Google Webmasters For Bloggers - Part 1 - Introduction
Google Webmasters For Bloggers - Part 1 - Introduction

Tutorial – Google Webmaster for Bloggers – Part 1 Introduction

Internet = Google. Such is the power of Google. From finding answers to helping you reach a destination, Google has been evolving continuously. It has been offering tools and services not only for regular customers but also to businesses. I’ve decided to help budding bloggers with tutorial on Google webmaster for bloggers. A series of posts that will help bloggers understand the value of Google Webmaster for bloggers for technical SEO.

Products like Google Ads and Google Adsense help marketers advertise their products/services on the internet and sell advertising space on their internet assets respectively. Apart from that, their GMail for Work is a another great offering that allows you to host your custom email id on Google. I’ve been using that for quite some time now and totally satisfied with it. Being a blogger, I guess it’s important to keep your website and email service hosted on different servers. After all you don’t want email service to be affected if something goes wrong. Anyways, this post is about Google Webmaster for Bloggers – Part 1.

In this post, I’ll touch base the basic things that you need to configure and do in order to use the Google Webmaster tool effectively for your blog.

Google Webmasters For Bloggers - Part 1 - Introduction
Google Webmaster For Bloggers – Part 1 – Introduction

Google Webmaster for Bloggers

You want to be found and we want to help” is what the description reads on Google Webmaster’s website. Google Webmaster helps webmasters to track performance of their websites on Google Search pages. No you cannot position your website on the top with this tool ! But it has a whole lot of features that will assist you to improve your website’s visibility on Google Search and track the same. This service was previously known as Google Search Console. The search console exists even today, however you will not be able to do much with it. It will redirect you to Google Webmaster Portal.

Why Google Webmaster is important for Bloggers ?

As webmasters, one of the key aspects that we look at is the organic traffic. The traffic that reaches your website from search engines Most of the webmasters would love to see the organic traffic to be a higher percentage of their overall traffic. Higher number of organic traffic suggests that you are being found on the internet. They always works towards increasing the readership of their websites. Below are the list of features that I believe make Google Webmaster important for Bloggers:

  • Submitting Sitemap to Google Search: Helps you to tell Google the details of your blog – number of pages, posts etc. so that their crawler doesn’t miss out on anything.
  • Track performance: It allows you to view and track performance of your blog on the Google Search. Things like for what keywords it was shown, how many people clicked your blog on the SERP.
  • Mobile Usability: One good thing that Google Webmaster does for Bloggers is that it tells whether your blog is usable for various devices. For instance if there is some issue with your blog on mobile devices, it will suggest improvements to ensure your blog displays fine on mobile devices.

Google Webmaster for Bloggers

Now that you know the importance of Google Webmaster for Bloggers, below are the things that I’ll cover in the upcoming posts:

  1. Introduction to Google Webmaster – this post
  2. Adding your blog to Google Webmaster
  3. Generating and Submitting the Sitemap
  4. Track Performance of your blog

If you have already setup your Google Webmaster account, you can skip this section and proceed to the next post.

Now that you know what Google Webmaster is, you need to register to use the service. It is available for individual as well as business. You only need to have a blog/website and a gmail id. The process of creating a Google Webmaster account is pretty easy and quick. In case of have any issues till this point, do mention in the comments below.

Signup to Google Webmasters Tool.
Signup to Google Webmaster Tool.

That’s about it, this brings us to the end of this tutorial on Google Webmaster for Bloggers – Part 1 Introduction. In the upcoming posts I’ll talk about the various things listed above to help you improve your visibility on Google Search. Read the next post about Adding your blog to Google Webmaster. If there’s anything that you’d want to see here or any query related to the basics of Google Webmaster, do drop in your comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj

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  2. Hey thanks for the article good read. I have wrote something similar to make the integration simple for WordPress do check it out.

    • Thanks, I tried SiteKit, but ditched it since it was an extra plugin just to view what I can already see in GA or GSC. For newbies it’s good, easy to use.

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