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Google Pixel available in 3 colors.
Google Pixel available in 3 colors.

Google Pixel arrives – features, price and where to buy in India.

If you have been following Google for a while, you this phone Google Pixel has been in rumor mill for quite sometime. Be in the body or the camera quality, there has been a lot of noise that this phone has generated much before its release. The highlight of Google Pixel is that this is the first phone developed by Google. Yes, they’ve decided to ditch the Nexus line and the 3rd party manufacturers and hence decided to come up with the all new Google Pixel. The project has been in the pipeline for quite sometime and has finally made it to the world today. So without wasting much time, let’s know more about the Google Pixel.

Google Pixels specifications

The much awaited Google Pixel hasn’t disappointed much to the rumor mills. Not going Apple’s way of ditching the 3.5 mm audio jack, Google has decided to stick to our beloved audio jack. So here’s a quick round-up of the hardware specifications of Google Pixel

  • Material: Aluminium Uni-body and polished glass combination
  • Screen: Hi-Def AMOLED Display available in 5 and 5.5 inches
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset
  • Processor: Quad Core 2x 2.15GHz / 2x 2.16 GHz
  • Battery: 2770 / 3450 mAH Battery
  • Camera: 12.3 MP Camera
  • Storage: 32 / 128 GB storage
  • OS: Android Nougat
  • Misc: Fingerprint sensor, USB Type-C Charging, Bluetooth 4.2 etc.
Google Pixel specifications.
Google Pixel specifications.

Google Pixel Highlights

Built-in Assistant

Pixel is the first phone that comes with Google’s powerful Assistant built-in. So just a long tap on the home button will fire up the Assistant. We’ve seen how good the Allo app already is, so this takes the entire experience to the new level. Google’s deep knowledge graphs and machine learning specialty is surely the highlight of the all new Google Pixel. With context based understanding and anywhere access to Assistant, you can fire it up on any screen and it will scan your screen and provide all the info you need.

VR and Daydream Ready

Google Pixel is VR and Day dream ready and already has a bunch of apps ready give you the best VR experience. Be it Google maps, YouTube or Street View – Google has created specialized tours of various places in the world. So have a walk at the Taj Mahal or spend a romantic evening at Eiffel Tower. Dedicated VR headsets and controllers are available starting November, currently priced at $79

Best ever Camera ?

One of the biggest revelations of the night was the DxOMark score. DxOMark is the leading website that ‘dissect’ a camera – DSLR and mobile cameras – to test it inside out on its quality. Based on some rigorous testing, folks at DxOMark have provided a rating of 89 to Pixel which surprisingly makes Google Pixel the first phone to achieve this rating. Yes, it leaves behind the Apple iPhone 7 be 3 points ! But with 12.3 MP camera at f2.0, and features like HDR+ by default, can’t comment much on the picture quality. For all Google Pixel users, Google is providing unlimited cloud storage for storing pictures and videos and full resolution !

Fast Charge

Google knows that none of the Android phones can take you to the end of the day with moderate usage. So whether you are a hardcore gamer, or a social junky you don’t want to see your phone die soon. With Pixel, Google has introduced USB Type C along with Fast Charge so that you get the power quickly. The charging time is so quick that the company claims that phone can get extra power for 7 hours with a charging time of just 15 minutes ! That’s some seriously quick charging !

Google Pixel available in 3 colors.
Google Pixel available in 3 colors.


What’s the cost of Google Pixel in India ?

India has become an important market for various companies, no matter what the product are, it’s nice to see India getting the required attention in the arena. And Google Pixel doesn’t disappoint. Pre-orders being today in the US and is available exclusively with Verizon for $649. When will Google Pixel launch in India ? Pre orders begin as early as 13th Octoberthat’s next week ! But the important question – What is the price of Google Pixel in India ? As of now, the phone costs $649 which would roughly set you back by about 50-55,000 INR

So where can you buy the Google Pixel in India ?

People owning a Nexus device would know how tough was it to get hold one especially when it was sold solely on the Google Play store with often the devices running out of stock and taking months to fill up. But the good news is that this time around, Google has a step further and the phone will be available at 3rd party sellers. So where can you buy Google Pixel in India ? The phone will be available for pre-order at Flipkart, Reliance Digital and Tata Croma.

Google Pixel available on Flipkart, Reliance Digital and Tata Croma
Google Pixel available on Flipkart, Reliance Digital and Tata Croma

So this was a quick round-up about the all new Google Pixel. The first looks doesn’t appeal much to me. Average processor, camera and other features, the phone simply doesn’t interest me. Plus with a price tag of 50,000 and upward, this is surely a bad deal. With phones like One Plus 3, I expected the Google Pixel to be a monster, which it isn’t. However, it seems to be a decent – no-nonsense phone – that packs the power of Google in it. So, what are your views on the Google Pixel ? Why would you or Why Wouldn’t you buy the all new Google Pixel ? Leave your comments below.

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