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5 Ways to Make your Home Summer Ready with UrbanClap

The hottest months of the year are around the corner and just the way you winterise your home, making it ready for the summer season is as important. Those hazy, lazy days of the season can take a toll on any home. If you live in Hyderabad like me, you should be totally prepared for the season. Summers get really annoying if you aren’t prepared well. Here are five ways in which UrbanClap can help you make your home summer-ready.

Make your home summer ready with UrbanClap
Make your home summer ready with UrbanClap


Hire an Interior Designer

Hire an Interior Designer. Image Courtesy: kristinawolfdesign
Hire an Interior Designer. Image Courtesy: kristinawolfdesign

As summers arrive, you make a big switch in your eating habits and your wardrobe as well. So, why not the interior of your house? From choosing the right summery paint color for your walls, giving the window glass a stained look to keeping the furniture arranged in easy breezy ways. You can get it all done by hiring an interior designer from UrbanClap. The designer you hire, would not only make your home summer-ready but also turn it into a walk-in paradise. Just be specific with your requirements, and you’ll be instantly contacted by the best interior designers in Hyderabad. So give your space a much-needed break from monotony.

You can also avail other interior designing solutions including color consultation, lighting selection, space planning, wall treatment and more. So, this summer, give your creative mind a break and hire an interior designer to make your house all set for the season.

Opt for Pest Control

Opt for Pest Control. Image Courtesy: corkd.com
Opt for Pest Control. Image Courtesy: corkd.com

The most annoying part about Indian summers is the homecoming of pests of all kinds. From ants bombarding all the sweet stuff, bed bugs affecting your sleep to cockroaches targeting all possible corners of the house, the tragedies that come with the season are endless. While you can find many companies that offer pest control in Hyderabad at a nominal cost. The government-approved agencies available at UrbanClap provide unmatched services. They use high-quality chemicals that are hard on pests but not to your family. Thus making sure your house is debris free. Whoa! Now that’s some amazing service. Submit your request to get quotes and hire the best.

AC Service and Repair

Get your AC Repaired. Image Courtesy: tweedysheatingandair.com
Get your AC Repaired. Image Courtesy: tweedysheatingandair.com

The air conditioner going dead in the mid of the summers is a nightmare for all. Moreover, before this nightmare becomes a reality, give your AC the much-needed repair by hiring an expert from UrbanClap. They ensure you get your summer buddy all set to rock again. You don’t have to waste time on calling different service providers to get quotes and schedule a visit. Once you enter your requirement, you will be instantly contacted by verified service providers in your area.

Repair that blocked Chimney

Clean that blocked chimney
Clean that blocked chimney

Summers can be hard to survive with blocked chimneys. A blocked chimney may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning in your home. This may result in unexpected health problems like skin irritation, abdominal issues, respiratory problems and more. If the members of your family are frequently falling ill, it’s time that you get the chimney cleaned. The trained technicians can help you stay away from potential disasters and make your chimneys all set to function efficiently. With UrbanClap, you can be sure of getting the best possible service at rates falling in your budget.

Fix your inverter

Get your inverter fixed. Image Courtesy: mpdeal.com
Get your inverter fixed. Image Courtesy: mpdeal.com

Power cut is a major issue in India during summers. Moreover, surviving the sticky and miserable summer months without electricity (even for a few minutes) can be quite challenging. So, it’s better to get your inverter repaired by hiring a professional from UrbanClap before it’s too late. Hiring a professional from a trusted name not just assures you top class service, but also saves you from making costly mistakes.

Online market places help you finding small everyday services within your budget is relaxed and hassle-free. So, strike the best deals on local services by switching to this incredible mobile marketplace that assures affordable and high-quality service at your doorstep.

With these tips, I’m sure you’ll make your home summer-ready. Have I missed anything ? If yes, do let me know in the comments below. I’m sure you have wonderful tips too !

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