Breakfast at Pradhan Sweet House - Samosa Chole and Chai
Samosa Chole and Chai

Pit Stop at Pradhan Sweet House Lucknow Kanpur Highway

For those unaware, I’m currently in Lucknow attending a family function. (Another reason you MUST follow me on Instagram) While most of the functions were in Lucknow, there were a couple of them for which I had to travel to Kanpur. It was the first time I was going to Kanpur. About 80kms road trip means we would need one break at least. And what better place for a pit stop than the famous Pradhan Sweet House Lucknow Kanpur highway.

I first heard of this place via Gaurav Taneja’s vlog a few months ago. As he shuttles between the twin cities a lot, he was all praises about Pradhan Sweet House every time he stopped there. Hence when I knew I was going to travel, I was sure to stop at Pradhan Sweet House on Lucknow Kanpur Highway. And this is going to be my Pradhan Sweet House review.

Eateries on Lucknow Kanpur Highway

One of the best things about road trips in this part of India is that you’ll never go hungry. South India still lacks the Dhaba culture. Be it Haveli in Punjab Haryana, Yadav Hotel on Lucknow Ayodhya highway or Pradhan Sweet house on Lucknow Kanpur highway, there are a gazillion options to eat.

Pradhan Sweet House is located in a village called Bani. The original restaurant is located a little on the interiors, off the main highway. This one is right on the Lucknow Kanpur highway. It’s just before the toll booth when you’re driving towards Lucknow. If you’re driving from Lucknow, then you’ll have to make a U-turn to reach Pradhan Sweet House.

Pradhan Sweet House Review

Simple Dhaba type Ambiance

Bright Red and white banners along with a lot of cars welcome you. They are two separate areas – one where the actual cooking, billing happen and the other where you can sit and enjoy the food. The setup is pretty simple with plastic tables and chairs. There’s a clean washroom too which is a must when you’re on a road trip. You even have an option to take the food to your car and eat. But with the chilled weather, it’s best to bask in the sun and have your food. It isn’t an extremely clean place, but it’s not bad either. Overall a decent place for a quick meal.

Simple dhaba type ambiance at Pradhan Sweet House Lucknow Kanpur Highway
Simple dhaba type ambience

Multiple Food options

Pradhan Sweet House is like your typical sweet house which serves desi snacks along with sweets. We stopped here for a morning breakfast. Samosa and Khasta were the only dishes that were available. You could order it with chole or without. Both of them are priced at Rs 30 for a plate. A plate consists of 2 samosas with chole and chutney. Same with Khasta as well.

Apart from that, they serve chai in kulhad. With sugar or without sugar, you get what you want. They also have packed snacks and namkeens along with cold beverages and ice creams. Pradhan Sweet House also has a small variety of sweets, you’ll get items like rabri, ras malai, gulab jamun and some dry sweets.

Delicious & Filling breakfast

We were about 20 people and I ordered a plate of everything. Samosa Chole was a pretty heavy and loaded plate. Two hot and crispy samosas topped with piping hot chole with small chunks of paneer. You have the sweet tamarind chutney or the spicy green chilly chutney to add. Served in a donabowl made from leaves – the Samosa Chole is a must-have. The spice hits you as you’re about to finish a plate. Add the green chutney if you are a fan of spicy food.

Breakfast at Pradhan Sweet House - Samosa Chole and Chai
Samosa Chole and Chai

Chai on the other hand is superb. It’s rich, creamy and flavourful. The flavour of kulhad seeps in making it refreshing. If you’re a chai lover, you’ll surely love it. It is perfect for the chilled weather at the moment. I tried the ras malai that was also served in a kulhad. It wasn’t great and I’ve had better ones. Overall, a plate of Samosa/Khasta chole along with a chai should be enough to get you back on road.

Must stop at Pradhan Sweet House

Lucknow Kanpur highway is a rather busy highway and you’ll encounter a lot of jams. The heavy traffic means a tiring drive which means you need breaks. And Pradhan Sweet House on Lucknow Kanpur Highway is the perfect pit stop. Simple ambience with delicious Samosa Chole and creamy chai is a combination worth trying. The place is not expensive at all and a plate of Samosa/Khasta chole along with a chai will cost you less than ₹50!

A highly recommended place, I’d definitely stop here whenever I’m driving from Lucknow to Kanpur. So if you are driving in the region too, make sure to pay Pradhan ji a visit and relish their piping hot samosas and chai. Let me know your thoughts on this post. Comment down below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get in Touch.

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