Tag It. Find It. With Chipolo
Tag It. Find It. With Chipolo

Never lose anything with Chipolo

Getting a decent nap in today’s fast paced world isn’t easy. People are constantly on the move as the time runs out in the blink of an eye. With such magnitude of movement, misplacing things are common. There have been a lot of studies carried out that showed how much people forget. For instance IKEA’s survey found that people spend 6 minutes on an average to find lost keys. Now 6 minutes looks small, but if that happens regularly, you are surely losing out. It’s not only keys, people tend to forget wallets, bags, and what not.

So instead of pressurizing our brains to remember where we saw those things last, why not let Technology help you find it ? Yes, that’s right, technology can help you find things in a jiffy. One such product that I experienced recently is Chipolo. A tiny little Bluetooth tracker that helps you find your valuables. So here’s our quick review of Chipolo.

Tag It. Find It. With Chipolo
Tag It. Find It. With Chipolo

Cute little Gadget

Wondering why I used the word Cute for Chipolo ? Well, it perfectly suits. This tiny, coin-sized device comes in 8 different colors including the likes of Yellow, Lime Green, Red, Black and others. It is made from durable material and is water-resistantIP5 standards to be precise. Also dubbed as the Loudest Bluetooth tracker, it is capable of producing sounds of up to 100 db that ensures you can hear if from rooms apart. If anything is within the range of 200 mts, Chipolo rings till you find it. What more, it can also show you a map of where you had kept it last. Cool isn’t it ? The battery lasts up to 6 months and also comes with replaceable battery.

Cute Little Chipolo
Cute Little Bluetooth Tracker

Use Chipolo to find lost item

Using this is no rocket science. One needs to download the Chipolo app on their smart phones – available for both Android and iOS. Once downloaded, simply bring the Chipolo close to your phone and let the app identify it. That’s it, You’re ready to go ! Now simply attach / stick / put Chipolo to anything that you like. It can be your car keys, wallets, bags anything and everything that you are capable of losing (except your mind – pun intended) The next time you don’t remember where you kept the item, simply open the Chipolo app and select the tag. It’ll play a loud melody until you find it. Even if you are in a different room, Chipolo ensures that you get to it.

Tag it to your keys, keep it in wallet or tag to your bag.
Tag it to your keys, keep it in wallet or tag to your bag.

You can tag upto 9 Chipolos to a single phone. Tag each of it with the item you kept it with in the app so that it’s easy to find. For instance you can have entries for wallets, keys etc. in your app to find them easily. To test it, I attached it to my bike keys that was parked outside the house. Sitting in the hall with the main door and windows closed, I tapped the Chipolo app and immediately could hear the sound. So yes, it works as expected. Also, Chipolo helps you find your phone too. Simply tap / shake the Chipolo and that’ll make your phone ring. Yes, your phone will ring even if it is in silent mode. With such great features, I’m sure you will not forget anything !

Get Chipolo if you tend to forget things

Chipolo is a smart Bluetooth tracker that helps you get hold of your valuables. If you are a person who tends to forget items like wallets, keys, bags etc. then this is a perfect gadget for you. For a price tag of Rs 2550, Chipolo is a good comrade for you. If you think this is the perfect gadget for you, head to TecToTron to get it. They guarantee delivery in 2-4 days, so you can get your product in a jiffy. Do check it out and share your feedback.

*** This review is part of a Blogger outreach program where I was invited and provided with a brand new device. However the views mentioned here are entirely honest and unbiased. ***

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