Paneer Pizza and Chunmum Pudding
Paneer Pizza and Chunmum Pudding

Honest Pizza Den Sindhi Colony Review

Whenever anyone asks me about Street Food in Hyderabad, I promptly respond Sindhi Colony. About 2 km stretch at PG Road with street food delicacies. Open all days of the week from 7 till midnight, Sindhi Colony is where you should be if you want to try street food in Hyderabad. I have been there few times and every time it has been a wonderful experience. There’s the best Vada Pav in Hyderabad at Chachaji’s Vada Pav also in Sindhi Colony. This time around, I decided to try out pizza at Pizza Den in Sindhi Colony. Hence this post is about Pizza at Pizza Den Sindhi Colony Review.

Pizza Den Sindhi Colony
Pizza Den Sindhi Colony

Pure Vegetarian Pizza Den at Sindhi Colony

Locating Pizza Den in Sindhi Colony isn’t tough. It’s right next to the Sunshine Hospital. A small shop run by a few employees is flocked by many during weekends. Pizza Den doesn’t offer any dine in option and it’s just a kitchen. You have options to either stand and eat outside on the stairs or in the comfort of your car. You can simply give your car number and the folks will bring it to your car. However, even with that many orders, Pizza Den is able to dish out pizzas quite quickly. One best thing about Pizza Den Sindhi Colony is that it is pure vegetarian.

Pizza at Pizza Den Sindhi Colony Review

The Pizza menu at Pizza Den isn’t quite expansive. There are about 10-12 variety of pizzas on offer. From the simple Cheese Pizza to Veggie Delight to Mushrooms and serves even Jain Pizza in Hyderabad. All the pizzas are priced at Rs 160 flat incl. all taxes. Further, Pizza Den also serves some juices, ice creams, softies and puddings apart from pizzas. Also Pizza Den accepts payments in card and cash. I have tried quite a few pizzas here the Veg Masala Pizza, Veggie Delight and Paneer Pizza.

Paneer Pizza and Chunmum Pudding
Paneer Pizza and Chunmum Pudding

The Pizzas are quite basic on taste and that’s a different league all together. The Pizzas cannot be compared to Dominos or any other chain. These pizzas resemble with the pizzas they serve in Gujarat. There’s lot of cheese with a tinge of pizza sauce and fresh toppings. That’s it. They do give you a sachet of pizza sauce in case you want it. Overall, the pizza at Pizza Den is good enough as it is served hot and fresh.

Coming to desserts, the juices aren’t great. I’d suggest to give them a miss. The exotic ice creams can also be given a miss since most of it (I feel) is canned fruits. However, the one thing that you must try at Pizza Den is the Chunmun Pudding. This is one of the best dishes apart from Pizza at Pizza Den. Priced at Rs 40, the pudding is amazing. The biscuit layer at the bottom and the jelly on top with the pudding sandwiched in between. It’s heavenly. Thank me later.

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Final Verdict: Different Pizzas at Pizza Den worth a try

The best part about Sindhi Colony Hyderabad is the various dishes it has to offer. Pizza Den offers something hatke from the regular street food. The Pizzas at Pizza Den are different yet taste good. If you love cheese and wouldn’t mind trying something different, do try it. Having spent a lot of time in Ahmedabad, I felt these pizzas were quite close to the Gujarati Pizzas I had there. If you are from Gujarat, you might get what I’m trying to say. Overall, Pizzas at Pizza Den is decent and with that pudding, it’s delicious. Do check it out and give me your views in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj

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  1. We should go here next time I am in Hyderabad. We have Khau Galli’s here and they have so much food engineering to offer if you observe them closely. I am sure if I have an extra day in Hyderabad next time, I will want to taste these.

    Utpal Khot

    • Khau Galli is next level, though I haven’t been there. This one is scaled down version of it, but it’s good for some change of taste.

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