Comio Mobiles launch in Andhra and Telangana
Comio Mobiles launch in Andhra and Telangana

Hyderabad calling for Comio – Comio X1 Note Tech Specs

Every segment in today’s smartphone landscape is seeing tough competition. Be it the high-end market where you have Apple, Google, Samsung and OnePlus locking horns of the mid-range arena where Xiaomi has been killing it. Management student ? Porter’s 5 Forces Model applies here perfectly. There’s a threat from new entrants – at least in the budget and mid range segment. One such brand that I’m going to talk about is Comio. I was invited to attend the Comio launch event in Hyderabad. So here are my views on the company and their best offering Comio X1 Note.

Comio – who they are

Comio is a Chinese brand that has been operating in India for close to a year now. They are currently present only in 2 countries, China and India. Most of their phones are contract manufactured but they are eyeing their own manufacturing unit down the line. Comio has already set shop in northern and western India and it was time for them to set shop in Andhra and Telangana which was done through the launch event in Hyderabad today. The Comio X1 Note launch was done by the Tollywood diva Pranitha Subhash.

Comio Mobiles launch in Andhra and Telangana
Comio Mobiles launch in Andhra and Telangana

Comio X1 Note Technical Specifications

The Comio X1 Note is a budget smart phone which the company has positioned for the Tier II and Tier III cities. The value that Comio X1 Note comes with is the features that are available on the phone at the price mentioned. But before I talk about the price, let me share the specifications and first looks of the phone.

The Comio X1 Note is powered by a MediaTek Quad Core processor clocked at 1.4 Ghz . The processor is paired with a 3GB RAM and comes in a 32GB ROM configuration. Comio X1 Note gets the power backup from the 2900 mAh battery. Coming to the display, the screen is a 6″ FHD +screen. Comio X1 Note is targeted towards the youth of today who are more camera savvy. The Comio X1 Note comes with a dual camera setup – 13MP + 5MP – as primary camera and a 8 MP Selfie camera. One of the good things about the phone is that it is powered by Android Oreo 8.1stock flavor – out of the box. And as per the CEO Mr. Sanjay Kalirona, there will be OTA security patch releases every 2 months. The Android OS is stock but is themed by the company.

Actress Pranitha Subhash photo at the launch
Actress Pranitha Subhash photo at the launch

First Looks of Comio X1 Note

Comio showcased a range of phones from their entire line up – C1,C2 Lite, P1, S1 Lite and X1 Note. Since there were many people waiting to get their hands on the phone, I got the C1 Note and spent a good 10-15 mins with it. So this isn’t an in-depth review, but first looks of Comio X1 Note. The first feel of the Comio X1 Note is pretty good as the phone is extremely light. It feels as if there is nothing inside. One of the lightest phone’s I’ve used I’d say. The phone has the finger print sensor at the back and the company claims that it can unlock the phone in 0.15s. The back of the phone is a glossy glass finish and a finger print magnet.

Camera quality on Comio X1 Note
Camera quality on Comio X1 Note


The camera does perform well under artificial lighting conditions. You can see that from the picture below. The event was inside a conference room, and the phone managed to capture a decent picture. The auto focus isn’t that bad either. The selfie camera on the other had increased the brightness and the pictures were a little on the brighter side. Also it isn’t a snappy shooter as there was a considerable shutter lag observed. Further, the phone also comes with a Selfie Intruder feature that takes a selfie of anyone trying to break into your phone. Also, one of the test I do to check the responsiveness is swiping through the app drawer. That was a tad laggy though. Many might not notice is though.

Final thoughts – Comio X1 Note is great for the price.

The Comio X1 Note is the best offering from the company in India. All of the models in their basket are priced between Rs 5,999 to Rs 9,999. And the Comio X1 Note is priced at Rs 9,999. Further, Comio has tied up with Jio and are providing a cashback of Rs 2200 which effectively brings down the price of the phone to Rs 7799. At that price, it is decent deal. The company is choosing the tradition offline strategy along with a good mix on online as well. The phones will be available through retail stores. That will give them an upper hand by reaching places where the big brands (read online only) can’t reach. With respect to that, the phone is a decent phone for anyone who want to get a smart phone at a budget price in absence of big brands. That’s about it. Let me know your thoughts on the Comio X1 Note, what are the features you liked on this ? Mention in the comments below or tweet to me at @atulmaharaj

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