Tata Hexa - Arizona Blue !
Tata Hexa Arizona Blue !

The ‘Hexatastic’ Tata Hexa

Having a car is no more a luxury and has become a necessity for many. From dropping kids to school to going on a quick weekend getaway, cars have ensured that we are able to complete our day to day tasks at ease. Every individual has a different taste and need and hence needs a different car to suite their need. Some may enjoy a zippy hatchback, while others would love to drive away in a luxurious sedan and some others like me would go for a more muscular and tough looking SUV. And one such entrant to the market is Tata’s Feature Packed, Feature Loaded and Adrenaline pumped – Tata Hexa.

The all new Tata Hexa is a lifestyle vehicle that was first showcased as a concept car which has finally hit the roads – thanks to the amazing effort put in by the Tata team spread across the world. After having driven the car for quite a distance, I can surely say that this car is certainly feature loaded and will surely give its counterparts a run for their money.

Powerful Tata Hexa

Tata Hexa - Arizona Blue !
Tata Hexa Arizona Blue !

We were glad to be briefed by the Tata Motors team at the #HexaExperience Bloggers meet at Hyderabad. From the design to engineering we saw how the car went through various stages to reach our hands. Tata Hexa is a car that has a powerful 2.2L Varicor 400 engine under the hood that provides the punch. With a Max Torque of 400NM, the car is able to give a rush of power with every press of the peddle. The Hexa comes with a 6 Speed Manual as well as Automatic gear variants with 6 forward and reverse gears. Having driven both the variants, the gearbox is smooth and switching gears is effortless. The car gives the driver the option to drive in 4×2 or 4×4 mode with Torque on demand.

Super Drive modes

Auto, Comfort, Dynamic or Rough Road, how you want to drive ? The all new Tata Hexa provides the driver with 4 Super Modes to suit their driving style. These super modes provide enhanched ride comfort and stability in various terrains. These modes are a perfect amalgamation of Electronic Stability Program and Torque on Demand, the information cluster display and ambient lighting. So every time you change the drive mode, the car’s mood lighting change accordingly to give a wonderful experience to the passengers. The modes are easily changeable with a twist of a knob on the central console. While driving the car, we did observe a substantial difference in each mode like better stability in case of Rough Road mode and more power in Dynamic mode.

Safety is priority

With reports of failed crash tests of various cars in the market coming in, the brains at Tata have put their passenger’s safety as their top priority. So one of the best things is that all the variants of the Tata Hexa come with Air Bags (2 on the entry variant and 6 in all) The safety doesn’t stop here, the car is fitted with Electronic Stability Program that helps the car to get overcome any terrain. The ESP provides stability ensuring you don’t lose control at any point of time. The feature that we liked was the Hill Hold Control that prevents the car from rolling backwards on up-hill drives and Hill Descent Control that ensures the car doesn’t go in a free fall while descending a hill.

Musical Journey

The Tata Hexa is a music studio on wheels. The car is fitted with 10 JBL speakers using Harman’s unique technology – one in the front, a woofer and amplifier at the rear, 4 speaker on each door along with 4 tweeter on each door. Developed specially by Golden Ear engineers, the Hexa has a powerful bass and gives life to your music. It literally transforms your car into a mini theater. The ~200km ride we had, we truly fell in love with the music system and I’m sure you’ll love it too !

Smart Tata Hexa

With everything becoming smarter now a days, even the cars are not behind. The Tata Hexa comes with smartphone applications that allows seamless connection between the car’s infotainment system and your smartphone. The car comes with NaviMaps – a voice guided navigation application that is accurate almost till the last mile. Tata Smart App allows the occupants to control various features of the car from their smartphones. Ever read the thick user manual supplied with the car ? Tata Hexa has replaced the traditional manual with a Smart Manual that makes it easy to access the manual

Feature Packed Hexa

Apart from all the magnificent features mentioned above, the Tata Hexa comes with 8 colour ambient mood lighting with customization. It also has Benecke Kaliko leather-feel seats that give utmost comfort. To ensure that everyone can charge their devices, the Hexa comes with 3 12V charging points in every row of the car. There is reverse guiding system that helps you park the car and loads of other features.

The Tata Hexa at Novotel Airport Hotel.

Overall, the Tata Hexa is an engineering marvel with powerful performance and loads of features. Many of these features aren’t available in other cars of the same segment. Tata has come out all guns blazing with the Hexa and are hoping it takes the brand further ahead after the Tiago. With Tata still being tight lipped about the price of the car, the various ‘guestimates’ making rounds are hovering around the 12-18L mark. All I can say at this point of time is that, if the car is priced well, this will surely turn the fortunes for Tata.

Read about our exciting 2 day Blogger’s meet organised in Hyderabad last weekend here.

Note: This experience of the Tata Hexa was part of a Blogger Invite by Tata Motors and Indiblogger. Nevertheless, the views expressed here are my own and based on my experience with the car.

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