Black Friday deals for Bloggers
Black Friday deals for Bloggers

5 Essential Black Friday deals for Bloggers in 2020

Cometh November, Cometh the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Though this shopping season has been in practice since 1950s, the term Black Friday has been used only recently. Black Friday is celebrated as the shopping festival post-Thanksgiving in the United States. And this has been the busiest shopping day of the year in the year since 2005. From electronics to apparels and almost everything is sold at super discounts. Though the trend started in the US, it has seen traction in other parts of the world as well.

Everything aside, Black Friday deals for Bloggers are great way to power your blogs. I see many of the novice and amateur bloggers using free offers of many services for their blogs. And one of the main reasons for that is that most of these paid services are quite costly. But Black Friday is a great time for bloggers to power their blogs. Here are 5 must grab Black Friday deals for Bloggers.

Black Friday deals for Bloggers
Black Friday deals for Bloggers

Black Friday Deals for Bloggers

Deals of Web Hosting – New & Renewal

One of the bare necessities of power a blog is web hosting. (Unless you are on a free blog service) As time passes and technology progresses, web hosting costs are going up. Be it the basic plan or the most advanced cloud hosting place, everything is costing a bomb. Thus Black Friday deals for bloggers for Web Hosting deals are what you should be looking forward to. If you have a hosting that is going to end soon, look for a deal on web hosting and purchase for 5 years and save at least 50-85%! That’s huge.

Best Black Friday deals for Bloggers on Web Hosting:

Hostgator is providing up to 75% off on web hosting plans as part of Black Friday deals for bloggers and offering free domains as well! I’ve used Hostgator in the past, in fact, the first hosting I used for my blog was Hostgator. Click Here for the best deals on Hostgator web hosting.

5 Essential Black Friday deals for Bloggers in 20205 Essential Black Friday deals for Bloggers in 2020

Bluehost is a WordPress preferred web hosting provider for bloggers and is providing 60% off on their web hosting plans for bloggers. Their managed WordPress hosting plans are recommended by WordPress. They are a good hosting service and I’ve used them in the past for some side projects. Click Here for exciting deals on Bluehost.

5 Essential Black Friday deals for Bloggers in 2020

Namecheap is a new entrant to their web hosting and has taken the market by storm. They are offering up to 99% off on their web hosting plans! Their stellar hosting plans are most affordable and are perfect for new bloggers wanting to take the self hosting route.

Namecheap5 Essential Black Friday deals for Bloggers in 2020

DigitalOcean is a cloud hosting provider offering one of the best budget VPS hosting for bloggers. I’ve recently moved to Digital Ocean and have seen a significant boost in the performance of my blog. Though the learning curve is high, it’s worth to use cloud hosting for bloggers! Click Here for free $100 credits on DigitalOcean!

Black Friday Domain Name Deals

Another great set of Black Friday deals for bloggers deals include domain names. There are many bloggers who want to start a new blog and are on the lookout for new domain names. Black Friday deals for bloggers sale on domain names is a great way to get domain names at rock bottom prices. And one of the best things is that you can even grab some fancy domain name with a unique TLD at great prices. The possibility for a domain renewal offer is rare, but hunt for it and you may find a renewal deal also.

5 new domain name extensions you should try
5 new domain name extensions you should try

Namecheap is offering up to 98% off on new domain name registration and amazing deals for bloggers on domain name transfer as well. Click here to avail exciting Black Friday deals. The best part is that they offer FREE WHOIS with every domain name!

Create your Web Presence with Namecheap5 Essential Black Friday deals for Bloggers in 2020

WordPress Plugins – Best Black Friday deal

Most of the bloggers use WordPress for powering their blogs. And why not, I too recommend WordPress for various reasons listed out here. One of the best things about WordPress is that it makes customization easier thanks to the support for plugins. Most bloggers run the free versions of plugins which is good enough. However, if you are getting a steal deal for plugins, why not take it? Black Friday WordPress deals for WordPress Plugins is what every blogger should keep an eye on. I’m sure you’ll find some amazing deals on plugins for SEO, caching, optimization et al.

5 Tips to Secure WordPress
5 Tips to Secure WordPress

WordPress Themes – Give a new look to your Blog

The first impression is the last impression and that holds true for a blog too. There’s a wide range of themes available for your WordPress blog for free. However, the paid themes offer so much more customization that the free themes don’t offer. From color changes to plugin support, layouts, lazy loads, and whatnot paid WordPress themes are a definite Yes! With paid themes, you not only get support for setting up the themes but also regular updates. Go ahead and look out for some WordPress Themes Black Friday deals and give your blog a new look!

How to Start Blogging
How to Start Blogging.

Third Party Services – For Advanced Users

This one might not be relevant for most of the novice/amateur bloggers. There are a lot of third-party services that you can use with your blog to take it to the next level. Services like email marketing, shopping cart, customer management systems, etc add value to your blog. As an advanced blogger, these services come in really handy. For instance services like OptinMonster are a great way to build your email marketing list and grow your audience. Hence you must look out for such Black Friday deals for bloggers too.


What’s your Black Friday deal?

Now that I have given you the Black Friday deals for bloggers that you should be looking out for this season, what is the deal you are looking forward to the most? I’m personally looking forward to Black Friday deals on web hosting and WordPress plugins. These are two things that would help me improve my blog. What are you going to purchase? Mention in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj. If you are a service provider and want to feature your service in this post, contact me from here 🙂

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