Cars that shaped the Indian market. Image courtesy: NDTV
Cars that shaped the Indian market. Image courtesy: NDTV

5 fantastico cars that shaped the Indian market

Cars, which were once a luxury are now becoming a necessity for many. Whenever I’m driving my bike and it starts raining, all I think is wish I had a car, I wouldn’t be getting drenched. Apart from helping you stay away from the pollution, a car gives you a comfort while you travel, something that you realize when you are on long trips. But then just like everything has pros and cons, cars too have their own share of problems. I still hear many people telling that having a car is like having an elephant – a lot of care goes in maintaining it. Also if you are stuck in a traffic jam, you would look at the biker zoom past your car and wonder “Wish I had a bike” However there were quite a few cars that shaped the Indian market and laid the foundation stone for cars we see today. So here are 5 fantastico cars that shaped in the Indian Market.

The fantastico Maruti 800. Cars that shaped Indian market. Image Courtesy: team-bhp
The fantastico Maruti 800. Image Courtesy: team-bhp

Maruti 800: This fantastico car was arguably the most sold car India and started the automobile revolution in India . First manufactured in 1983, this car became the most affordable car for the aam aadmi and went on to be the people’s car till 2014 – that’s almost 3 decades ! The car fulfilled the common man’s dream of owning a four-wheeler – and I was fortunate to have it as my first car. A white Maruti 800, 5 speed transmission (the latest at that time) that traveled with me from Ahmedabad to Rajasthan, M.P, and Goa. A fantastico companion indeed. After Maruti 800,Maruti Suzuki came in with Maruti Zen, Maruti Alto, Wagon R and the new Maruti Swift to name a few, which did quite good in the market.

The Sunshine car - Hyundai Santro. Image Courtesy: team-bhp
The Sunshine car – Hyundai Santro. Image Courtesy: team-bhp

Hyundai Santro: Dubbed as the ‘Sunshine‘ car, Hyundai Santro became the luxury car after Maruti 800. If anyone wanted an upgraded, stylish looking model but didn’t want to shell out much, Santro was the perfect choice. Marketed by Shah Rukh Khan, this fantastico car went on to be a great seller in the Indian market. The car which was in the market for 17 years, is now phased out but you still see many of them up and running. Hyundai later introduced the i10,i20 models of hatchback which went on to win several car of the year awards.

Tata Indica. Image Courtesy: CarAndBike
Tata Indica. Image Courtesy: CarAndBike

Tata Indica: How could the desi Tata miss out from this list. TATA Indica became a popular choice for people traveling long distances. With a tough body and a powerful engine under the hood, Indica was perfect to be driven everywhere. The company went on to produce modified version on Indica – TATA Indigo. The car is super amazing. I have my Indigo that has been driven over 2L kms and is still in great condition ! Helped me navigate the length and breadth of India !

Toyota Innova. Image Courtesy: RushLane
Toyota Innova. Image Courtesy: RushLane

Toyota Innova: Earlier people always preferred small cars – hatchbacks – but as families grew, there was a need for bigger cars. There were many cars available but the one that conquered the segment is undoubtedly the Toyota Innova. Innova is the first choice for people looking for a bigger car with a stylish look and powerful engine. Innova packs a punch and this fantastico car is all that you see on the roads today. It has also become one of the most loved choices of the Taxi folks.

Tata Magic. Image Courtesy: TheHindu
Tata Magic. Image Courtesy: TheHindu

The fifth and the last car in my 5 fantastico cars that shaped the Indian market is not actually a car that anyone own for personal use, but this car has shaped the way people travel in city. To put an end to shared-auto, came in the TATA Magic. This is undoubtedly the best car when it comes to ferrying people in the city. Be in the highways of Chandigarh or the lanes of Hyderabad, TATA Magic has conquered the public transport segment. This fantastico car is comfortable and powerful and can be driven anywhere.

So these were my pick for the 5 fantastico cars that have shaped the Indian market.Having owned two of the 5 cars, it feels great. These fantastico cars ensured that everyone was able to own a car that would go on to become a family member.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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