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Optimism is the key to Happiness…

The classic old example of showing a glass filled half with water and asking: What do you see ? Some answer the glass is half full while others say that the glass is half empty. And that’s when we conclude whether the person is optimist or pessimist. Things like doesn’t matter at all, you can’t judge a person based on what he / she answers to some of the questions you put up. Being optimist or pessimist is a way a of life. Being optimist is often regarded as the best thing as this will help you overcome many hurdles in life.

Optimism is the last option for the defeated. Courtesy: LifeHack Quotes
Optimism is the last option for the defeated. Courtesy: LifeHack Quotes

Different people have different ways in which they are filled with positivity and optimism. Some of them like to read auto biographies, while others like to watch movies. While for me, I try to find positives in all the daily activities that are going on around me. One such incident took place quite a while back. A small boy used to stay near my house and I used to see him scribble things with a chalk on newspapers and other advertisement papers. I saw this guy for sometime and immediately went to my room. I opened my cupboard, took out my old drawing book and a pack of crayons that I wasn’t using anymore. Took these and gave it to the boy. When I gave it to him, the smile which he gave was truly priceless ! After a few hours, he came and showed me something he scribbled. It looked like a tree and river to me though. He then started describing what he has done. I understood partly but the enthusiasm that I saw in this guy was amazing. A couple of hours back he didn’t have anything and now he has drawn something and was so happy ! That was one incident that definitely touched me. A ray of hope, positivity was in the air.

From then on, whenever I was in a troubled state or a worried state, the smiling face of this guy made me realize that things can change, and will change – for the better. That ensured that I remained patient and waited for the rough patch to end. It was a matter of time and the positivity that ensured I see off the bad time and be ready to enjoy the good times !

A quote by Dalai Lama. Courtesy: thedailyquotes.com
A quote by Dalai Lama. Courtesy: thedailyquotes.com

So, in short, being optimist and seeing things with positivity will certainly help you overcome your troubles. Doing small things for people and the reward of a lovely smile or a blessing will fill you with all the energy needed to carry on and face all the hardships and challenges that you might face. Just remember, and Look Up to that incident and you should be able sail through the situation.

Being Happy, Share Happiness and Stay Happy !

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  1. I’m an optimist and, I can relate to your words here… 🙂

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