Superb Packaging by Behrouz Biryani
Superb Packaging by Behrouz Biryani

Yummilicious Behrouz Biryani

Hyderabad has become synonymous with Biryani. Yes there are a lot of other variety of this dish, but for many reasons the Hyderabadi guy took the lead. From the way of preparation to the use of the freshest ingredients and spices, Hyderabadi Biryani totally stands out. If you have been following my blog from sometime, you would know that the Foodie I’m, I try to check out various restaurants and cafes. Being a vegetarian, I’ve tried the vegetarian Biryani (yes vegetarian version of the Biryani exists too) at places like Bawarchi, Paradise, Shah Ghouse. Now it was time for something new, so last night it was Behrouz Biryani. Thanks to the folks at Behrouz who sent in a pack of their vegetarian Biryani variant for dinner.

Superb Packaging by Behrouz Biryani
Superb Packaging by Behrouz Biryani

Happiness in a Box – Behrouz Biryani

It was Friday evening and a perfect time for a generous dose of lip smacking food. And the guys at Behrouz packed a punch in the box that they delivered. The packaging itself looked royal and very different from the packaging one sees at other locations. The box consisted of Raita, Salan and a box of Biryani along with a good quality spoon, mouth freshener and a tissue. The box is perfect for anyone who’s on the move and want to grab a quick bite. I don’t know if this is their standard packaging, but full marks for the way it was packed and delivered.

Enticing Aroma and Delicious Taste of Behrouz Biryani
Enticing Aroma and Delicious Taste

Enticing Aroma and Delicious Taste

Behrouz Biryani sent me their Zaikedaar Paneer Biryani and this indeed was zaikedaar. Before I talk about the Biryani itself, I want to throw some light on the accompaniments. The raita was a mix of curd and Pudine ki Chutney and it was different. Good taste but different. The salan was more or less like the normal ones we get elsewhere.

Moving on the Nizami Biryani now, the aroma was enticing the moment I opened the box. It totally attracted me, I was drooling all over it. One of the thing that stood out in the Behrouz Biryani was that there was generous amount of Paneer in it and a lot less vegetables. Also every little molecule of this zaikedaar Biryani was cooked to perfection. The Paneer was soft and perfectly marinated with the right mix of spices. The Biryani, once mixed was totally out of the world. I wouldn’t mind rating the Behrouz Biryani on the top of my Biryani list till date.


Do try this delicious Biryani Behrouz has to offer

Priced at 235 Rs (as mentioned on the bill) for the Zaikedaar Paneer Biryani, it is priced slightly higher than the rest. Also the quantity is less that what Paradise, Bawarchi and other places have to offer. But the aroma and the taste it packs, is totally worth your money. Every bite of the biryani was heavenly and wished the box never got over 😉 Overall, the food at Behrouz Biryani is yummy and you should try it If you have already tried it, do let me know whether you liked it or not in the comments below.

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PS: The Zaikedaar Paneer Biryani was sent in by Behrouz Biryani and was on the house. However the review is truly unbiased and entirely based on the packaging and taste of the Biryani delivered along with the service provided.

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  1. Great post Atulmaharaj. Do you know what kind of payment does behrouz biryani is accepting. I am willing to pay using HDFC food card but every time it is getting failed. 🙁

  2. When talking about Hyderabad, you can resist the craving for Biryani! A drool-worthy post indeed 😛

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