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Trick to Save GST and Earn Discounts to Reduce your Food Bill

Ever since the GST was introduced, the entire country stood divided. There’s one camp who is praising GST and feel the prices have come down. While there’s another group that feels prices have sky rocketed since GST’s introduction. Being a Foodie, I eat out frequently and I guess I’m in the right position to tell whether GST has increased or decreased our Food Bill. From whatever I’ve seen since the introduction of GST, the prices have definitely come down at most of the places. A bill that showed around 1500-1600 Rs before GST costs about 1300-1400 Rs now. However there are places that haven’t had much effect of the GST. Anyways, I’m sure that you like to dine out, but with increasing food bills, How do you survive ? Here I am going to share a Trick to Save GST and Earn Discounts on your Food Bill. Read on how to save GST and earn discounts on Food Bill.

Save GST on Food Bill
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Impact of GST on Food Bill

When GST came in, there were a list of items/categories on which GST was to be charged. The government (as all of us know) has proposed two different GST rates for restaurants AC and Non AC restaurants. Leaving out the Star Hotel restaurants from this post. So the initial proposed GST for restaurants in India was 12% for Non AC restaurants and 18% for AC restaurants. However, in the recent GST council meeting, it was decided to further lower the GST on AC restaurant. So the new proposed GST on AC restaurant is 12%. Well, 12-18% GST on your food bill will surely have a deep impact on your pocket. Read on to find out how you can save GST on your food bill.

How To Save GST on your Food Bill

Now that you know the impact of GST on your food bill, let’s see how you can save GST on your food bill. Technically – based on my understanding – you pay GST for the items you eat at the restaurant and pay at the same time. There are a few restaurants who charge GST even for home delivery. So what if you don’t pay at the restaurant ? In that case you shouldn’t be paying GST. What I’m trying to say here is, you can use services like Little, Nearbuy etc. to buy coupons for restaurants online.

Tasty Gujarati Thali at Pankaj Bhojanalay
Tasty Gujarati Thali at Pankaj Bhojanalay, Ooty

When you buy coupons online, you technically don’t pay any GST since you are not buying / eating food at a restaurant. Instead the transaction is taking place online and with an e-commerce website. Once you have these coupons, you can go to your restaurant and redeem the same. Once redeemed, you don’t have to pay anything at the restaurant since you have already paid for the coupons. So the trick to save GST on your Food Bill is to purchase food coupons online and then redeem the same at restaurants.

Eat out and Save GST on your food bill

Buying Food Coupons and redeeming them at the restaurant is a great way to save GST on your total Food Bill. Instead of paying 12%, 18% GST on food bills, you can save this bit and probably spend on something else. I’ve been using this for sometime now and have got some great discounts at restaurants and saving GST and other taxes on my food bill. So go ahead, get coupons for restaurants and save GST on your food bill. Please note that there might be a varied difference between the menu prices and food coupon prices. It varies from restaurant to restaurant and the offers provided by these websites. I’m just sharing my experience here and shall in no way be held responsible if you don’t get the desired benefit.Β What are your thoughts on this ? Have anything to add ? Do mention in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a nice idea.. Now I can save GST.

  2. Such great ideas amalgamated into one article! A very informative post Atul πŸ™‚

  3. Also, one can head to canteens like Andhra or Gujarat Bhawan for good unlimited meals at pocket friendly rates. They don’t charge GST either πŸ™‚

    • Correct ! Most such canteens and road side joints / food trucks don’t charge GST. And more often than not, their food is tasty too. Dont you agree ?

  4. It’s a good idea.

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