Quiet & Calm ambiance
Quiet & Calm ambiance

6th Hill Cafe – Hyderabad’s Little-Known Cafe

If we rewind the time to a decade ago, the culture of cafes wasn’t quite there. I remember during my days in Noida, cafes only meant CCD or the local milkshake outlets near Amity H block. Fast forward to today, Cafes are the most visited places in a city. The likes of CCD and Starbucks are still there, but the craze for cafes with good food, beverages and Instagrammable ambience is on the rise. There already are some amazing cafes in Hyderabad, however 6th Hill Cafe is one of the little-known cafes in the city that I recently discovered.

Last week I was invited to work from 6th Hill Cafe with my tribe and also try the food on offer. So like a true Food Blogger, here’s my experience and review of 6th Hill Cafe.

Beautiful Cafe in a concrete jungle

Most of the cafes in Hyderabad are located in quiet places, however, the ambience and people are making it otherwise. Loud music with lots of chatter, doesn’t go well with many. However, 6th Hill Cafe is a rather quiet cafe that is located amidst a concrete jungle. And it manages to keep the calming vibes in the air intact.

Located in Kavuri Hills, 6th Hill Cafe is surrounded by towering buildings and a residential complex. Driving up to the place itself, I had a doubt whether Google was taking us to the right location. But as we passed building after building, we discovered this bright teal cafe with a shack.

Quiet & Calm ambiance
Quiet & Calm ambience

The cafe has got great ambience especially because it’s a lot quieter than others. There are tables placed outside for you to spend time amidst nature and relish your food. Then there’s a shack with comfy chairs to give you all the beach vibes and then of course there’s the indoor seating which is air-conditioned, making it a perfect destination to work from!

6th Hills Cafe Food Review

After setting up the laptop for work and responding to emails, I was back at the food table catching up with all the gossip. As we talked, the wonderful hosts told us about the food that we’d be served. The menu was curated by the cafe and they had placed their best dishes. So this is my 6th Hill Cafe review.

Colorful and delicious salads and starters

We started off with a few colourful salads and starters. There was Beetroot Feta Cheese Salad, Avocado Toast and Mini Sliders. While I’m already a fan of Watermelon Feta Cheese Salad, this one was quite unique and refreshing at the same time. Fresh Beetroot chunks with Feta cheese drizzled all over.

Avocado toast too was pretty good. The perfectly toasted bread was smeared with Avocado and Beetroot and topped with a cherry tomato. Surely one of the best I’ve had. And the mini sliders were small burgers with Beetroot Tikki in it. It was served on a train. While it was delicious, I wished they had naturally tried to colour those buns. Nonetheless, these were pretty delicious. Small and filling.

Delicious Food at 6th Hill Cafe
Delicious Food at 6th Hill Cafe – Avocado Toast, Veg Pot Meal were pretty good!

Fulfiling Mains

The next set of items that came in was a Veg Pot Meal, Thai Chilli Noodles, Thin Crust Pizza and Tacos. The Veg Pot meal was made using sticky rice and served with a nicely done oriental curry with vegetables. It was pretty good on taste, a little spicy but pretty good. Thai Chilli Noodles was fiery and I had teary eyes after the first bite itself. If you love spicy food, this is something you could try here.

Thin Crust pizza was loaded with the pizza veggies – corn, olives, tomatoes and the like. It was baked to perfection and we all liked it. The softshell tacos were filled with a sweet and spicy filling and were a perfect small bite. Overall, the food at 6th Hill cafe is pretty good.

Refreshing Drinks

Lastly, we were served Avocado Milk Shake, Mangotini, Ginger Ale and Brownie with Ice Cream sizzler. It was my first time trying Avocado Milkshake and I’d say I loved it. They managed to preserve the distinct Avocado flavour even with the ice cream. Quite refreshing.

Mangotini on the other hand was a letdown. It was syrupy and sweet. All of us didn’t quite enjoy it. Ginger Ale was a regular canned drink, however, it was served in this cute little cylinder that grabbed all the attention that day! Lastly, the Brownie with Ice cream sizzler was nicely done. I feel there’s room for improvement on the drinks front, however, I didn’t try many drinks either.

Drinks and desserts at 6th Hill Cafe
Drinks and desserts at 6th Hill Cafe

Work or Chill from 6th Hill Cafe

Whether you want to work or you want to simply chill playing board games, 6th hill cafe is one of those perfect cafes in Hyderabad to be. Further, the calm environment also makes it a good place to make video calls too. I was in love with the ambience – small, no-nonsense, quiet and calm.

Food on the other side is pretty good. They have a nice menu with a lot of items. The Avocado Toast and Milkshake are good to start and the Veg Pot Meal is a perfect lunch. I couldn’t try a lot of other drinks, but I’m sure there’s plenty on offer. If I’m ever in the area, wouldn’t mind spending a day working from 6th Hill Cafe?

6th Hill Cafe  Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

That’s about it for this blog post on 6th Hill Cafe. Do check out my other restaurant review blog posts. Let me know your thoughts on this post in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM me on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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