Organic Superfoods by Soultatva
Organic Superfoods by Soultatva

Organic Superfoods by Soultatva – Reward yourself

Over the last few years, Superfoods have gained immense popularity among the fitness community. These plant based foods are nutritionally dense and pack in a lot of vital elements needed for our well being. Today, superfoods have entered our kitchen shelves and have started replacing a lot of items that we had earlier.

For instance, a lot of the crunchy snacks that we have are being replaced with healthier alternatives like nuts and seeds. One such product that I’ve tried recently is Soultatva. And in this post I’ll share my experience of trying out superfoods from Soultatva.

Soultatva – Eternally Pure

What you read above is their exact tagline. Soultatva is a new entrant in the healthy eating segment but already has a decent customer base. It focuses on organic and healthy food and has an array of superfood offerings including nuts and seeds that are affordable too. Soultatva’s mantra is to reward you and your soul with the best nutrition there is.

Organic Superfoods by Soultatva
Organic Superfoods by Soultatva

For someone like me who has taken a step towards a healthy living over the last few months, I’ve replaced a lot of regular food items with healthier alternatives. For instance my dosas are made from Moong Dal or Ragi, Rotis from multigrain atta and even Rajma Soya kebabs !

However, when it comes to mid meals snacking, I wasn’t quite able to have something in place. I knew about superfoods like nuts and seeds, but had never tried them earlier. further, many of the products that I had seen, were slightly on the expensive side. Hence never gave it try. So I was surprised when folks from Soultatva sent in a box filled with a healthy surprise, I got to experience the power of superfoods. I’m currently munching on Pumpkin seeds 🙂

Superfoods from Soultatva – What to Expect

I was sent in a box of all their offerings – seeds and nuts. And must say the packaging is quite innovative too. The brand has put in a lot of thought and the it shows in the entire packaging. It’s a special Pull-Out box wherein you slide the box out and it open up like a laptop revealing all the items.

And the best part is that this box is available for order as well from So you too can enjoy the fun of opening the box. Inside the box were small 20-30g individual packets of all their offerings. They have a variety of roasted seeds and nuts with some added masala for taste.

Organic Superfoods seeds & nuts by Soultavta
Organic Superfoods seeds & nuts by Soultavta

The product range includes Flax seeds, Melon seeds, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Chia seeds, mixed seeds and nutri mukhwas. All of them roasted and sprinkled either with salt, pepper or tangy Turmeric Masala. On the nuts front, they have roasted Cashewnuts, Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts, Peanuts, Hazelnuts, and Quinoa. The packaging ensured that everything inside was fresh and didn’t lose the crunch.

I tried Pumpkin & Melon seeds with Turmeric masala and loved the taste. Not too tangy and perfect amount of Turmeric. Apart from these, the box also had some nutty dates. Rich nuts in a date base with no added sweetener. Not a date fan but loved it, in fact I finished them the moment I had one. I have in fact had 3 packs of it already ! It’s become my mid noon snack !

Organic Superfoods – Healthy & Tasty

Over the past few months I’ve learnt that having a handful of nuts is way better than having a bowl of chiwda or mixture. The nuts not only give you the required nutrition but also help boost immunity. Soultatva with their offerings is ensuring that we eat healthy (and tasty) too. All the seeds that I tasted didn’t feel like eating seeds, it was comparable to any other snacking product. But with a huge difference that these are much healthier than any of those.

So if you are too interested to try Soultatva’s products, do check out their website. They are also available on Amazon & Flipkart. Go ahead and reward your health with nutrition. What are your thoughts on superfoods ? Have you included them in your diet yet ? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj or DM me on Instagram.

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  1. This snack is definitely going to be on me kitchen shelf and at my bedside. I usually binge on snacks as soon as I get up in the evening or late at night.
    Now there’s some nutritional choice to keep me guilt-free

    • Oh yes! I too loved the healthy alternatives on offer. Munching besides my desk. Thanks Geethicaji for dropping by,

  2. Love the eye-catching packaging of SoulTatva. They have such an impressive range too! The Pumpkin and Melon Seeds with Turmeric Masala sound so innovative and tempting!

  3. Organic is the way to go, I love buying genuine organic products esp those without shell like rasins

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