The Black Friday Chaos. Image Courtesy: The Guardian.
The Black Friday Chaos. Image Courtesy: The Guardian.

When a peppy crowd goes berserk

India has a large population working in various departments of the governments. And one of these important department is the Police which is responsible for the safety of the people. Thanks to Bollywood for showcasing that Indian police never reaches in time, they arrive only after the incident is over. Nonetheless, these policemen work hard day in and day out to ensure we enjoy a good sleep in the night. They are often deprived of holidays and good pay, but still they are up and ready to perform their duties. A large number of policemen are employed when there is a huge public gathering. And many times it happens that we get news of stampede at the venue as the peppy crowd goes out of control. Well, its high time our police need to learn Crowd Management.

Most of you following the blog would be aware of my recent trip to Visakhapatnam to witness the International Fleet Review 2016. Since it was an international event, a lot of delegates were attending including the likes of the Prime Minister, Defence Minister and the Chief Minister. So the city was eventually turned into a fortress with roads being blocked, vehicles being towed away etc. I was holding a general visitor pass and hoped to get a seat for the event. Alas, there were no seats, we had to sit on the beach under the hot sun to witness the event.

The policemen deployed at the RK Beach road were least aware of the situation. They had no idea of who will sit where, they looked clueless. The police had made enclosures on the RK Beach to accommodate the huge crowd. Each enclosure which could house about 100 people, was now being stuffed with 200 people. With no place to stand or Sit, the police guys were constantly shouting at the public to sit down even when there’s no place. “On Whom should I sit ??” I asked a policeman after he shouted asking me to sit.

Once the operational naval demonstration came to an end, the peppy crowd went berserk. There was an International City Parade to take place at the beach road. There were so many people that they literally broke the enclosures to witness the parade. On the other hand the police were yelling at people to go home as the program was over. A lot of pushing not only by the crowd but the members of the police as well.

It’s very tough to control a peppy crowd especially when they are at an event of this stature. I feel the police should be giving crowd management skills in the first place as yelling and hitting the crowd will result in more trouble. If not, they should restrict the number of people coming in. If these two things are followed, then controlling a peppy crowd at a peppy event will be an easy task and both – the police and the crowd – will have a great experience !

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