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Looking to buy a used Automatic Car? Make a smart choice with Spinny

Buying a car is a dream for many. While some achieve it early in life, others don’t quite get there. While I’ve been thinking for quite some time to get a car, there are two challenges I need to overcome. Firstly I don’t have a proper parking space where I stay; it’s a small tricky spot to park. Secondly, though I can drive, I’m not an expert driver to drive in a city like Hyderabad. Considering all these things, it makes much more sense to buy used automatic cars in Hyderabad for most people like me.

Buying a used car is a good choice for those who want to gain experience & confidence. But why buy a used automatic car? Considering most people would use cars to commute within cities, automatic cars are perfect for bumper-to-bumper city traffic. In fact, when I was in Kochi, I loved the fact that my cousin’s Tata Nexon was automatic and made it a breeze to drive around. Not to forget, it’s much easier to drive as most things are done automatically. Thus, it makes much more sense to buy used automatic cars in Hyderabad than manual ones.

Making a smart choice with Spinny

A few of the concerns that arise when you plan to buy used automatic cars are the quality/condition of the car, background verification of the car/owner, financing, and the paperwork involved. We often look for options that can help us with this. And that’s where Spinny comes in. If you are looking for used automatic cars in Hyderabad, Spinny is a service you could try.

Looking to buy a used Automatic Car? Make a smart choice with Spinny
Looking to buy a used Automatic Car? Make a smart choice with Spinny

How Spinny Stands-Out from the rest?

You might be wondering that there are already so many services that will allow you to buy a used automatic car in Hyderabad. In fact, there’s a complete list of things to consider when buying a used car. So why, Spinny?

Well, here are some stand-out features of Spinny.

  • 1 Year Warranty: Spinny provides a 1-year warranty for all the cars you purchase via them. It covers engine and peripherals, clutch system, transmission, steering and suspension, braking system, and fuel system. This is something that I haven’t come across from other service providers. With a warranty in place, it is assuring to buy used automatic cars in Hyderabad.
  • 5 Day Money Back Guarantee: What happens when you purchase used automatic cars in Hyderabad, and it isn’t up to your expectations? Spinny provides you with a 5-day money-back guarantee. Another feature that I’ve not come across any other service provider as yet.
  • Home Test Drive: Yes, you read it right. You can book a test drive at your home or visit a Spinny Car Hub near you. The convenience of scheduling them online stands out. 
  • Assured Buyback program: Ever heard of a buyback program for pre-owned cars? Well, Spinny just gives that. Just like subscription offers for cars, getting an assured buyback for your used car is welcoming. You decide for how long you want to use it and then get the assured buyback value.

Buying a used car was never so easy

I’ve checked their website, and they have a good presence in Hyderabad. In fact, they have a car hub near Sarath City Mall. Their assured buyback program is something that I really like, and might even visit the hub to test drive one. 

As I said, I’ve been planning to buy a used car in Hyderabad for some time now, and Spinny seems like a refreshing and easy option. While I have not tried their service yet, I came across the platform and thought of sharing my thoughts. If I ever try their service, I will share my experience. Have you contacted Spinny to buy used automatic cars in Hyderabad? Let me know in the comments below; tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram, or Get In Touch.

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  1. I think Spinny has some great benefits .Good review Atul.I wonder whether used electric cars are sold .

    • Yes, for anyone wanting to buy a used car, the benefits they have are quite good. Electic cars in my opinion will a few more years to become more common and only after that we could see people selling electric cars.

  2. So I have been thinking of switching on an automatic car as well, just too much to drive a manual one around. My friend in Hyb has had good experience with Spinny infact.

    • True, automatic makes much more sense for cities. And I’ll connect with you whenever I plan a trip to the store. Thank You.

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