Ameerpet IT Training Institutes.
Ameerpet IT Training Institutes.

Why upgrading your skills is important

Things around us are changing rapidly. From new technologies to services everything has a fresh look. Few years ago none of us would have thought that we would be able to book a cab by mobile. Paying for goods using a smart phone was a dream. However, with changing times, we too have ‘upgraded’ ourselves to cope up with the change. We’ve learnt the way to work with things that we see around us. Thus you see, how important it is to keep updating yourself. Especially if you are a working professional, you know what I mean to say. You simply cannot continue a job without upgrading your skills or getting certified. In today’s post I’ll be talking about why upgrading your skills time to time is important.

Ameerpet IT Training Institutes.
Ameerpet IT Training Institutes.

Better Opportunity at Workplace

One of the most common reasons for upgrading your skills is to get better opportunity at workplace. If you are unhappy with your current work or looking for a change of job / domain then getting certified is a great option. Not only it will help you get a better pay, it will help you climb the hierarchical ladder at work. What more, even employers today are looking for people who are certified in a particular skill. When employees are certified, the organisation doesn’t have to spend much on getting them skilled. So if you are looking for a hike or a better designation, get certified.

Better Opportunity at work place. Image Courtesy: CoreHR
Better Opportunity at work place. Image Courtesy: CoreHR

Expertise in your domain

I categorise professionals into two main categories. First one includes those professionals who are master of one skill. Second category includes those people who are ‘good’ at multiple things and are able to take up multiple roles in the organisation. Upgrading your skill-set by getting certified will help you gain expertise in the domain your work in. So let’s say you are an Android App developer, getting certified in Android will do a world of good to you. Similarly if you are a networking geek, getting a CCNA certification will do a world of good.

Gain Expertise in your domain. Image Courtesy: CloudNet India
Gain Expertise in your domain. Image Courtesy: CloudNet India

Improved Employability

So you are looking for a change in job ? But unable to find many that are relevant to your skills ? Well one of the reason might be that your skills are outdated and isn’t in demand. In such cases learning something new and getting certified is a wonderful option. Not only it will help you learn and master the subject. But it will also improve your chances of being hired as now you have expertise in multiple skills ! Organisations now a day are on the lookout for people who have multiple skills and can handle multiple tasks. So improve your employability by upgrading your skills.

Improved Employability. Image Courtesy: Employability Forum
Improved Employability. Image Courtesy: Employability Forum

Discover new Passion

Feeling of being stagnant in your career is frustrating and often makes your life stressful. This is the time when you should look for something different from your current domain. Because you don’t realise what you really like until you give it a shot ! Learning a new skill and getting certified will help you discover new passion. You may be working as a hardcore software developer, but after learning and getting certified in a management skill, you realised that management is what you are made for. So go ahead, learn a new skill and get certified to discover your new passion.

Find your passion. Image Courtesy: LinkedIn

Upgrade your skills and Get Certified

You see how important it is upgrade your skills time and again ? No matter what work you do, it is high important to keep up with the changing environment. Being in software industry myself, we know how rapidly things are changing and how tough it is to keep up with the new trends. What are your views after reading this ? Do you think certifications are a must in the current scenario ? How important it is for the person to upgrade their skills frequently ? Let us know your views / suggestions by leaving your comments below or tweet to me at @atulmaharaj Keep learning and progressing till then !

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