Google celebrates Kishore Kumar’s Birthday

The Search Giant – Google – is known for its doodles on special occasions. Be it an international festival or a sports extravaganza, Google has always made it a point to make a doodle.

Google in the past has shown a lot of doodles for Indian festivals like Republic Day, Eid and Indian Legends like Jagjit Singh and many others.

Google Celebrates Kishore Kumar's 85th Birthday.
Google Celebrates Kishore Kumar’s 85th Birthday.

Today again, they have a new doodle to celebrate the legendary veteran Indian Actor-Singer Kishore Kumar‘s 85th Birthday. The singer is a well known figure in the Indian film industry and has several accolades to his name.

Below is a link to some of Kishore Kumar‘s greatest songs. Enjoy !

So head over to Google to check out today’s Doodle !

Have a great Day and a wonderful week ahead !

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  1. Listen to this guy… awesome voice. So close to Kishore Kumar

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