap.

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