100% working coupon codes with Shopper.com
100% working coupon codes with Shopper.com

Get 100% working coupon codes always with Shopper.com

Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping“, I’m sure many of you would have come across this quote (and most of you agree to this as well) While many treat shopping as just like another activity, for some shopping is a stress buster and hence the word Retail Therapy came into picture. If shopping can boost someone’s mood, then why not!

Though the activity of shopping remained the same over the years, the way we shop has changed, thanks to technology. The strolls in Sarojini Market in Delhi, or Charminar in Hyderabad have been replaced with scrolls on apps and websites. Those bargaining duels with the shopkeepers have been replaced with finding working coupon codes to get the best possible deal.

Be it shopping for a smartphone, a pair of jeans or that plate of Rajma Chawal, there’s absolutely nothing that cannot be purchased online nowadays. And since the costs of running an e-commerce business is relatively cheaper than a physical store, the service providers have the freedom of giving good discounts and deals to the shopper. Sometimes the services providers are kind enough to share the coupon codes with you upfront.

But most of the time either we have to dig deep within the app or websites or google for hours together to find a working coupon code. But what if I told you that there is a FREE tool to get 100% working coupon codes always ? (That too without breaking a sweat)

Shopper.com – a shopper’s best friend

We all have spent hours and hours trying to find a working coupon code for a product. And there would have been instances where you didn’t find a working coupon code and the product prices increased. That’s a nightmare for any shopper. Coming in with a philosophy of “A shopper should shop and not hunt for deals and coupon codes“, Shopper.com is a service that ensures you do what you are good at – Shopping, while they do what they are good at – hunting for 100% working coupon codes.

100% working coupon codes with Shopper.com
100% working coupon codes with Shopper.com

Shopper.com is essentially a browser extension that can be installed on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers (I’ve tried it). It’s a tiny little plugin with absolutely no hindrance in your browsing experience. The extension doesn’t install any toolbar or any icon in your browser, so you don’t even know if it is installed or running. Unless you want to dig deep and see if it is running, it will automatically popup when you are at the checkout page of your favorite shopping portal.

Working Coupon Codes in 3 easy steps

Now that you know what it does – finds the best working coupon code for you, it’s interesting to know how it works. The traditional way of doing this would be googling for working coupon codes, copying each of them and keying them in the website you are shopping at. And since many of them didn’t work, you spent a lot of time switching between tabs and playing with CTRL+C and CTRL+V. But the way shopper.com works is completely different.

Steps to use Shopper.com 

The first step is to download and install the extension. There are two ways of doing this. Either you visit shopper.com and install the plugin (extremely easy) or you search for the extension of the Google Extension Store or the Mozilla Add-on store (why you’d want to do this?)

Install Shopper.com browser extension. Courtesy: Shopper.com
Install Shopper.com browser extension. Courtesy: Shopper.com

Next, you browse the shopping website like you would normally do. Scroll through the products until you find that perfect dress you wanted or that great pair of headphones and keep filling your cart. When you are done shopping, simply open your cart and navigate to the checkout page.

How Shopper.com works. Courtesy: Shopper.com
How Shopper.com works. Courtesy: Shopper.com

In the last step, grab a drink and watch shopper.com automatically scan through a galaxy of coupon codes, calculate the amount that you’d save with each of them, compare the savings of each coupon code and finally present you the best one that gives you maximum savings. And all of that in a matter of seconds. Now that you have a working coupon code with you, make the payment and wait for the items to arrive.

It finds the best working coupon. Courtesy: Shopper.com
It finds the best working coupon. Courtesy: Shopper.com

My experience with Shopper.com

Like I’ve mentioned earlier too, all the things that I write about on the blog are used/tried by me. So, when I learnt about this plugin, I thought to give it a shot. It was around lunch time and I was craving Rajma Chawal. I opened Swiggy and added a Rajma Chawal bowl to the cart and proceeded for payment. The moment I reached that page, I got a popup saying, “you can save xx amount”, I clicked on the button and it showed me a list of 10 coupons and it went through all of them highlighting the one with the maximum savings.

With coupons too coming with terms and conditions now – like 100% off up to ₹50 – it’s cumbersome to verify each and every coupon. That way, I felt this quite helpful as it not only shows me the savings with each coupon code, it automatically applies the one with max savings ! 

Go and find your working coupon code

If you are a shopper who shops a lot online, shopper.com is a boon for you. Most of the Indian websites work with it. From Amazon to Bigbasket and even Godaddy and Swiggy, they work with more than 38,000 service providers worldwide. The list of stores is updated and so are the coupon codes – coupons being updated almost on a daily basis. You can easily say goodbye to hunting for the best deals and working coupon codes now with this one. Not only it helps you find the best working coupon code, it’s fast, lightweight and easy to use without hindering your shopping experience at all.

How many times have you found yourself in a spot when you’re not able to find working coupon codes? What do you have to say about shopper.com’s extension? Mention your thoughts in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj

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