Work from Cafe at Roast 24 Seven
Lively ambience at Roast 24 Seven

Roast 24 Seven – Favourite Cafe In Hyderabad

This blog post is coming in really late. I was going through my blog posts to-do list and realised this was due last year. But why now? Well, I went to Roast 24 Seven a couple of times in the last week. If you’ve subscribed to my newsletter you already know. And now that I’ve become a commoner and have a fixed table that I occupy, I thought it was the right time to share my review of Roast 24 Seven.

A 24×7 Cafe With Lively Ambience

Talking about the 24×7 culture, it’s quite picking up in different cities. Hyderabad doesn’t have many such places. Especially ones with a good setup, vibe and delicious food. That’s where Roast 24 Seven comes in – a 24×7 cafe in Hyderabad. While their original outlet is located in Madhapur, this one is in Gachibowli, behind Labonel, near the Gachibowli flyover. One reason that I love this place is, it’s easier for me to reach there. 99% of the drive is on ORR and then I get straight into the cafe.

The cafe is located inside the Deccan Serai hotel, and probably why it stays open 24×7. They have valet service and reservations aren’t quite required. They have indoor and outdoor seating areas that are perfect for working. Outside seating is good, but if the weather is bad, doesn’t make sense. Also, there’s a smoking area too.

On the inside, there’s a large coffee brewing area in the centre surrounded by a lavish dessert display. There’s seating all around the place. Whether you go in single (like me most of the time) or in a group, they have ample seating. Moreover, Roast 24 Seven is a good place to work too. They have power plugs around all the tables. However, the regular mobile internet coverage isn’t great.

Work from Cafe at Roast 24 Seven
The lively ambience at Roast 24 Seven

The lighting is perfect and so is the music. Both of these add to the vibe of the place. It isn’t too loud. In fact, I recently took my parents here (probably their first time in a cafe like this) and they totally loved it. So Sharma ji approved.

Heavenly Coffee & Food at Roast 24 Seven – Review

Coffee to Die For

Roast 247 is a cafe and what’s a cafe that doesn’t serve coffee? It’s not your regular cafe that just has a nescafé. You need to know your coffee, but their servers are well-equipped with the knowledge to help you figure it out. From the typical Indian Kaapi to regulars like Cappuccino, and Mocha to specialities like French Press and Aero Press along with blends and cold brews.

I’ve been here multiple times and have tried different coffees. If you’re into hot coffee, I’d really suggest you to their Indian Kaapi. It’s a nice take on the South India Kaapi. It’s served in a large mug along with two cookies (which are heavenly). Overall it’s a very comforting cuppa of coffee.

Tender Coconut Cold Brew, Indian Kaapi and Whisky Cold Brew
Tender Coconut Cold Brew, Indian Kaapi and Whisky Cold Brew

If you are into cold coffees (high five!) then you must their cold brew offerings and cold coffees. Roast’s Brownie Blend is quite popular and good. It’s super rich, and creamy and the blend is just delicious. It’s your perfect cheat meal! On the cold brew front, you can try their classic cold brew, nitro brew. Or their blends like Cafe Cola, and Tender Coconut Blend. I love both of these and strongly recommend you try them. I so wish they include a Coffee Mojito or Ginger Ale-based cold brew. I’ll be the first one to order.

Delectable Food

Back in the day, cafes were meant to be good for coffee only. But today if cafes don’t have good vibes, coffee and food, then it’s not going to last long. Roast 24 Seven has a pretty good menu with a mix of Indian, Mediterranean, Japanese and Italian food. Over the course of my multiple visits, I’ve tried quite a few things.

I’m a fan of their Caesar Salad. It’s so simple yet so delicious. In fact, Caesar Salad with Cafe Cola has become by default order. In terms of starters, Doodhiya Paneer Tikka is worth a try. It has an extremely good filing and is different from other similar starters. Palak Patta Chaat is another dish that you’d like. Crispy Palak leaves topped with delicious chutneys, makes it a perfect starter. I also had their Spaghetti Pasta which was good, creamy and veggie-loaded. Pizzas too have been good at the times I’ve tried.

Delicious food at Roast 24 Seven
Delicious food worth trying at Roast 24 Seven

During my last outing with my parents, we visited during lunch. And I saw a couple of tables ordering Biryani. And soon after we ordered Aloo Paratha, Dal Tadka and Jeera Rice along with Fries. (And I took no photos of those) Never did I think I’d order that at a cafe, but yeah it happened. The Aloo Paratha was mind-blowing, from a cafe standard it was pretty good. The stuffing was generous and tasty. It was served with pickle and curd and totally recommended. Dal & rice was comforting and tasty. It was loaded with garlic, tomatoes and coriander, just by looking at it I fell in love with it.

One of the best things I love about the food here is that they listen to your requirements and follow them. Like we didn’t want green chillies in our, there was no chilly at all. I don’t enjoy Olives, and they disappeared from my Salad. I was surprised to try their Indian main course dishes and loved them. Though the offering is less since it’s a cafe, it’s totally yummy. One thing you must note is that such orders take a little time so need to be patient.

Delectable desserts, cheese cake and lotus biscoff
Delectable desserts, cheese cake and lotus biscoff

Talking about desserts, these are heavenly. Not many vegetarian options though. Be it cheesecakes, brownies or macaroons, the assortment is amazing. I’ve tried a few of them in the past and can say the desserts are rich, creamy and sinful. I loved their Tiramisu and Lotus Biscoff cheesecake and totally love it.

My favourite cafe in Hyderabad

Talk about the vibe, ambience, food or coffee, Roast 24 Seven, ticks all the columns for me. I’ve spent a few days working from here and I was super productive. No, the servers don’t stare at you if you order a glass of coffee and sit for hours. I’d like to call out Priya who has been gracious and super helpful every time I visit Roast.

In terms of pricing, it’s value for money and totally worth it. For example, all their cold brews or coffees are priced in the range of ₹150-₹250, salads around ₹250 & almost the same for mains as well. Most of my single visits cost around ₹1000 for a couple of coffees and a salad. Outing with my parents was around ₹3000 for about 10 items.

It’s among the few places that are open all around the clock. Surprisingly it’s crowded past midnight, and I’ve never been here at that time. Nonetheless, a cafe that I totally recommend and no doubt it’s my favourite cafe in Hyderabad.

Have you been to Roast? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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