Flying Boat - Origami.
Flying Boat - Origami.

Co Create with Morphedo

Let’s take a simple scenario where in you walk in to a gift store and are on the look out for the perfect gift. Even after spending hours in the gift shop you aren’t able to find the right gift. However you liked something but want to modify it. The shopkeeper takes your request and asks you to collect the gift the next day. A brand new day and you walk in to the gift store to collect the gift and what you see ? The gift is totally messed up. It is nowhere close to what you desired. Wearing a frown, you storm out of the store as there isn’t much you can do about it. Well, did you see the problem in the above scenario ? You place an order with the shopkeeper, the shopkeeper then passes it on to the craftsman who designs it and you receive it. Ever wondered how would it be to work with the designer so that the end product you get is exactly what you needed ? Well, the artisans at Morphedo will exactly let you do that through 3D Printing.

Morhpedo - Shaping Ideas. Image Courtesy: Morphedo
Morhpedo – Shaping Ideas. Image Courtesy: Morphedo

Morphedo believes in co-creation and works to bridge the gap by helping the end-user to transform their ideas into real products using the nouvelle 3D Printing technology. So simply putting your idea on paper isn’t a great idea but having it right in front of you to touch and feel is ! Thanks to the revolutionary 3D printing technology, we can express our ideas in a much better manner. Nothing can be more satisfying than your ideas being brought to life and that’s what Morphedo believes. In line with their beliefs, Morphedo have got the global designers and an expert in-house team that helps in comprehending customer ideas and transforming them into final products.

Range of Made to Orders at Morphedo. Image Courtesy: Morphedo
Range of Made to Orders at Morphedo. Image Courtesy: Morphedo

Through its online platform, Morphedo offers product designs under lifestyle and personalization category. They have a wide range of products under fashion, gifts and accessories that can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes. But if you don’t find anything suitable, you can simply get in touch with them and share your concept. With their concept manufacturing offering through the use of 3D printing, Morhpedo develops a 3D prototype and manufacture it. Currently as a user you can share your idea and let them do the designing and manufacturing or you can share your design and let them bring it to life ! Isn’t that cool ? To have your idea come to life.

10 years ago none us would have wondered that today we would be able to see our imaginations come to life with the revolutionary 3D printing technology. As the days pass and technology becomes affordable, 3D printing will become a widespread service. For now, Morphedo is providing a great service where the users have a say in a product’s design and development.

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