Refreshing ambiance at Turquoise Le Meridien Hyderabad
Refreshing ambiance at Turquoise Le Meridien Hyderabad

Fine Lunch at Turquoise Le Meridien Hyderabad Review

Being a foodie, I dine at all sorts of places. From food carts to luxurious dining, I enjoy the experience that each of them has to offer. I started out as a buffet fan, turned into a la carte one. And one of the things that I didn’t find justified was the set menus at these star hotels. I always felt that these were exorbitantly priced and moreover couldn’t satisfy my hunger.

I was proved wrong when I had my first set menu at Once Upon a Time, Hotel Greenpark. That’s when I realized that the set menu is actually good. You get to taste the best and by the time you reach the desserts, you are almost full. To experience one such set menu, I was invited to Turquoise Le Meridien Hyderabad a few weeks ago. And like always, this blog post is going to be my Turquoise Le Meridien Hyderabad Review.

Refreshing Ambiance at Turquiose

Le Meridien is part of the larger Marriott group of hotels. And I’ve previously dined at Feast and Zega at Sheraton, Okra and Bidri at Marriott, Tank Bund. In fact, I ushered in 2020 at Fairfield by Marriott. So I am familiar with the group and know exactly what to expect.

Le Meridien is located right off the busy Kondapur road near SLN terminus. The hotel lobby itself will leave you in awe, thanks to the artistic artefacts present to welcome you.

Refreshing ambiance at Turquoise Le Meridien Hyderabad
The refreshing ambience at Turquoise Le Meridien Hyderabad

Turquoise is the all-day dining restaurant at Le Meridien. True to its name, it has refreshing and calming vibes the moment you enter. At the far end, you’ll see the beautiful, gram-worthy wall. It can cater to your family and friends. They also have a private dining area as well. Everything right from the tableware to the furniture goes well with the overall theme.

The restaurant had been shut for a long time due to the pandemic, and you’ll be happy to know that Turquoise is now open! They have followed all the safety norms. Everyone from the chefs to servers to F&B managers, all of them have their masks and gloves always on.

Set Menu at Turquoise Le Meridien Hyderabad Review

The restaurant has already made its name in the brunch scenes in the city. The brunch here is quite popular and they often have themed lunches on special occasions. The set menu is something that is a welcome addition to it. Chef Rahul Dutta, the executive sous chef at Le Meridien along with his team, planned this exquisite set menu. It’s available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants. No prizes of guessing, Maharaj tried the vegetarian menu. So let’s dig into the Turquoise Le Meridien Hyderabad Review.

Soup & Salad

We started our meal with the amuse bouche – melon pillow. These were colourful and crunchy pillows topped with flavoured pearls (boba sort of). It was a good way to start the meals. Next came the Lemongrass Cilantro Dumpling Broth. Since it was a broth, I knew it isn’t going to be creamy and heavy. It was one of the most flavoursome and light soups I’ve had in a long time. The dumplings perfectly complemented the lemongrass broth.

Coming to the salad, we had a tender Coconut Ceviche. Ceviche is originally a South American seafood dish usually eaten cold and doesn’t involve heat. This was served in a coconut shell. It had coconut malai along with cherry tomatoes, cucumber and microgreens. It made use to rock salt and had all-natural ingredients only. It not only looked good, but it also tasted pretty nice as well.

Starters & Pizza

The next time we had on the menu was the Rock Corn Tempura. Tempura is originally a Japanese seafood preparation where the item is deep-fried in batter and served with a sauce. Rock corn tempura was a similar preparation with corn. While it looked appealing, it was ok according to me.

Flavoursome mains at Turquoise Le Meridien Hyderabad
Flavoursome starters, salads and mains

We all have had pizzas with cheese oozing from everyone. But how many have you have had a cold pizza? The cold pizza was a thin crust mini pizza that was topped with bell peppers and microgreens. The trio of pepper pizza had bell pepper sheets sliced to perfection. A good mini bite.

Delicious Main Course

After eating so much, I was almost full only to see the main course being served. For vegetarians, we had Mushroom Galauti with Ulte Tawa ka Paratha. This was paired with Balsamic Sweet potato with poppy seeds.

The kebab was one of the softest that I’ve had. The melt in mouth kebab was adequately flavoured with the masalas. I didn’t require any chutney or sauce to go with it.

The Balsamic sweet potato was a solid piece of sweet potato covered with poppy seeds cooked in Balsamic sauce. It was crunchy on the outside and flavoursome. As you bite into it, you’ll taste the actual sweet potato. The main course was good, and for me, the Mushroom Galauti stole the show.

Desserts at Turquoise Le Meridien Hyderabad
Delicious Desserts

Drinks and Desserts

No meal today is complete without a drink. There were two options of mocktails on the menu. Pear Rosemary Fizz and Tangy Cilantro. Rosemary Fizz was served in a classic wine glass with a rosemary stem. It tastes almost like Appy Fizz with a tinge of Rosemary. Tangy Cilantro on the other hand was made of tangy orange juice and cilantro and vanilla. It was refreshing and I had a couple of glasses of it!

For desserts, we had Blueberry Delight and Melting Movements. It was a combination of Blueberry cheesecake along with chocolate brownie topped with hot chocolate sauce. All the desserts were – sweet and heavy. One cannot finish all of it. The brownie could have been a little better though.

Final Verdict: A wholesome meal

Turquiose at Le Meridien lived up to its name. Everything from the food to ambience and the staff were lovely and amiable. The set menu was a nicely planned meal with all items complementing each other in a way. If I had to pick my best dishes from the meal, it would be Mushroom Galauti, Coconut Ceviche, Tangy Orange. The set menu is available for Rs 1345+ taxes. You can reach out to them for reservations and I’m sure they would ensure that you have a good time.

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That’s about it for my Turquoise Le Meridien Hyderabad review. I would also want to try their special brunch someday – a Gujarati or Rajasthani meal perhaps. Whenever that happens, you’ll come to know 🙂

Until then, let me know your thoughts about this blog post in the comments below. Tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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