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6 Cafes in South Mumbai I Absolutely Loved!

The other day one of my colleagues at work said that I’m perfectly utilising the remote work option. Some days I’m working out of Hyderabad, some days from Lucknow and even sometimes in Mumbai. Though some of my friends have been taking this to the next level with international trips, I’m happy and won’t complain.

During my slow travel experience in Mumbai, I explored quite a bit in the city of dreams. Though I was staying in Bandra, I feel I spent more time in Fort. If you haven’t already, do read my previous post – Dear Bombay, Why so beautiful? Whilst in Bandra, I spent time working in cafés in Bandra – Subko, Blue Tokai, and Starbucks were some of them where I spent more time. In this blog post, I’ll share the list of 6 cafes in south Mumbai you must visit.

Heritage & Cafes in South Mumbai

Compared to the other parts of Mumbai, Fort is one area that is quite different from others. Be it the century-old gothic & Saracenic buildings or the people or cafés. It is also one of the costlier areas in Mumbai and that’s evident from the types of restaurants, and people in the area.

CST & other Gothic buildings in Mumbai
CST, BMC and other Gothic-styled buildings.

The area is also home to some of the finest restaurants and cafes. Since I was in the area for 3 consecutive days, I spent a good amount of time either eating or working in restaurants and cafes. So based on my experience, here is a list of 6 cafes in South Mumbai I absolutely loved!

Blue Tokai – Dalal Street

If there’s one place that I went to more than once it has to be this – Blue Tokai at Dalal Street. It is located right below the famous Bombay Stock Exchange and is one of the quieter cafés. It is much bigger than the one in Bandra and is perfect for working. I did spend almost an entire day working from here. My order wasn’t anything fancy, the same old Cold Brew in Tonic, one of the finest I’ve had. Apart from that, their pasta is also worth trying. Overall, it’s a perfect place to work from.

Blue Tokai Cafe in Bandra
Blue Tokai Cafe in Bandra

Leopold Cafe

One of the older cafés in Mumbai, gained unwanted attention when it was under terrorist attack in 2008. It was under siege on that day and many people lost their lives. However, a few months later Leopold Cafe opened its doors again. This time with the bullet marks on the walls. No list of cafes in South Mumbai is complete without this.

A café that was started by the Iranis in the late 1800s, it has some interesting elements from posters to bikes. The high ceiling with distinct age-old fans surely grabs the attention. In terms of food, there’s a variety from Bombay sandwiches to continental dishes and desi too.

Leopold Cafes in South Mumbai
Leopold Cafe in South Mumbai

I had the Bombay sandwich and I surely won’t recommend it. More than coffee, there’s a variety of beer available here. All in all, a decent place if you love music and just want to soak into the vibes.

Starbucks Taj Mahal

You must be wondering what is Starbucks doing on this list. This one is special because it is located in the famous Taj Mahal Palace hotel. In fact, even the security here is manned by the Taj folks. The cafe is just like another Starbucks, and the crowd is almost the same. In terms of dos and coffee, it has the same menu. I had their Ginger Ale Cold Brew which is my favourite here. If you’re looking for a cafe to work from, this could be an option.There’s also one in Nariman point behind Trident where I spent some time too.

Starbucks Coffee
Working from Starbucks Coffee

Kala Ghoda Cafe

Another popular cafe in the area is Kala Ghoda cafe located near the famous Kala Ghoda statue and within walking distance of the museum. The area is famous for the Kala Ghoda festival. The cafe has a range of items on offer from finger food to coffees and Iced Teas. Not one of the largest ones out there, but good enough for you to sit and sip your coffee.

Olympia Coffe House

Olympia is another cafe located right opposite Leopold. It’s also an old establishment that’s quite popular for its breakfast dishes. If you are a meat eater you’ll have a good time here. There are quite a few Mughlai dishes that are loved by one and all here. In terms of the setup, it is extremely basic and nothing fancy. I didn’t go inside but found the crowd to be more compared to Leopold. Also, like Leopold, this isn’t a place where you can work from.

Britannia & Company

The famous Britannia restaurant is from the British days and has been a popular place since then. Their berry pulao and raspberry soda are loved by all. History says that the soda was exclusive for the Parsis back in the day, however, it’s not the same today. It’s set up in a typical colonial-era building that will remind you of the British era. The cafe is shut on Sundays, (that’s when I went) so please plan your visits accordingly. This is another popular cafe in south Mumbai that is worth visiting.

That was my list of 6 cafes in south Mumbai you should visit. Apart from the elegant buildings in the area, some of these cafés are there to provide you with a much-needed break during your exploration. Like me, if you also have a remote job, some of these cafes in south Mumbai are perfect for working as well!

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