Asian food at Kembara Hyderabad
Array of Asian dishes that we had for dinner at Kembara

Kembara – Savoring Exquisite Asian Flavors

The food scene in Hyderabad has changed a lot in terms of new restaurants, cafes and pubs coming up. Also, there are a couple of things that I’ve noticed. There has been a spurt in the number of regional cuisine-based restaurants & global cuisine is getting popular in the city. While bigger hotels are having food festivals, there are newer restaurants coming up.

Kembara – An Asian kitchen and bar, is a new kid on the block and I visited for dinner a few days back. So this blog post will be my review of Kembara.

Minimalistic Vibes at Kembara

While most new cafes and restaurants find their address either in Banjara or Jubilee Hills, HiTech city is rising among the ranks. A lot of new places are coming up in this area. Red Rhino, Ishtaa, and Hard Rock Cafe are the few names that are located in the area.

One probable reason for this is Knowledge city IT parks. The infrastructure is pretty good & there are people who are on the lookout for eateries. And most of these places are located within office buildings. I so envy the folks who work there.

Kembara is no exception in terms of location and setup. Located in one of the corporate IT parks, Kembara is a new Asian restaurant. It’s from the people behind Feuwhich is one of my favourites in the city.

Minimalistic and classy ambience at Kembara
Minimalistic and classy ambience

They have indoor seating as well as a few tables on the outside. It’s not a large setup inside and can feel congested. The interiors are nicely done and the high ceilings just add to it. Everything from the artefacts to furniture and cutlery adds to the setup.

On the outside, they have a few tables with fans and plants around. If the weather is good, it’s good to sit outside. You can not only enjoy the weather but also get a good view of the buildings. In terms of service, they have a valet service available as well.

Kembara – Journey through Asian Food

If you’ve been following me, you already know that I’m a big fan of Indian food. However, off late, I (think) have developed a taste for Asian food as well. The last time I had a meal at Ohm, Avasa Hotel, I totally loved it. So this time, I was ready to try something Japanese. I quickly flipped through the menu and saw some familiar and some unfamiliar Asian dishes.

We started with an Edmamme Truffle Dimsums. In terms of looks, these were pretty good. A translucent Dimsum that gives you a glimpse of what’s inside is the characteristic of a good Dimsum. In terms of taste, this could have been better. The stuffing that I had at Ohm or at Novotel was better than this. The next item we had was a Raw Papaya Salad. The first time I had a Raw Papaya salad was at Feu and totally loved it. This was good but a tad little sour.

There was Avocado Sushi on the table that I passed. Possibly the only Japanese dish on the table. I’m not a fan of Sushi and don’t like it. The next dish we had was Grilled Miso Eggplant. Miso is a Japanese sauce made by fermenting Soyabean with salt rice and barley sometimes. This was my first time having Miso and it tasted different, probably because it was fermented. The overall look of the dish was like Chilly Paneer, but it was Eggplant grilled and tossed in Miso.

Asian food at Kembara Hyderabad
An array of Asian dishes that we had for dinner at Kembara

The last item for the dinner was Khao Suey. It’s a Burmese dish that is essentially noodle soup. Originally served with Chicken or Beef. The base is made from coconut milk and has some veggies. You’re also served a variety of toppings from spring onions, peanuts and much more. The one that we had was good, nothing extraordinary. I’ve had Khao Suey in the past as well, and the best one to date that I liked was at the Wok Nation.

We also tried drinks – both mocktails. We ordered a had a berry cooler along with a citrus blast. Both of these had good, punch flavours and were refreshing. I felt that the drinks options could have been a little better. Further, they could have brought some of my favourite drinks from Feu as well – Sakura is my favourite there. There were desserts that we skipped because we were full.

Refreshing mocktails at Kembara
Refreshing mocktails

Class & Simplicity at Kembara

The newest Asian restaurant in the city, Kembara had been creating a buzz on Instagram. Most of the foodies I knew were invited to the launch, but since Maharaj lives far off, I wasn’t. Nonetheless, true foodies go out and try the food. Kembara is a calm and minimal place – and that’s what I like about it. The dual-tone sort of interiors where everything complements each other.

The food too is good, however, a few things I felt are better at Feu. Most dishes had flavours that were on point. The food is simple & has Asian roots. The servers are helpful in explaining the dishes which are required for some. We paid about Rs 4000 for a meal for 2 that had 4 dishes and 4 drinks which I felt was fine.

That’s about it from my review of Kembara. Have you been here? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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