Logitech MX Anywhere 2
Logitech MX Anywhere 2

Are Unboxing, Review videos subduing the excitement ?

After a long time I’m using my Logitech K380 Wireless Keyboard on my iPad Mini. Have been using my desktop for drafting the posts, but for a change thought to use the keyboard and iPad. If you’ve been following my blog, then you would know that I have written a lot of experience and review videos especially for gadgets. The reason I write those is to help you understand the product in a much better manner. Another reason is that I find the blog a great way to document everything, so yes its a win-win situation.

OnePlus 3T - Bold and Beautiful.
OnePlus 3T – Bold and Beautiful.

I recently purchased the One Plus 3T – you already probably know it by now if you are following me on twitter or elsewhere. A lot of research and analysis went in zeroing on the OP3T. If you remember, I even came up with a post as to Whether you should upgrade to One Plus 3T or not. So this (like every other gadget) was a well thought one. And like always, there was a lot of excitement around the whole purchase decision. Watching Video review, reading user reviews and what not. One fine day, folks from Amazon deliver the product to me. And guess what ? The whole excitement had gone off. Why ?

Unboxing Videos subduing the excitement

Well, if you see now a days there are a lot of review and unboxing videos on the internet. You search for one and you are provided with a gazillion videos on it. It sometimes feels like ever other person on Earth is making a video ! What happens is that you have seen so many videos by the time you actually purchase the product, that you already know what’s inside. In short you already know what to expect. So once you know what’s going to pop out of that box, the whole excitement is subdued.

Intel DN2820FYKH Box. Courtesy: Atulmaharaj
Intel DN2820FYKH Unboxing

This was exactly how things turn out for most of the products I’ve purchased in the recent times. At least the unboxing bit is known, so I won’t deny but there still is that little excitement somewhere. I still remember when we got our first mobile (first mobile in the house – Nokia 3310) we had no idea what to expect. Just read an advert in the newspaper, went to the shop. Got a demo of the product and bought it. There was a lot of excitement before and after unboxing the product. What features are there, what games are there and much more.

Today, we all know what’s inside the box and what’s inside the phone. Thanks to the mammoth number of videos we see today. I’m not saying that it’s bad, but just that whole element of excitement is gone. I do agree that the unboxing and review videos have helped us in making our decisions as we can see exactly what to expect. Have you also felt this anytime ? Or is it just me who thinks that review and unboxing videos have subdued the excitement ? Let me know in the comments section below !

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