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36 DownTown Review - Teetotaler's Perspective

36 DownTown Brew Pub Review – A Teetotaler’s Perspective

The right man, in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world” read one of the frames on the wall. The only person in the brew pub who could relate to this was me – A teetotaler ! And why not, teetotalers can be the guiding force after you are a few bottles down 😉 The Right Man indeed 😉 This is the 36 DownTown Brew Pub Review – A Teetotaler’s Perspective. Unlike my usual dinner plans, this one happened on a weekday rather than a weekend. One of my friends called up and asked to join the tasting session. And the Maharaj landed.

Jubilee Hills = Cafes + Pubs + Lounges

If you are looking for a happening place in Hyderabad, it has to be Jubilee Hills. The density of cafes, pubs and lounges in this area is way too high. I’ve told earlier also that every alley in Jubilee Hills has one amazing food joint. Jubilee Hills is the place with traffic snarls. Even with all those, it’s rather easy to spot 36 DownTown Brew Pub. Located behind Brand Factory, right beneath the Madhapur Metro Station.

36 DownTown Brew Pub Review


Talk about bungalows turned cafes and restaurants, your fingers would be less if you start counting them in Hyderabad. Farzi Cafe is one of the recent ones I’ve visited. 36 DownTown Brew Pub is no different. The multi-story pub is just the place you want to be. Each floor has a bar while the first floor has a podium for live performances.

36 DownTown Ambiance
Lively ambiance at 36 DownTown

For a pub, I feel the place is well lit. Unlike few places I’ve been to earlier where even what I’m eating wasn’t visible. The photo frames on the walls add to the overall ambiance. The live band blends perfectly with the groove of the place. On the day I visited, it was Akshar Band who was playing and they are quite good. Overall, loved the vibes of the place, perfect to resign from work and usher in the weekend. An important aspect of me in the 36 DownTown Brew Pub Review.

Food Review – Teetotaler’s Perspective

Enticing Starters and Drinks

As soon as we hit the table, the first thing we saw was ‘chakhna‘ kept in tiny little barrels. These were one of the yummiest I’ve had in recent times. Perfectly compliment to the drinks. On the mock tail front we had three drinks Green Apple Infusion, Long Drive and Setting Sun. For cocktails there was 36 Express, Stay Right, Blue Frog and Rock & Roll. Apart from these there were a variety of beers on offer. Of all the mock tails I tried, the Setting Sun was the best one. Refreshing Orange drink with strong soda and crushed ice. Long Drive had strawberry and red Bull and was good too.

Starters & Drinks at 36 DownTown
Starters & Drinks at 36 DownTown

How can my 36 DownTown Brew Pub Review be without starters ? Coming to the starters, we had Corn Cheese Bite, Down Town Fries, Paneer Satay & Palak Patta Chat. I’ve had corn cheese bite ‘type’ preparations earlier but this one was best of the lot. It was cheesy and tasted yumm. Down Town fries were a mixed fries basket coupled with multiple dips. Paneer Satay was great. The marinate was full of flavors and tingled the taste-buds. Loved this preparation too. Recommended. Palak Patta Chat was a different take on the regular palak. It was delicious too, even our non vegetarian friends enjoyed it. Overall, the starters were good and full marks for presentation.

Usual Main Course, different presentation

We spent a lot of time in clicking pictures and tasting the starters and drinks and didn’t realize that main course were already coming in. We had Palak Paneer and Dal Makni combo with tandoori roti along with Chaufa Fried Rice, Thai Green Curry and a simple Oriental Pizza. Palak Paneer was slightly on the spicier side and I’ve had much better one. Also the Dal Makhni was too sweet. On the contrary the Thai Green Curry was decent. It was flavorful and presented well. The Oriental Pizza was a thin crust pizza with bell peppers and onions. So the main course was average, but I don’t know how many people actually go there for main course.

Main Course at 36 DownTown
Main Course at 36 DownTown

Sugared Desserts

I had so many round of drinks that desserts was totally out of scope for me. Nonetheless, did have a few spoons of it. There were three desserts that were served to us. Coquette Pannacotta, Mud Cake with Ice Cream and White Chocolate Brownie. The Pannacotta was made from rum and glad the manager called it out early. However that looked amazing. I love white chocolate, and the white chocolate brownie was good but way too sweet. Had it been toned down a little, it would have been good. Overall, the desserts were good enough.

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Final Verdict: Unwind at 36 DownTown Brew Pub

From a teetotaler’s perspective too, 36 DownTown Brew Pub is a happening place to be. You’ll love the ambiance. The live music is soothing and will make you forget everything. The starters are delicious. Drinks options for teetotalers isn’t much, but they are good. The main course could be better. The service is quite prompt and warm. A big shout out to Mr Rajnikant, Dev, Debabrata, Jama and Gopal. Gopal did mix up some great drinks. That’s about my 36 DownTown Brew Pub Review . Hope you enjoyed it. What do you think about a teetotaler’s perspective ? Mention in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj

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