Google Webmaster Conference Hyderabad
Google Webmaster Conference Hyderabad

Google Webmaster Conference Hyderabad 2019 – Event Summary

Monday Blues. Something that most of us go through each Monday dragging ourselves to work. Blessed are those who don’t fall into this category. However, last Monday was quite different. Few weeks back I came across the Google Webmaster Conference event happening across India. I checked whether it was happening in Hyderabad and to my surprise it was. I applied for it hoping to be shortlisted. Last week I got the confirmation email and off I was ecstatic. Monday Blues ? Not at all, I was all excited to meet and greet the experts at Google Webmaster Conference Hyderabad. So here’s a quick post event summary.

Google Webmaster Conference Hyderabad – August 2019

Swift Registration

Monday August 5, 2019 is when the conference was scheduled to happen. I was struggling to beat the traffic and reach the venue in time. Luckily that was the case with most of them, and the event started a little late. Blame the weather and traffic. I mean at 9am, Hyderabad traffic is pretty bad. Quickly got the registrations one, the notepads, agenda and obviously the tag. Met my fellow blogger at WittySparks. We took the first seats – best in the house – after a strong coffee shot to kick off the event.

Google Webmaster Conference Hyderabad
Google Webmaster Conference Hyderabad

Google Search, Search Console & SEO Best practices

The event started with a key note from Mr. Saikat Mitra talking about the search demographics in India. As per him, the search traffic is going to increase with Indic Languages gaining momentum. Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and Bengali are the fast growing languages in which people are looking for things on Google.

Next in line was Martin – the amazing guy from Google Switzerland – who spoke about the way Google Search works. Evergreen Bot was discussed closely and how that was going to help us. Post this, we had a session on Google Webmaster ToolsSearch Console – by Prathyusha. I already have a blog post about Google Webmaster Tools for bloggers which might interest you. I was amazed to see all it could do. Though the session was in Telugu, I was able to comprehend what was being said. (Naake Telugu koncham telusu ;))

The next session was about SEO Best practices by Aaseesh, something that I was looking forward to. Socialmaharaj has been on the internet for quite some time. SEO is something I do work on actively and hence wanted to learn from the best whether I was doing it right or not. We learnt about Content Quality, how to make it relevant and search friendly with structured data. (This is something I really need to work on)

That was the first half. I was expecting a lunch at their famed cafeteria but that didn’t happen. Nonetheless, loved the lunch, especially the ice creams (which I’m going to find and try soon). Also, Google’s Learning in the loo blew me away. Bite sized learning materials placed in the toilets so that so learn something while you do your job in there 😉

Bing Webmaster, Progressive Web Apps & Case Studies

The post lunch session surprised all of us as we had senior folks from Bing Webmaster. They spoke about how Bing Webmaster tools could be used in conjunction with Google Webmaster Tools to get better results. Though she was bombarded with a lot of questions post the session (expected) but I’m surely going to have a look at it. I don’t use Bing Webmaster tools as of now.

It was time for case studies to follow. We had Mrudula and Dhairya from Times Internet sharing their experiences. They showcased how they leveraged Google Search Console only to improve their website and increase the visitors, CTR and eventually the revenues. Similarly, we had Ravi from IncNut showcasing how he used Google Search Console & structured data to increase the CTRs. Quite interesting to see how much Google Webmaster Tools helps.

We had Martin again who spoke about Single Page Applications and Progressive Web Apps. Was glad to see some code on the screen in the entire day. He spoke about the best practices to implement SEO for PWA and SPA. We also had Himani pitching in via Hangouts to talk about how we could leverage Google Search widgets to improve branding.

Adsense, Website Security & SEO Mythbusting

Manish was the important guy in the hall, after all most of publishers wanted to know about the Adsense policies. He spoke about Adsense, the program and participants. Adsense Policies and how they are enforced and what you should do when you have a violation. I liked his deck which spoke more about Trust and how it is important for the advertising platform to sustain.

Next was an insightful session on website security by Aaseesh. He spoke about the basic things we as webmasters should take care of to protect not only our websites but also our personal accounts. Why moving to HTTPS is important for all of us and how it’s going to change the future. In case you are planning to move to HTTPS, here are a few problems and solution you might come across.

Lastly, we had Syedfamiliar face on for all Google Webmaster Conference – busting SEO myths. Frankly, most of the things I believed turned out to be a myth after the session. What I thought actually helped my blog do good on Google Search was nothing but a myth. The was an interactive session where most of the people had a good discussion on everything that Syed told. Since it was getting late already (8 PM) I decided to take a leave.

Insightful Google Webmaster Conference Hyderabad 2019

I had a ball of a time at the Google Webmaster Conference in Hyderabad. This is my first time but I’m going to be a regular here in future. The sessions were pretty insightful for someone like me who takes care of everything for this blog – content, security, SEO, marketing and what not. Loved the session. I wish, they were more active on Twitter. It was only me ant Martin who were constantly tweeting about the event. I’m sure if they are looking to grow their community on Twitter, this is something they should look at. Anyways that was the post event report of Google Webmaster Conference Hyderabad. Did you attend any of their previous conferences ? Would you like to attend one? Mention your comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj

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