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The mighty entrance of Sudha Cars Museum
The mighty entrance of Sudha Cars Museum

Cars meet Creativity at Sudha Cars Museum Hyderabad

For many art still relates to drawing and painting. But there’s much more to it, from still structures made from waste to shaping plants in a garden, everything is an art. Just like Deepika said in Happy New Year “Dance ek Art hai Art…” 😉 Most places India have a strong cultural past, be it dance, music or painting. Hyderabad too has its fair share. The Nizams were known for their lavish celebrations. There are many places in Hyderabad that are carrying on the legacy of great art and culture through food and music. However the place that I’m going to talk about today is a class apart. Sudha Cars Museum in Hyderabad a unique and creative museum surely deserves your time and money. So without wasting much time, let me take you to a virtual tour of Sudha Cars Museum Hyderabad.

The mighty entrance of Sudha Cars Museum
The mighty entrance of Sudha Cars Museum

Sudha Cars Museum is one of its kind museum. Here you’ll find a lot of unique and creative, ‘working’ cars of different shapes and sizes. The museum is located a little further from the Hyderabad Zoo, so yes its kind of out-of-the-way for many tourists. However, if you are visiting the zoo (this place is a must see too), the Sudha Cars Museum should be on your bucket list too. You can easily spot the museum thanks, to the World’s Tallest Tricycle and the huge car at the entrance. The museum isn’t spread over a large area like Salarjung and you’ll surely find something interesting ! The entry fee is Rs 50 and separate charges for a camera. Further, this place won’t take you more than 2 hrs to explore.

Cars meet Creativity at Sudha Cars Museum

You are welcomed by a huge car at first post which there are a couple of trucks and bikes. There are 3 halls that you’ll cover. The first hall has a collection of oddly shaped cars. So if you are the wonder woman, you should try the high-heeled car, or the lipstick car or maybe the compact car 😉 The car that grabbed my attention here was the Sofa car, yes a 3+2 sofa that’s a car. Just imagine driving on the road with your friends and a bucket of popcorn 😉

Wonder Woman cars !
Wonder Woman cars !
Heading out with friends ? Why not take the Sofa car !
Heading out with friends ? Why not take the Sofa car !

The next hall housed modified cars. Starting with India’s favorite car – the Maruti 800. This unique Maruti was given a sports car look and looked deadly in black. Then there was the Jeep, a Rolls Royce too. Apart from these there were many vintage cars too. But the highlight was the Guinness World Record Holder for the Smallest Double Decker Bus. The Red bus certainly stood out among the rest of the cars.

The Sporty Maruti 800
The Sporty Maruti 800

Home to Unique Cars

The last and final hall again had unique and odd cars. Starting with modified bikes using 100cc engines of famous scooters like Activa and Kinetic. Then there was a Cricket Bat car too. If there’s bat there has to balls too 😛 There were cars in the shape of Golf, Tennis, Cricket and Basketball. Then there was a snooker Table car, a dining table car, a computer like for geeks, a burger car for the foodies, the suitcase car for the globetrotter and much more. There was also a Shiv-Ling car and the Ladoo car that was a giant ladoo with lord Ganesh sitting on it. This was probably the best of the lot.

Cricket, Basket Ball and Tennis Ball cars.
Cricket, Basket Ball and Tennis Ball cars.

Day well spent at Sudha Cars Museum

So overall it was a great day spent at this unique and creative museum. This is a place not only for the tiny tots but the older one will like it too. Anyone who loves art and cars should surely check this place out. This museum has been covered on various TV shows aired on popular lifestyle channels. So the next time your are in Hyderabad, make a plan to check Sudha Cars Museum too. Already been there ? Share your experience !

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  1. I would love to go there. The entry fees is reasonable. The models are hard to resist. Some people are supremely talented and creative.

  2. awesome place to visit. We also have a vintage car museum in Gurgaon, will post the pic blog soon.

  3. Amazing. Great to read.

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