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Gaana and Kailash Kher Twitter Jugalbandi
Gaana and Kailash Kher Twitter Jugalbandi

Gaana and Kailash’s Twitter Jugalabandi

Everyone would have wished that it was MS Dhoni hitting sixes instead of Brathwaite in the finals of the ICC World T20 Finals. But India’s dream came crashing during he semi finals where the Men in Blue weren’t able to defend the total – thanks to those big no balls at crucial times which allowed Simmons to snatch the match from the Indians. There were a billion hearts cheering for the home side from all over the world. Even the virtual world was abuzz with netizens supporting the home side. Various hashtags trending on Twitter to flurry of posts about the match on social media flooded the Internet. However the one thing that stood out and grabbed many eyeballs was the unique Jugalbandi between Gaana.com and Kailash Kher on Twitter. Gaana and Kailash Kher Twitter Jugalbandi was the first time that something like this ever took place. Here’s what actually happened.

Gaana and Kailash Kher Twitter Jugalbandi
Gaana and Kailash Kher Twitter Jugalbandi

With everyone rooting for team India, gaana decided to go a step further and collaborated with the Teri Deewani singer Kailash Kher. The idea behind this unique Twitter Jugalbandi was to cheer for team India on but I guess no one would have imagined what it would do. The hashtag #JeetegaIndia trended on Twitter for close to 8 hours and reached a whopping 14 million viewers world-wide. The Twitter Jugalbandi was unique in a way that the tweeps were tweeting their messages and Kailash Kher was taking them up and turning them into songs ! For instance his famous track Toota toota ek parinda was turned to Ṭooṭa toota ek wicket aise toota, ke phir juḍ na paaya… It was a great experience not only the netizens but also for the singer himself. Here are all songs composed by their Kailash Kher.

The hashtag #JeetegaIndia was used by eminent personalities on Twitter including Sulaiman Merchant, Sumit Awasthi(Editor, IBN7), SabTV, Times Now, Lakme India, CNN-IBN news, Anchal Vohra(Editor, CNN-IBN) to name a few. This rare treat perfectly amalgamated the trill of the epic encounter. This surely had to be one of the most successful online campaign. Trending for close to 8 hours, and garnered 278 million impressions ! In less than 5 hours Gaana.com was flooded with 17,000 tweets with song requests ! That’s insane !

The Gaana and Kailash Twitter Jugalabandi was a unique way to bring sports and music on the same platform. And since this was a live event, its effect was amplified by the fans rooting for team India. Plus with the voice of an iconic singer, fans on social media went berserk. I just wonder what if India won that match ? I leave that for you to think…

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