The Socialmaharaj Podcast
The Socialmaharaj Podcast

The Socialmaharaj Podcast Reveal – Yes ! I finally started Podcasting

I’ve been blogging close to 8 years now and things have changed quite a bit since then. We have had new platforms come up. Instagram just started a few years before I started blogging. YouTube as already established and TikTok just came in a few years ago (and we already want it go now) These were more about visual appeal – photos and videos. However, there was one thing that was there much prior to many of these and it is Podcast. Though it was prevalent in the 1980s, the term podcasting was coined only in the year 2004, check out this for history of Podcasting.

As a blogger and content creator, these platforms are an extension to our main platform. For a blogger, these platforms are a great way to reach more people. However, it isn’t an easy job since the form on content and the strategy varies from platform to platform. What you post on a blog isn’t suitable for Instagram or Twitter. Though I started out with Instagram a few years ago, I’ve been told many a times to start a YouTube channel. (Though I have one with few videos, it’s almost dormant)

For the past 8 years seldom I’ve not posted at least 2 posts a week. So handling a full time job with blogging and YouTube isn’t possible for me. Hence, I decided no to venture into YouTube. However, off late I’ve been thinking about Podcasting. But the push was to take the dive was missing.

Launching The Socialmaharaj Podcast

By now you already know, I’ve finally started my podcasting journey – The Socialmaharaj Podcast. And what better day to announce it – on the World Social Media Day 2020. It’s a small step in the right direction that will compliment my blog and hopefully I’ll be regular at podcasting like I have been with Blogging. (fingers crossed)

The Socialmaharaj Podcast
The Socialmaharaj Podcast

Why I started The Socialmaharaj Podcast ?

Most of my blogging friends are already podcasting. However, it wasn’t until I hear Eklavya who is a 6 year old with a podcasting. I was glued to his podcasts so much that I regularly checked for new episodes. Few days later, his father and also my communication skills professor from my engineering days, Parveen Sharma called me.

8 years ago, he was the one who pushed me into the sea of blogging. I could have drowned, but I manged to learn to swim and stay afloat. 8 years later, he pushed me into the sea of podcasting and I’m hoping to stay afloat here too.

Another reason is that it will help become a better speaker. (I hope so) Just like blogging taught me how to write better. I’m not bad as a speaker, however there’s a lot of room for improvement. After every session I deliver either at work or off, my dad usually gives his point of view and I too take a keen interest in finding out the lows.

Hence, with this, I hope I evolve as a good storyteller over time and learn the art of storytelling. And guess what, the first episode on The Socialmaharaj Podcast is already live, listen below.

What to expect from The Socialmaharaj Podcast

The Socialmaharaj podcast as I said, is an extension of the Socialmaharaj blog. Which means you’ll have similar types of episodes there. Everything from the food I eat, the places I visit, the gadgets I use and the people I meet. There will also be random talks once in a while. It’s just the beginning and I will understand the trick of the trade and improve over time.

Further, many people have read my blog posts, some have seen me too however not many have heard me. Hence, the Socialmaharaj podcast is a way by which I feel I can put across my thoughts well and connect with the listener.

Where you can listen to The Socialaharaj Podcast

Though I’m announcing the launch today, the preparations started about 3 weeks ago. Because I had to spend time to understand the process to creating a podcasting and getting everything right from recording the audio – tone, pitch, volume; to editing audios and eventually publishing the episodes. I’d love you to be a part of my podcasting journey and share your feedback. Below are all the platforms where you can listen to the Socialmaharaj Podcast:

Even though I’ll be sharing the link to every episode as and when it is published, request you to subscribe to the Socialmaharaj podcast so that you don’t miss any episode.

Hear and share your feedback

When I started blogging, I got a lot of inputs. Even after 8 years, I get a lot of feedback. And I’d request you to share your feedback too. Let me know if something needs to change in terms of audio, the things I talk about and even suggest items for my next episode. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and subscribe to The Socialmaharaj Podcast and leave your ratings too. Anything else, do mention in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj or DM me on Instagram.

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  1. I didn’t know you had a podcast
    Following you on Spotify just now

  2. Great start, Atul. I’m having a problem being regular!

  3. Santwona Patnaik

    That’s a great start! I have been nurturing this thought of starting my own podcast for quite some time now. Maybe, your story has nudged me a bit more towards achieving that dream of mine.

    • Thanks a lot Santwona.I too spent a lot of time thinking about it. Do listen to Eklavya’s podcast, I’m sure he’ll inspire. Looking forward to your Podcast 😇

  4. I am super proud of you Looking forward to hear more of this. All the best:)

  5. Dr.Amrita Basu

    Congratulations Atul.Sounding good.Pleasant to hear .Keep it up.

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