Should you upgrade to OnePlus 3T ?

Should you upgrade to OnePlus 3T ?

OnePlus 3 has taken the entire mobile industry by storm. It has managed to provide flagship devices at affordable prices (read nearly half the prices of other flagship phones of different vendors) From the time they started selling the OnePlus One, the audience and the analysts knew, things were going to get even better in the days to come. OnePlus proved everyone right with the introduction of OnePlus 2 and the more recent OnePlus 3. One Plus 3 got an outstanding reception by consumers and analysts alike. It has certainly made a mark in the sub 30,000Rs category. Every site, portal, review you visit/read recommend the One Plus 3 if your budget is above 25,000. However, you’ve been caught off-guard, if you aren’t aware of the latest update – OnePlus 3T. Yes ! It’s barely few months since the OnePlus 3 launched, and the company has decided to come up with OnePlus 3T. So should you upgrade to the OnePlus 3T today? Read to find out.

Should you upgrade to OnePlus 3T ?

Things that have changed on OnePlus 3T

Faster Processor

The OnePlus 3T comes with the latest Snapdragon SoC 821 chipset that boasts of 35% better speed than its older counterpart 820 (found on OnePlus 3) along side providing cooler operation as the new chipset doesn’t heat up like its former brother. So power wise, OnePlus 3T is clocked at 2.35GHz while the OnePlus 3 is running at 2.15 GHz. So technically it is faster, however this surely isn’t a major upgrade over the OnePlus 3.

Same Primary Camera. Image Courtesy: GSMArena
Same Primary Camera. Image Courtesy: GSMArena

Better Selfie Camera

One Plus 3T also comes with an upgraded camera for the Selfie lovers. Yes, OnePlus has upgraded the front camera to a 16MP along with auto-focusing capabilities. The back primary camera however is the same carried from the OnePlus 3. So if you are a Selfie King/Queen, then upgrade to OnePlus 3T. But if you already own a OnePlus 3, then this might be a bad idea considering the primary camera is the same.

3400 mAH batter with Dash Charge. Image Courtesy: PhoneArena
3400 mAH batter with Dash Charge. Image Courtesy: PhoneArena

Improved Battery

Battery has been improved marginally on the OnePlus 3T. While the former version came with a 3000 mAh battery, OnePlus 3T boasts of a 3400 mAh battery. The company has still decided to continue with its proprietary Dash Charge to provide faster charging. There are many other smart phones in the market, that are providing better battery backup that this one.

Comes in 64GB and 128GB variants. Image Courtesy: GSMArena.
Comes in 64GB and 128GB variants. Image Courtesy: GSMArena.

More Storage option

One Plus 3 came with just a one variant in terms of storage. Providing a storing capacity of 64GB without any possibility of expansion. This might have been enough for most of the users. But considering others who love to carry their games and movies with them, OnePlus 3T comes in two storage variants 64GB and 128GB. So if you are one of those that need more storage, then this should be a device worthy of your time. (and money)

Things that have NOT changed

So after talking you through all the upgrades on the OnePlus 3T, there are a whole bunch of features that are still the same. One Plus decided not to touch the design till the millimeter and hence the OnePlus 3T is the exact replica of OnePlus 3 in terms of design. Also there were rumors that OnePlus 3T would come with QHD display. But that has been put to rest, as OnePlus 3T makes use of the same AMOLED screen of the OnePlus 3. Even the RAM found on the OnePlus 3T is the same 6GB, so no upgrades on that front. Other all the connectivity features have been borrowed from the OnePlus 3 making the OnePlus 3T not a huge update.

So, should you upgrade to One Plus 3T ?

OnePlus 3 is a marvelous smart phone. In fact I’m planning to ditch my 4-year-old Nexus 5 for it. Considering the changes made on the OnePlus 3T, here’s what I feel. If you already own a OnePlus 3, then upgrading to the latest version doesn’t make sense. With minimal upgrades and not much to offer, this isn’t worthy of an upgrade from the OnePlus 3. However, if you are planning to purchase a new smart phone, then OnePlus 3T is surely worth every penny. Even with a slightly bigger price tag (~34,000Rs) it’s a smart phone to have.

I hope I’ve answered your query: Should you upgrade to OnePlus 3T ? If you have any queries, suggestions do mention in the comments.

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  1. Yes, I too got rare reviews on One plus as such from my students and this seems to be good model worth the price. A bi plus to your review!

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