Siteground Hosting Renewal Charges
Siteground Hosting

Shockingly high Siteground renewal charges !

Rs 1500 is the amount that I had paid for a year of hosting for my first website in 2007. Having no clue about it but just one that I wanted my own website. My school New Era High School Panchgani, did the rest of getting the domain name and web hosting. Back then it was with Manashosting, a rather pathetic hosting provider based out of Bangalore which I realized quite late.

13 years to today, this blog is was hosted on Siteground. Which is by far one of the most recommended web hosting providers. However, after my 3-year relationship with Siteground, I’ve decided to leave it. Why? Well, it’s all about high Siteground renewal charges.

Siteground Hosting Renewal Charges
Siteground Hosting

Why I love Siteground

Over the years I’ve changed a lot of web hosting providers (like every other blogger/webmaster) and with every web hosting provider, there are some pros and cons associated. However, with Siteground there were more pros than cons basis my experience. I remember moving to Siteground after being with Hostgator for around the same time. Hostgator was good too, just that had a few downtimes in the 3 years. (Just realized that I don’t have a post on my experience with Hostgator) Anyways, so let me tell you Why I love Siteground.

Top-notch Customer Service

I think one of the reasons, I moved to Siteground was for their customer service. (also the price back then) Over my tenure in web hosting with Siteground, I must say that I always witnessed top-notch customer service. Be it a normal billing query or a technical query to migrating a website, they were quick to resolve everything.

Good Server Uptime

For any web hosting provider, good server uptime is THE most important considering factor. After all, you don’t want your users to see a blank page when they visit your site. If I had to recollect any time my blog was down while with Siteground, I probably cannot recollect any instance that I’m aware of. Keeping the marketing bit of 99.99% uptime guarantee, I’d say at least I didn’t face much downtime. Even if there were any maintenance planned, they were quick to inform.

Shockingly high Siteground renewal charges !

Basket of integrations

Most of the web hosting providers provider quite a few integrations/services along with your hosting service. In the case of Siteground, apart from having the one-click installation for WordPress, Joomla, and other such applications, it had quite a few other services that are worth noting. It provided its own caching mechanism called SG-optimizer. It supported native integration with Cloudflare and also provided one click Free SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt. So it was great for any rookie to get some advanced things set up with just one click.

Why I’m moving away from Siteground?

One of the vicious cycle that every web hosting provider tries to get you in is by offering cheap initial offers and then asking for very high renewal charges. If you were to opt for a new web hosting provider today, you’ll probably find the basic plans to start anywhere at $2.50 per month upwards. However, the fine print reads “Renews at $10 per month” and that’s the worst part.

Even with Siteground, I remember joining in at $3.5 per month for a period of 3 years and Siteground Renewal Charges were around $7.99 (If I remember correctly) Now that I was nearing the end of term, I was shocked to see high Siteground Renewal Charges.

The reason was that they now hosted their entire infrastructure on Google Cloud. What was supposed to renew at $7.99 was not renewing at $14.99 – close to $330 for 3 years! With no offers available on Siteground renewal charges (except 30% on 3-year purchase) Siteground renewal charges are too high (at least for a small blogger like me)

Siteground Hosting Charges. Courtesy:
Siteground Hosting Charges. Courtesy:

What should you do ?

Well, the choice is entirely yours. On one side you have ease of everything going smoothly by paying the high Siteground renewal charges or move to a new web hosting provider and pay a low amount to start with. That in fact is a trick followed by many small website/blog owners – change hosting provider after exhausting the first term which renews at a higher price. But it involves moving the entire website to a new host, changing DNS, ensuring correct configuration, etc.

However, most of the web hosting providers provide free migration servers with almost all of their plans thus this shouldn’t be a worry for many. (especially if it’s a small website/blog) But for me, the Siteground renewal charges are extremely high, and being good with website setup and configuration, I don’t mind moving to a new host. Nonetheless, I do recommend Siteground to anyone who can afford the charges.

Are you a webmaster too? What are your thoughts on web hosting renewal charges? Should have I continued or moving on is a good choice? Mention your thoughts in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj or DM me on Instagram

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  1. Atulji, exactly the reason of my shift. I had my blog’s domain and hosting with Siteground for two years, but then in 2019 I decided to move out due the steep hike in renewal charges. Though my domain is still with them, but hosting is shifted to HMB.

    • I’m glad that your domain and hosting are with two separate entities, a mistake that many bloggers make early on by keeping both with the same provider. Thanks Dipikaji for dropping by:)

  2. When I was looking for hosting, I was looking forward to siteground but my friend told me about high renewal charges. I think, moving on is a right decision.

  3. I think sight renewal is nowadays expensive as you said. Well insightful post.

  4. This is way to.much high price but yes those who can afford should go for it

  5. I too have left Sitegroud after being with them for 2 years. No doubt their services are good but the renewal charges are way too high.

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