All new Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4 in full glory.

Alleys to Valleys – Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4 is the Ally you need

Dug Dug Dug Dug…” is the thumping sound that almost all of us grew up to (one thing that 90s kids will relate to) Most of the boys and some of the girls always wished to own an Enfield some day. I was one of them.

Even today the Royal Enfield is a show stopper. Be it their Classic Bullet, my favourite Thunderbird or the latest entrant Himalayan, Royal Enfield has been constantly evolving. Known for their powerful engines and riding comfort, it still rules the road. In fact, Royal Enfield wins hands down when it comes to the 350-500cc segment.

The latest entrant to their range of bikes is the Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4. I had seen the bike a couple of times and always wanted to ride it. Glad that one of my friend agreed to let me take this beauty for a ride, so here’s my small experience riding the Royal Enfield Himalayan.

All New Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4
All New Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4. Courtesy: YouTube

From Alleys to Valleys

The Himalayan is a big motorcycle but many people have a misconception that this cannot be ridden in the city. Besides being a great touring motorcycle, Royal Enfield Himalayan is equally good for daily commute. Driving this through the alleys of Indiranagar, I didn’t have much of a discomfort. More over, the handlebar position on the Himalayan ensures a comfortable posture and ride. Even with all the power,weight and size, the motorcycle is fairly easy to manoeuvre in city conditions. We all know that city rides are all about constant braking, and the Himalayan does a great job thanks to the disc brakes on both the wheels.

City Commuting is a breeze with Royal Enfield Himalayan. Courtesy:: Youtube
City Commuting is a breeze with Royal Enfield Himalayan. Courtesy: Youtube

Moving from the Alleys to Valleys, the Himalayan has made a mark in the touring segment already. Enfield needs no introduction when it comes to long distance riding. In fact they seem to be ruling the yearly Ladakh sojourns. The motorcycle has garnered people’s confidence and has become a common sight on the Rohtang – Khardung-La way. No other motorcycle in the segment can give a better riding experience than the Enfield. Road or no road, this motorcycle proves to be a winner.

The All New Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4

The new variant of the Royal Enfield Himalayan is a much improved version from its predecessor. The motorcycle hit the showrooms few months back and is met with unprecedented demand; so much so that the waiting period is almost 2 months ! And why not, everybody would like to take this motorcycle home !

The all new Himalayan has a lot of improvements, some of them worth noting are:

  • Fuel Injected Engine: Moving from the Carburetor Engine, the new Himalayan BS4 comes with a Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) engine. Compared to the traditional carburetor engine, the EFI engines provides better throttle and mileage along side complying with the current emission norms.
  • Improved Braking: Even in the absence of ABS, the Himalayan is a safe ride. The dual disc brakes are quite responsive and make handling the motorcycle easy. This ensures that the motorcycle performs the best when on road or no road.
  • Mono-shock Suspension: The all new Himalayan comes with a mono shock suspension that gives greater control while cornering. The suspension ensures the motorcycle stays on track even when you are off-roading.
  • Smoother Gear Shift: Changing gears constantly in city traffic can be daunting at times. And keeping that in mind, Royal Enfield Himalayan has been prepped with a smooth gear shift that makes riding the motorcycle in the city a breeze.
Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4 vs the Rest
Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4 vs the Rest

Royal Enfield Himalayan vs the Rest

Royal Enfield is the market leader and people’s choice when it comes to the 350-500cc segment and Himalayan just proves that. With the likes of KTM Duke and Bajaj Dominar driving in, Himalayan is still a class apart. On comparing it with the Dominar and the Duke390, the Himalayan has a better fuel efficiency and an increased fuel tank capacity. Also the Dominar tends to be noisy at lower RPMs due to the short gear. On the other side, the all new Himalayan with its long stroke engine is relatively quieter. Royal Enfield has gone all guns blazing to get the modern look with the right power and features that is needed.

Going on a motorcycle ride to Ladakh has become a ritual and a dream of many. Royal Enfield has already penetrated the region with their other variants but the Himalayan makes the entire journey a breeze. I drove it just for a few kilometres but wished the ride never ended. The comfortable positioning of the handlebar, the soft gear shift, the mono-shock suspensions are great for daily commute. The rugged look and with the matte black paint is made for the Indian roads. Whether you are on a solo ride of with a pillion, the all new Royal Enfield Himalayan will keep both of you comfortable.

This motorcycle is built with a purpose minus the bling-bling, and whether you are riding in the narrow alleys or deep valleys, the Royal Enfield Himalayan is the ally you need.

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