Complete Saputara Tour Guide - Day 2
Complete Saputara Tour Guide - Day 2

Complete Saputara Tour Guide – Day 2 Saputara Itinerary

Continuing from we left on Day 1 of our Saputara Trip, we were quite excited for Day 2. On day 1 as you would have read, we explored the places that were near to the city centre. That meant we didn’t travel to far off places and spent time commuting. However, our Saputara tour guide for day 2 would involve a few places that are quite far from Saputara but those are destinations worth visiting.

Day 2 started with a clear morning which is very unlikely in the hills. While the sun wasn’t to be seen, the blue skies blessed us that day. I as usual got up early and walked out of the hotel premises to find some great place for shooting photos. I just love doing that. I came back and was treated to a delicious breakfast comprising of some batata vadas, poha, chai and bread butter. The food I must say is pretty good at Toran, more about Hotel Toran Saputara in an upcoming blog post.

Complete Saputara Tour Guide - Day 2
Complete Saputara Tour Guide – Day 2

Day 2 Saputara Itinerary

Like I mentioned earlier, day 2 was going to be a hectic day as we were supposed to be travelling to a few places that were in different districts. Further, if you are following my complete Saputara Tour guide then please note that day 2 is going to be a long day. Hence I’d suggest you to leave as early as possible. You will spend quite some time without a network or internet. But the views that you’ll get in return will be totally worth it.

Places To Visit

  • Table Point
  • Saputara Ropeway
  • U Turn Point
  • Girmal Waterfalls
  • Shabridham

Table Point

What Table Land is to Panchgani, Table point is to Saputara albeit much smaller than the former. The table point in Saputara is a flat land at a good elevation giving you some breathtaking views. Vehicles aren’t allowed till the top, hence there’s a good hike involved. There’s proper road till the top, so that makes the hike a tad easier. Further, the weather here changes quite rapidly so keep that in mind, plus the network is quite choppy.

Up above on the Table Point Saputara
Up above on the Table Point Saputara

Once you reach the summit, you have some amazing views in all directions. If you have the fuel left in you (and have time on your hand) you can take a short hike to go further up. We didn’t because we didn’t have time. One side provides you views of lush green mountains while the other gives you a birds-eye view of Saputara Lake.

Apart from that, there are normal activities like cycling, horse riding, games and a lot of food stalls. So you can do all that you like and enjoy the views.

Saputara Ropeway

This activity in Saputara is a must-do. Located right at the start of Table Point, the ropeway is something you shouldn’t miss. It’s an integral part of our complete Saputara tour guide. Priced at Rs 77 per person (return), the ropeway gives you THE BEST views you can ever get. Without the need for a drone, you can enjoy drone shots in Saputara. While they do mention that photography is prohibited, you can take your camera with you in the cabin. However take precautions, if you drop anything, you are not going to get it back.

The entire ropeway journey is about 10-15mins, one way and is completely worth it. They do stop it for a while right in the middle when your heart is in your mouth. This is the only spot you get to network, so do a check-in if you want to here 😉

Saputara Ropeway - a must do
Magnificent views from the Saputara Ropeway

On the other side, you are greeted with different yet similar views of lush green hills and blue skies. I’ve realised that every spot in Saputara wants to you pause and appreciate it. There are shops here and I tried Maggi, Chai and Lemon Soda. Maggi and Lemon Soda were pretty good. Overall a must-have experience when in Saputara.

U Turn Point

The next destination on Dat 2 of our Saputara trip was U Turn point. Located off the Gira river, the U Turn point is located at about 80kms from Saputara. The roads are pretty good and the views you get are even better. The 80 0dd km journey can take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours depending on how much time you spend appreciating the views on the way.

Gira river is a one of its kind river in India with so many twists and turns that I can never imagine and U Turn point is located at one such turn. Part of the Purna wildlife sanctuary, the U Turn point is on the way to Girmal waterfalls.

U Turn Point in Saputara
U Turn Point in Saputara

The U turn point in itself provides a great view of the Gira river. I can imagine how beautiful the place would be during peak monsoon. You need to position yourself though in one of the watch houses to get a better/complete view of the U turn point. Your camera might not even capture the whole U turn point and you’d need an ultra-wide lens. Glad my Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G has an ultrawide and I could capture the above shot.

Girmal Waterfalls

Moving on after a small drive from the U Turn point we reach the Girmal Waterfall. I don’t know if it was our timing, but there weren’t many people here. I got down from the bus and took a few steps towards the viewing gallery and there it was Girmal waterfalls. Had no clue that the rather calm Gira river from the U turn point turns into this amazing waterfall.

Girmal waterfalls resemble a bowl – a natural bowl –  in which the river just pours into and move on. While the viewing gallery is quite long, you can walk down all the way near the mouth of the Gira river. However, remember that you need to climb back up as well. You are not allowed to go any further closer to the falls and there are forest officials around to ensure you don’t.

I wish we had gone a few months earlier during peak monsoon, I’m sure Girmal waterfall would have looked even better.  Overall a good place and our complete Saputara tour guide wouldn’t be complete without this.

Gira waterfalls in Saputara
Girmal waterfalls in Saputara

Shabri Dham

As the sun was preparing to set, we were zooming on the roads to reach our last destination of the day Shabri Dham. By this time I had completely lost my sense of direction and navigation, so I don’t know where we were and how far were we from Saputara.

It is believed that when Lord Ram went into exile for 14 years, he had visited this region of the Dangs. While he was in search of his wife Sita, he met Maa Shabri who was a devotee here. It is here that Maa Shabri fed lord Ram with ber – wild berries. Three rocks where Lord Ram, Laxman and Shabri sat are worshipped her.

This temple is built on top of a hill providing you with a great view in all directions. The place isn’t large but a good one for a family picnic or day outing. It was here that I mingled with people from the Mumbai group and got to know them better. From tourism graduates to photographers and educators, I met some amazing people. I also conceptualised a reel for safe and responsible tourism with all the bloggers and photographers. Below is the same retweeted by the Ministry of Tourism 😊

End of Day 2

We were all drained by the end of day 2. There was a lot of walking involved but the views were rewarding. We left Shabri Dham at around 6 and reached our hotel at around 9. I quickly took a shower and headed for dinner as I didn’t want to miss out on it.

It was also the time when I organized a small Ice breaking session for everyone. I believe that social media and everything you see is much more than numbers, it’s about real relationships. The session was an informal one where we introduced ourselves and learnt more about everyone else. I had no clue that even today, after almost 1 month of the trip, I’m closely in contact with everyone!

So that was all about Day 2 of your complete Saputara tour guide. I’m hopeful that you are finding this series helpful in some way or the other. I’ll be talking about our last day, Day 3 in the next blog post, so stay tuned for it! Until then if you have any queries, questions related to Saputara, please feel free to drop in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

I’d also like to thank Gujarat Tourism, India Tourism Mumbai – Ministry of Tourism for inviting me to experience the hospitality of Gujarat. While I was here on an invite, my thoughts are based on my experience and unbiased.

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