Zomato vs Swiggy - Which is better ? A Foodie's Take.
Zomato vs Swiggy - Which is better ? A Foodie's Take.

Zomato vs Swiggy – Which one is better ? 4 Features to Note

Food delivery apps have deep penetrated our neighborhood. More than public transport vehicles we see these bikers zipping through the traffic (breaking traffic rules many times) to deliver food to their customers. And in this post I’ll give my take on Zomato vs Swiggy debate. Based on the city you stay in, these Food Delivery apps have their presence. From what I know the most penetrated market is in Bangalore where you numerous food delivery apps compared to other cities.

Being in Hyderabad, there aren’t many options but whatever are there, it’s surely a boon (at least for me ;)) Hyderabad has long been a stronghold for Swiggy which has a better reach at almost all places. However Zomato and UberEats has been gaining ground in the recent past. In one of my earlier post, I spoke about Foodpanda vs Swiggy which was liked by many. So here’s another post in the food delivery app series – Zomato vs Swiggy – Which one is better ? A Foodie’s Take.

Zomato vs Swiggy - Which is better ? A Foodie's Take.
Zomato vs Swiggy – Which is better ? A Foodie’s Take.

Who has a better app – Zomato vs Swiggy ?

Since both Zomato and Swiggy are app only services, the apps need to be good. And both Zomato and Swiggy have a good app, only if Zomato’s app could be a little faster. The filtering option on Swiggy is still the best in my opinion when compared to Zomato or an ailing Foodpanda. On Zomato, the couple of features that I like include the recent ratings trend. Every restaurant you open will show a list of past ratings that will surely influence you to decide whether to order or not.

Another good feature on Zomato is an option on the order page that says “Don’t send me cutlery” and “This is for a sick person“. Might not be useful for many, but the cutlery bit is good. (I already have numerous cutlery packs from Faasos) Swiggy on the other hand, hasn’t had much changes in the recent past in terms of UI from what I’ve used. Nevertheless, their standout feature is the photos of the featured dish they show on their app. Though sometimes it doesn’t match the item, it does help. So in terms of app, I’ll say the both Zomato and Swiggy are great.

Zomato Food Ordering app. Courtesy: Google Play Store
Zomato Food Ordering app. Courtesy: Google Play Store

Who Delivers Fast – Zomato vs Swiggy ?

I’ve ordered food from both Zomato and Swiggy for quite some time now. Based on my personal experiences of ordering food on Zomato or Swiggy, I’ll say that Swiggy delivers it faster. The timings shown on the app are quite accurate and the food is more often than not delivered with in the time. Barring a few instances of bad weather, issue with the restaurant, things have been largely good with Swiggy. Zomato on the other had, shows erratic timings sometimes. The clock starts the moment you place your order. It will say your order will reach in another 45 mins. But even after 40 mins the order hasn’t left the restaurant and the timing resets after the delivery boy has left with the food. Also initially I did have issues in understanding the orientation of the delivery guy marker on the map. Anyways in the delivery department Swiggy wins.

Swiggy delivers food faster than Zomato. Courtesy: Google Play Store
Swiggy delivers food faster than Zomato. Courtesy: Google Play Store

Who has more restaurants Zomato vs Swiggy ?

As they say variety is the spice of life, most of us love to see variety around. Swiggy on one hand has a lot of ‘hyper-local’ restaurants on their app. Even the smallest of the restaurant/food house near my house are on Swiggy. Also some of the exotic star hotels’ restaurants are on the app too. And they do apply a distance fee on some of them. (Haven’t seen that on Zomato yet) Zomato on the other hand too has a good list of restaurants. However they are a little slow when it comes to adding a’hyper-local’ restaurants. Few restaurants around my house have been available on Swiggy much earlier than Zomato. Nevertheless, Zomato does have some restaurants that are not covered by Swiggy. So when it comes to who has more restaurants between Zomato and Swiggy, I’d say that would be a tie.

Who has better offers – Zomato or Swiggy ?

Tell me frankly, most of you do look for offers before booking your meal. Always. The last IPL season saw a lot of advertisements by Swiggy (btw I love those ads, perfectly crafted for the cricketing season) They also came up with Swiggy Pop service where in there are set meal options be restaurants available within Rs 99 and Rs 129 (these are the rates I’ve seen) The Swiggy Pop service comes in pretty handy if you are staying alone and are the only person to eat. Apart from this, the remaining offers like discounts on restaurants and a free dessert on certain restaurants are there too. Coming to Zomato, their recent strategy to acquire new customers as well as retain them, have surely been a hit. (I don’t know the margins they are operating on after those offers though) Zomato is giving cashback coupons like APR50, MAY40, JUN30, NEW50. These offers are over and above the other restaurant offers of discounts and free desserts. Also their Zomato Treats (a subscription based service) provides free dessert with every order, which I feel is a good deal at Rs 149 per year. So considering the current scenario, I’ll say that if you are looking for good offers of food, Zomato is a clear winner (at least now)

Final Verdict – Zomato vs Swiggy ?

In the cut throat competition between food delivery apps, Swiggy is already a winner but closely followed by Zomato. As you read in this post, there are numerous parameters to decide who is the best between Zomato and Swiggy. If you want to order from the small restaurant in the next lane, Swiggy might be a good option. But if you are looking for cash backs (now) Zomato wins hands down. In the end it does boil down to personal requirements I’ll say. For me both are doing good, but for offers, as I said Zomato is what I prefer. What are your thoughts on this ? Which according to you is a better app in Zomato vs Swiggy ? Let me know in the comments below or tweet to me at @atulmaharaj

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  1. Srinivasarao Uggini

    Swiggy App is very much better than Zomato App.

    Zomato App has Technical glitch, and it cheats customer with double payments.
    Very recently i faced such situation, where app said payment unsuccesfull, and asked to pay again.
    To my surprise my amount debited twice, and lost my hard earned money.
    I Called customer care and informed about this glitch in App. But that fellow not ready to believe me. Hence i stopped believing Zomato.


    • I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience 🙁 I hope it gets resolved soon. Do connect with them on Twitter to get this resolved faster.

  2. Having used both apps, I can say my food ordering experience with zomato has been far better. I am not talking about the software part – I am talking about the food ordering delivery part. For swiggy, it is only a delivery business. Zomato cares for the quality of food, etc

    • Nice to hear that. For me it has been quite similar for both of them. Some days they are really good, some days they aren’t.

  3. Swiggy is thousand times better than the zomato UI.

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