Breakfast at Dhe Puttu
Breakfast at Dhe Puttu

Dhe Puttu – Trying Puttu in Kochi – Honest Review

I’m lucky to have stayed across different places in India. Any by stay I mean, a few years. That has helped me develop a taste for different Indian cuisines which is a big boon. Though I spent my childhood in Gujarat, I did develop a taste of Kerala food, thanks to my neighbours.

In this blog post, I’m going to share my experience of trying Puttu in Kochi at Dhe Puttu. Tying Puttu in Kochi was something that I was eager to try ever since my trip to Kochi was finalized. While we do make Puttu at home once in a while, I wanted to eat what the locals eat there.

Unlike many other people I know who don’t quite like Kerala food because of the use of coconut oil, I love the food. So last week when I was in Kochi, there were two things that I had the most, Puttu and Iddyappam. 

What is Puttu?

The main ingredients used to make puttu are rice flour and grated coconut. Sometimes, other flours like wheat or ragi (finger millet) are also used. To make puttu, the rice flour is mixed with coconut and a little salt, and then layered with grated coconut in a special cylindrical container called a “puttu kutti“. This container is placed over a pot of boiling water, allowing the steam to cook the mixture inside. As the steam rises, it cooks the puttu, giving it a light and fluffy texture. Once cooked, puttu is served hot with side dishes like chickpea curry, banana, or kadala curry.

The dish is extremely popular in Kerala and has been eaten quite a lot. As mentioned, it is served with a variety of curries both veg and non-veg. It’s a popular breakfast item and is available at a lot of places. Hence I wanted to try it during my Kochi trip.

So the moment I landed in Kochi, I wanted to have it before reaching the venue for the conference. One of the places that showed up on Google was Dhe Puttu which was along the way. Read on to learn more about my dining experience at Dhe Puttu.

Dhe Puttu – Review

Dhe Puttu is a restaurant that is dedicated to Puttu. The restaurant served a variety of Puttu at their outlets. From the traditional rice and coconut Puttu to Ragi Puttu, they serve a variety of it. Not only Puttu, but they have a range of south Indian dishes available like Idli, Dosa etc. We were driving towards Le Meridien at the Dhe Puttu outlet located on NH-66 in Edapally.


The restaurant opens at 8 AM, and we had to wait for a while as we reached early. And we were also the first ones to enter the restaurant hence we had the full place to us. The restaurant is quite large and has a nice setup.

The theme is pretty good with the walls painted with murals of Puttu and the history of the dish. So you can read and learn more about Puttu. The seating is comfortable and the lighting is adequate. The music too was good, surprisingly it was Bollywood instrumental. 

Ambience at Dhe Puttu
Ambience at Dhe Puttu

Eating Puttu and everything else

There were three of us, so our order was almost everything on the menu. They had single-serve Puttu, so we had three of it and the traditional Kadla curry. We also had Iddyappam, Pathiri, Idli and Dosa. Everything was brought in rather quickly even though we were the first customers of the day. 

The Puttu was nicely done and the Kadla Curry was nice too. I would have loved a little more coconut, but it was good. Iddyappam too was served hot and was fluffy, just the way it should be. You can choose to have any curry with it. Pathiri is a rice flour dosa and I’ve had something similar here in Hyderabad as well. I wasn’t aware of what it is, but when it came I thought it could have been avoided.

Breakfast at Dhe Puttu
Breakfast at Dhe Puttu

However,  what stole the show for me was the Sambhar and the coconut chutney, surely one of the best that I’ve had in a long time.  Full marks for it.

For beverages, we ordered tea and coffee. They don’t have filter coffee but instant coffee. So if you’re someone who absolutely needs coffee, then you can go for it. Had it been filter coffee, I would have surely taken it. 

Affordable, Delicious Puttu in Kochi

At Dhe Puttu, I was delighted to find a wide variety of puttu options, ranging from classic rice flour puttu to innovative combinations like wheat puttu with chocolate and banana. My dining experience at Dhe Puttu, where we enjoyed a full spread for just Rs 750, reaffirmed that good food doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

In conclusion, if you’re keen on experiencing the authentic flavors of Kerala cuisine and trying out different varieties of puttu in Kochi, Dhe Puttu is undeniably the place to visit.

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