Nokia MWC2017 Announcements
Nokia MWC2017 Announcements

Nokia Announcements at the MWC2017

Nokia, the Big Daddy as I would like to call it, is one of the finest mobile brands we have seen in the recent times. As they say “Only the 90s kids” will know what Nokia was. My first mobile phone was a Nokia 3310 (I’m sure there are many like me out there) and then followed it up with the then ‘flagship phone, the Nokia N91. It was indeed one of the finest phones by Nokia. Unfortunately I lost it at the Bangalore Airport ūüôĀ The next phone was also a Nokia, this time it was the Nokia N72. So you see, I was a big Nokia fan back then (even now) for their build quality, the product longevity and innovation.

The company had gone from riches to rags in the recent times. There market share has been poor for quite sometime now. However, this MWC 2017 is surely going to be a different ball game all together. With the release of Nokia 6 and other phones lined up, Nokia will surely be back in the game. So here I am writing a post about the Nokia Announcements at the MWC2017.


Nokia Announcements at the MWC2017

  • Nokia announced the access to its¬†health-care¬†products including sleep monitors, blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitors and much more. These products will be available to the general public soon.
  • Their CEO, Mr. Suri also spoke about the use of 5g to provide great network connectivity for the world.
  • At MWC2017 , the company also spoke about not letting anybody use their name “Nokia” and after a thorough research, they decided to choose HMD global to use the names and the products.
  • Time for the further announcements including the new phones. Coming up. Stay Tuned !
  • The HMD global CEO invites the Chief Product Officer, hoping for some amazing announcements at the MWC2017 by Nokia.¬†Nokia Android Powered smartphones.
  • The new Nokia phones will have the laminated screen stacks and improved cameras, enhanced the style as needed by all.
  • Nokia¬†has partnered with¬†Foxconn¬†to develop and design the all new Android powered smartphones.
  • Nokia will be pushing the updates regularly which it calls as¬†Pure Android¬†ensuring stable performance.
  • They will also provide the¬†Google Assistant¬†with all their phones with focus on easy of use and fast UI.

Big Announcements by Nokia at MWC2017

  • All the new Nokia Android smartphones will be focused greatly on the build quality like all of us needed.
  • The¬†Nokia 6¬†was launched in China and was sold like hot cakes. In¬†4 days 1.3 millions registrations¬†for Nokia 6 and customer satisfaction is 97%.
  • The good news is that Nokia’s new phone the Nokia 6 will be now available globally.

Nokia 6 goes global


  • Nokia 6 comes with 5.5″ gorilla glass with lamination providing crisp display.
  • It will have smart amplifiers and comes with¬†Dolby Atmos¬†inbuilt.
  • Nokia 6 black has a piano finish and is a special design. It will be available at 299$ globally. Around 24,000 INR

Nokia 5 announced

The Nokia 5 is the first phone with antennas on top and will be available in 4 colors, Blue, Black, Copper and Silver. The Nokia 5 will be available at 189 Euros. This will have a smaller form factor than the Nokia 6. But will have the same build quality along with the purest Android experience.

Nokia 3 announced at MWC2017

It is available for 139Euros, it has a 5″ HD display is bright polarized and has a gorilla glass. Nokia 3 features an 8 mp, wide angle camera.

All the Nokia devices will be available in Q2 2017 and will be available globally. All these phones will feature latest Android updates with the latest security patches. Further all the Nokia phone will be powered by the latest Android version 7 (Nougat) which hasn’t been rolled out to many phones yet. Jamie from Google says his first phone was a Nokia. The Google Assistant along with unlimited storage on the Photos app on these Nokia devices.

Nokia 3310 Announcements at MWC2017

Many Youtubers recently posted a ‘re-unboxing’ videos of the flagship phone Nokia 3310. We all love it, don’t we ? The entire world has been waiting for a Nokia 3310 announcement. Will we get it ? Let’s wait and watch. 74% in China purchased the Nokia 6.¬†Nokia will be looking with a different marketing approach this time around with their new Android powered smartphones. The team will be using the #UniteFor to create the social buzz. Biggest announcement, their all time favorite game¬†The Snake¬†is back on the¬†Facebook Messenger.

Iconic Nokia 3310 announced at MWC2017

Yes, the iconic Nokia 3310 is announced with tons of new features:

  • 22 hour battery life
  • 1 day stand by time
  • Snake¬†game comes back
  • Nokia ring tone is back

Nokia smartphones at MWC2017

So that was all from the MWC2017 by Nokia for the day. Four phones¬†Nokia 6, Nokia 5, Nokia 3¬†and the¬†Nokia 3310¬†will be available by¬†Q2’2017¬†globally. I’m sure there will be millions waiting to get their hands on these wonderful devices. Nokia has promised regular updates and security patches for the best Android experience. At MWC2017, Nokia also ensured that they will provide the¬†purest Android¬†experience to their users. The company also announced the launch of its iconic game¬†Snake¬†on Facebook Messenger alongside with the Nokia 3310. So what do you think ? Were the announcements expected ? Which phone are you looking forward to the most ? Let us know by commenting below ! You can also sign up here for any announcements about the new Nokia Phones.

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  1. Nokia should have gone to android a long time ago!

    • Deinfitley Mridulaji, they could have clawed their way back in the business. But as they say better late than never ūüôā With Samsung’s image taking a toll, perfect time to launch Android powered phones by Nokia.

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