Budget Bluetooth earphones - QCY QS2 Bluetooth Earphones
Best Budget earphones ? QCY QS2 Bluetooth Earphones

Budget Bluetooth Earphones – QCY QS2 Bluetooth Earphones Review

My relationship with my earphones is always complicated. For some or the other reason we have to part our ways. Something they stop responding to my needs and sometime I simply get bored of them. If you have been following my blog, you would know that I have changed quite a few earphones over the years either broke or I didn’t like them. Most of the earphones that I had used till date were wired. Though my current Boat Bass Heads are working fine, I was looking for something new. And instead of getting a wired one, decided to check out Bluetooth earphones.

After spending quite some time on Amazon and Flipkart, I turned my attention towards sites like Ali Express and Banggood. My past experiences with Ali Express has been good. I had got my Xiaomi Bluetooth Selfie Stick and my Tenda WiFi Router from Ali Express. After researching quite a bit, decided to purchase the rather inexpensive ones. QCY QS2 Bluetooth Earphones is what I bought eventually. Have been using it for quite some time so here’s the review of QCY QS2 Bluetooth Earphones, Best Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones under  ₹1500 ?

Budget Bluetooth earphones - QCY QS2 Bluetooth Earphones
Best Budget earphones ? QCY QS2 Bluetooth Earphones

Truly Wireless – QCY QS2 Bluetooth Earphones

Quality Creative and Young is how QCY calls itself. A Chinese brand launched in 2009 has made its presence felt in India for sure. The company has a range of audio products especially earphones. The previous edition of QCY QS1 were quite popular. They then decided to release the newer yet similar version in QCY QS2 Bluetooth Earphones. They also have a higher/better ones in TW series Bluetooth earphones.

Packaging & Build Quality of QCY QS2

The package took about 12 days to reach Hyderabad from China, which I would say is quite good. These Bluetooth earphones came in a neat small box. The box itself didn’t have much on it. The contents of the box included QCY QS2 Bluetooth earphones inside the carrying case. Along with that there were few extra ear tips and a micro-USB charging cable.

Packaging QCY QS2 Bluetooth Earphone
Packaging of QCY QS2 Bluetooth Earphone

The build quality of the charging case is good enough. However at times I did feel that the lid might break if we open/close it many times. The earbuds themselves have a decent build. They aren’t that flimsy but while controlling the tracks, attending calls you might feel that these aren’t that great. The buttons on the earbuds require force. You cannot simply tap on the button when earbuds are in your ear. It hurts. Overall, I was content with the packaging and the build quality. The fit in the ears is also quite good. Read on to know more about the performance of QCY QS2 Bluetooth earphones review.

QCY QS2 Technical Specifications

QC QS2 Bluetooth earphones are a pair of truly wireless earphones. These are earbud type earphones. From the technical specifications, QCY QS2 are based on Bluetooth 5.0 and hence support hot pairing. These earphones remember the device they last connected to and hence auto connect. The playback time claimed by the company is around 4 hours. These Bluetooth earphones come in a trendy charging case with metallic pins. The case itself has a decent battery pack using which the earphones charge. There are a pair of LEDs on the case to indicate charging time. The QCY QS2 have LEDs on them that convey the connection status.

How to use QCY QS2 Bluetooth earphones ?

Using QCY QS2 earbuds is quite easy. The earbuds are charged out of the box and give a decent playback time. Simply turn on the Bluetooth on your device and you would find the device as “QCY_qs2-R“. The right earbud is what you pair your device with and the left one gets paired automatically.

The pairing process of these truly wireless earphones is hassle free. I’m using QCY QS2 Bluetooth earphones with my OnePlus 3T and my Dell Inspiron 5370 laptop and have no issues.


QCY QS2 Bluetooth Earphones audio quality

One of the best part of QCY QS2 Bluetooth earphones is that since these are earbuds, these cancel out a good amount of external noise. These earphones don’t have active noise cancellation, but do a good job otherwise. The audio output is quite good. The earphones produce crisp output and the audio is quite clear. However at times I did feel that the volume was slightly on the lower side. The bass is decent and the QCY QS2 differentiates between the highs and lows nicely.

Coming to the audio for calls QCY QS2 do a good job. Though the microphone is placed in the earbud, they are able to pick your voice even in a crowded environment. The range is decent and so you can easily walk around in your house and still stay connected with the device.

QCY QS2 Bluetooth Earphones Review – Best Budget earphones under Rs 1500

If you look for QCY QS2 on Amazon or Flipkart, it would probably show you a price of around Rs 2000. However you can get these for around ₹1500 from Ali Express. And at that price, QCY QS2 Bluetooth Earphones are a great deal. I did want to use them while driving inside my full-sized helmet, however these were too tight. Further attending calls and changing music tracks couldn’t be done. Nonetheless, the earphones are quite good for anyone looking to purchase Bluetooth earphones. At the price, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. What are your thoughts ? Do you use wired or wireless earphones ? Mention your views in the comment below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj

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  1. I was always skeptical of ordering from ali express, after reading your review I feel more confident. I got a jbl one this year and the bluetooth lags so much. Will check this one

    • I’ve ordered a lot of items in the past and have had a good experience. Just that currently, they aren’t operating due to obvious, known reasons.

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