Harsha Bhogle the peppy commentator. Image Courtesy: Cricspirit
Harsha Bhogle the peppy commentator. Image Courtesy: Cricspirit

Harsha Bhogle – voice of Cricket

Ask him to walk on water and He’ll ask how many kilometers” was what Harsha Bhogle had to say about Rahul Dravid aka The Wall on his devastating form. Harsha Bhogle has become a household name and is synonymous with Cricket. The Cricketing world has seen many commentators right from the legends – Richie Bernaud, Geoff Boycott, Tony Greig – who’ve made watching the game more interesting. Amongst all these foreign commentators, it was time to have an Indian on-broad, someone who knew the game, the players and moreover knew to play with words in short a Cricket Pundit. And we found our Pandit in the versatile and marvelous Harsha Bhogle – voice of Cricket.

Harsha Bhogle the peppy commentator. Image Courtesy: Cricspirit
Harsha Bhogle the voice of Cricket. Image Courtesy: Cricspirit

Harsha Bhogle is a perfect living example of people who follow their dreams irrespective of what they are. An alumni of the Hyderabad Public School (I pass-by the campus almost everyday, wish I’d see him here sometime) and a Chemical Engineer from the famous Osmania University along with a Masters in Management from the elite Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. He had started his career as a commentator in 1991-1992 (around the same time when I was born 😛) for the All India Radio after which he was called upon by the Australian Broadcasting Company and British Broadcasting Company (BBC). In his career spanning almost 25 years, Harsha has made Cricket more interesting for the viewers. And today Cricket is not the same without him. You are probably living under a rock if you aren’t aware of Harsha not commentating for the ongoing Indian Premier League 2016. For someone whose vocabulary is as sound as Dravid’s cover drive, this is not how things are meant to be !

There are a lots of reports circulating wherein some say it’s because of the senior players not wanting him, Bollywood Biggies tweeting that commentators should talk more about Indian players than their foreign counterparts or maybe the BCCI having issues with the commentator to even blaming it on a lift at the Vidharba Cricket Stadium in Nagpur ! I mean that’s ridiculous. If you are on Twitter and have seen the tweets surrounding the fact that “Indian commentators should talk more about the Indian players“. But for me it’s commentary and it’s not biased. What difference does it make ? If the commentator is talking sense. At least not like some who are busy doing sher-o-shayari and talking everything but Cricket ! That’s surely a big let down.

This is a classic example of a person who doesn’t work to woo his bosses. Everyone wants him back because we are so accustomed to his voice during Cricket matches. Whatever be the reason, there’s only one loser and it’s Cricket. All I want is there should not be any politics involved anywhere and would love to see Harsha back in the commentary box. For everyone who are missing him, logon to Twitter and follow him, he’s right there commentating ! Would conclude by slightly modifying what Geoffrey Boycott said about Tendulkar – “Harsha Bhogle might be the greatest commentator, but he’s not commentating in the IPL 2016 !” So ideally, Who’s loss is it ? Harsha’s or Cricket’s ? Well I leave that for you to decide.

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  1. I have respect for harsha bhogle… So much passion and dedication it’s been almost 2 decades im following him…. Nice post 🙂

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