Dell Inspiron 5370 - Dell 5370 Review.
Dell Inspiron 5370 - Dell 5370 Review.

Dell Inspiron 5370 – Best Value for Money Laptop – Dell 5370 Review

I bet there wouldn’t be anyone who wouldn’t have shopped during the recently concluded online sale by Flipkart or Amazon. Whether it’s an expensive buy or a super saver pack of pampers, I’m sure you would have bought something. Because I did. And I love my purchase right from the the time it was delivered – brand new Dell 5370 Laptop. I had been using the Dell Inspiron 3558 until recently. This i3 5th gen laptop was bought in exchange for my first laptop the HP Mini, also during the online sale few years back. (I now miss it so much, the 11 inch netbook that helped me do all the day to day tasks 🙁)

Anyways, I was on a lookout for a new laptop. The hunt started from the XPS 9700 i5 (priced around ~Rs 1 lakh), hovered around the Dell 7572 (priced around ~Rs 70,000 but 15.6″) and finally settled for the Dell Inspiron 5370 (bought for ~49,000 after exchange) Really good deal, I suppose. After using it for about 3 weeks, here’s a comprehensive review of the Dell Inspiron 5370 Laptop.

Dell Inspiron 5370 - Dell 5370 Review.
Dell Inspiron 5370 – Dell 5370 Review.

Dell Inspiron 5370 – Review

My criteria for selecting the new laptop were:

  1. They should be be between 13″ to 15″, didn’t want a big laptop
  2. Should be light weight and powerful enough to handle Android Studio at the least. That apart from regular tasks and of course blogging 😉

Technical Specifications – Dell 5370

I listen someone whispering Mac Book Air. Well I would have considered that, but the VFM (I feel) I got with the Dell 5370 is much higher. The Dell 5370 is a powerhouse that not only makes your daily tasks a breeze. It also helps on-off software developers like me to develop apps on Android Studio. The Dell 5370 comes in two configurations, one with the i7 processor and the other with the i5 processor. The one that I purchased is the i5 version. Before I talk about the features, here’s a quick glance at the technical specifications of the Dell 5370.

  • Intel i5-8550u 3.4 Ghz Processor
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 256 GB SSD
  • Intel 620 Integrated Graphics
  • MicroSD card Reader
  • 2 USB Type A ports
  • 1 USB Type C port
  • Headphone jack – oddly placed
  • Maxx Audio
  • Windows 10 Home

5 Features that I love on Dell 5370 Review

Beautifully crafted Dell Inspiron 5370

The Dell 5370 has a full Aluminium body that has a premium finish. It is available only in Gold, Silver colors, no black. The build quality is very good and the laptop is sturdy. The metal touch gives a premium look to the laptop which surely will grab a few eyeballs. Dell 5370 comes with a back-lit keyboard which means typing in low/no light is no more a problem. The track pad is large enough and supports multi-touch gestures. The keys are not clicky, but I do enjoying typing on it. Since this is a 13″ inch laptop, I did have issues initially getting used to typing on this.

Good build with back lit keyboard on Dell 5370
Good build with back lit keyboard on Dell 5370

Small, Thin and Lightweight

Dell 5370 is not ultra thin but surely way better than many other full sized 15.6″ laptops in the market. The laptop is fairly thin (no way closer to Mac book air) but it does feel good in hands. Moreover the laptop weighs just around 1.7 kg (which is around 700 gm lighter than my previous laptop) Trust me, the weight and the thickness combined with the Aluminium finish would compel you to have it with you all the time. The 13″ screen is a Full HD 1920×1080 screen which is vibrant & does a good job. Small, thin and light weight, the Dell 5370 is a wonderful companion.

Small yet Powerful

The 13″ Dell 5370 is powered by the latest 8th gen Intel i5-8550u processor. The u series processors are meant to a be power saving without compromising on the performance. And that is what I’ve actually experienced. The processor is fairly comfortable in handle multiple tasks at one go. For instance switching between Chrome, Photoshop and Android Studio is fairly quick. The Intel i5 processor is coupled with a fast 8GB DDR4 RAM which is decent enough to help you get through your daily tasks like watching movies, browsing the web etc. Moreover I’m easily able to run Android Studio at ease.

Ports on Dell 5370
Ports on Dell 5370 – Thin and Light

Blazing Fast SSD

This is the first computer that I’ve used with a Solid State Drive. I had been hearing from people that SSDs are super fast and have great performance. I got to experience that with my Dell 5370. The laptop comes with a 256GB SSD (that can be upgraded later) and it is fast. Though it comes with a single partition, you can surely create a new partition with 3rd party tools. The boot time has reduced considerably. Even with Windows Update it doesn’t take much time and is quick to take me the desktop. Even reading, moving files is quick and much better than what I’ve seen on the standard Hard Disk. (I won’t put the benchmarks here, sharing just my experience) Maybe in future, I’d want(like) to upgrade the SSD to a 512GB one.

Fingerprint sensor embedded under the power button.
Fingerprint sensor embedded under the power button.

Say Hello to Windows Hello !

One of the features that stands out on the Dell Inspiron 5370 is the Finger Print scanner. The scanner is embedded underneath the power button. To setup/add finger prints is fairly easy and quick. Just like you setup fingerprint lock on your smart phones, you similarly keep tapping the sensor in different positions to record your impressions. Once done, you don’t need to enter the password when you login. Simply tough the power button and you are logged in. That’s Windows Hello. The login is super fast and smooth and you can start working the moment you log in. Windows Hello along with the processor and SSD ensures your startup is quick so that you can start working right away !

That was my review of the new Dell Inspiron 5370, i5 variant. It’s more than few weeks that I’ve been using it and have loved the machine. From running the regular tasks to handling some Android development along with some Photoshop work, the Dell 5370 can do a lot. More importantly being small and light weight as this is, the Dell 5370 is a thin, light and powerful device. I’m loving it ! If you think I’ve missed out on anything, do mention in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj

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