Blogging Image Courtesy: ronen ijansempoi
Blogging Image Courtesy: ronen ijansempoi

My Peppy Telugu lessons

I have always enjoyed learning new language. After having learned Hindi, Gujarati, French and a little bit of Marathi and Malayalam to compliment it. It’s been 2 years since I moved to Hyderabad and after coming to Hyderabad it was time to learn a new language – Telugu. I had some great peppy sessions of learning Telugu from my friends. I have enjoyed every bit of learning new language be it my first lessons in class 1 of Gujarati or the current Telugu lessons, I’ve enjoyed all of it. It was tough picking the language earlier but since I had some experience in learning Malayalam, it became a bit easy. And I always note what I learn, so here are my peppy Telugu lessons. With these you can learn Telugu by forming simple sentences.

The below phrases will help you get through your day. You can use these peppy lines to interact with people around you. Be it morning or night, you can use these simple phrases to have a small talk.

  • Ella onaru ? How are you.
  • Me Peeru enti – What is your name ?
  • Na peru xyz – My name is xyz
  • Baagunnanu. I’m fine.
  • Shubhodaya – Good Morning
  • Nenu nikosum wait chestanu- i will wait for you.
  • Pada weldaam – come we will go.
  • Aavanu-yes
  • Ledu- No
  • Aima-indi – What happened?
  • Konchum- little/thoda
  • Mellega naduvu ? Walk slow.
  • Eddo unnanu.. Chal raha hain.
  • Naaku ardhamkaledu-i didn’t understand

Apart from the phrases, it is also important that you know the subjects, so that when you are talking to someone you know how to address them. I, You, We and so on.

  • I-nenu(main)
  • Naaku-mujhe
  • Naa-mera
  • Meru-you (respect)
  • Nuvu-you

Apart from the subjects, another thing we need in a sentence are the verbs. Here are a list of verbs that will help you make effective sentences:

  • Veldaam – to go
  • Vastundi – to come
  • Padadam- to sing
  • Kavali – to want
  • Tindam – to eat
  • Drink – tagadam(taagutunanu)
  • Travel – prayanam
  • Talk-maatladadam

In Telugu, every subject you use has a separate ending. If you know French you will be able to relate to it. Its like Je Mange and Nous Mangeons. Got it ? So with every subject you use the verb get the endings. So here are those ending:

  • I-naanu
  • You-naavu
  • He-naadu
  • She-undi
  • We-naamu

So now that you know some verbs and endings, you can form some peppy sentences. For example I want to say you are singing so that would be Nuvu Pata Padatunaavu. Where pata means a song and the verb Padadam becomes Patatu + ending for Nuvu which is naavu = Patatunaavu.

Apart from subjects, verbs and sentences, you need questions words too. You will need the questions words to ask What, How, When etc. So here are some question words that you can use.

  • Akeda ? Where
  • Akeda-nunchi ? From where ?
  • Ekedki ? Where to ?
  • Enduku? Why?
  • Amy? What?
  • Every?who?
  • Yella?How
  • Everiki? To whom ?
  • Everdi? Whose ?
  • Epudu? When?

I’ve had a good time learning Telugu and had a peppy experience picking up the language. Here I’ve shared all that I’ve learnt till now so that you too can learn Telugu !

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