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Kai po Che !

Puzzled as to what the Kai po che means ?? Most likely you would have (until unless you are a hardcore Gujarati !) 

Well this phrase “Kai po che…” (pronounced as Kaaai pooo cheeee…) is one of the most heard phrases during Makar Sankranti aka Uttarayan. One uses this phrase everytime he/she brings down someone else’s kite. Kite flying is the integral part of Sankranti celebrations in all over Gujarat. The sky is roofed with kites of various colour and sizes.

Uttarayan in Ahmedabad. Courtesy: 1000lonelyplaces
Uttarayan in Ahmedabad. Courtesy: 1000lonelyplaces

Uttarayan, as known in Gujarat, is a 2 day festival. 14th January as Uttarayan and 15th as Vasi-Uttarayan. People usually don’t cook anything on the 15th. So most of the cooking is done on the 14th. I am too fond of flying kites. Ever since I have left Ahmedabad, I miss Uttarayan. Well this is the festival celebrated only in Gujarat and maybe some parts of Rajasthan. Punjab and Delhi celebrate LohriLohri is something very similar to Holi

People celebrating Lohri. Courtesy: hellotravel
People celebrating Lohri. Courtesy: hellotravel

If in Gujarat during Uttarayan, one would come across many Gujarati Lingo. Some of the most widely words used are:

  • Kaudi – a dozen of kites.
  • Firki – a cylindrical spool of thread.
Firki. Courtesy: indiashots
Firki. Courtesy: indiashots


  • Undhiyu – traditional Gujarati savory, usually sweet and contains vegetables.

Even the International Kite flying festival is organized in Ahmedabad every year. So, if you have any chance of visiting Gujarat during Sankranti then you must grasp the opportunity to witness one of the most unique festivities in India.

Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy Lohri and “Maara badha gujarati bhai, beheno ne Uttarayan ni shubh kaamnayein…!

Kai po chee…!!

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