Amenities at Narmada Tent City 2
Amenities at Narmada Tent City 2

All-Inclusive Statue Of Unity Tent City Stay Experience

Two decades ago, I would associate tents with camping. The thought of staying in the wilderness without proper beds, electricity and toilet kept me away from the whole concept of the tent. However, that definition of tent changed when I visit Rann Utsav last year. It was during that time I got to experience a luxurious tent at Rann Utsav Tent City.

So when we were visiting the Statue Of Unity, I knew exactly what to expect. We spent a couple of nights at the Statue of Unity Tent City 2 and I’ll be sharing my honest stay experience.

Hotels in Statue Of Unity

The Statue of Unity has propelled tourism in the entire region. Once a rather unknown place today has become a world tourist destination. There are more than 20 attractions at the Statue Of Unity. Hence, I feel that one day is not enough to experience the entire place. Read about my Ahmedabad to Statue Of Unity 2 Day Itinerary to plan your trip. Once you plan a two-night trip, you would want to know about various hotels in Statue Of Unity.

Statue Of Unity via Ekta Cruise
Statue Of Unity via Ekta Cruise

There are quite a few hotels in Statue of Unity, however, most of them are quite far from the place. Some of the popular ones include Ramada Tent City, Fern and Oyo. If you are looking to stay close to the Statue of Unity, then the only option is the Statue Of Unity Tent City 2.

There are two Tent City, Tent City 2 is the closest to the Statue Of Unity while Tent City 1 is a little further. Even in terms of setup and place, both the tent city are quite different. I’ll take a little about Tent City 1 as we did visit the property, however, the majority of this post will talk about my stay experience at the Statue Of Unity Tent City 1.

Statue Of Unity Tent City Stay Experience

Tent City 2 is located about 8 km from the Statue of Unity. There are buses and autos plying that can take you there. If you do book their packages, your commute will also be taken care of by them. The Tent City 2 offers 2 types of tents: Delux and Premium. Both the tents are more or less the same, except for the size and some additional facilities. We were put up in the premium tents. There are 6 clusters spread across a huge area with each cluster having close to 20 tents. Every cluster also has a small garden in the middle where you can sit and relax.

We were put up in cluster 4 which is right behind the dining hall. In fact, mine was the first tent which was right under a huge Mango tree. Couldn’t have asked for a better tent! Compared to the Rann Utsav Tent City, the tents here had solid walls. The ones in Rann Utsav were cloth only, but these had solid wooden panels and had a proper door with a lock.

My amazing tent at Statue Of Unity Tent City 2
My amazing tent at Statue Of Unity Tent City 2

Upon entering, there were two single beds with neat linen. A table with an electric kettle along with water and a huge mirror. Also an open wardrobe with a storage area. Lastly, these tents have ACs, so no matter when you visit, your tent would keep you cool as a cucumber.

The bathroom was spacious and nicely done. Unlike the one at the Rann Utsav tent city, these had proper walls. The highlight of the bathroom was the geyser. Though the temperature was hovering around 40, a hot shower at the end of the was extremely relaxing. The sink and the toilet are neat and tidy too.

Amenities at the Narmada Tent City

As mentioned earlier, tent city 2 is spread across a large area. However, the amenities cannot be compared to that of the Rann Utsav tent I stayed at. There’s a large reception area, a couple of air-conditioned conference rooms and a huge dining hall. All these are right next to the entrance. They have cycles that you can use to commute with the tent city for free along with a buggy service. There are security guards at each cluster and the entire area is under CCTV surveillance. So in terms of safety also you are covered.

Amenities at Narmada Tent City 2
Amenities at Narmada Tent City 2

There is a clubhouse that has a few board games, a TV and a pool table for you to relax and unwind. There’s a decent-sized swimming pool that is open until 8 PM. They have a children’s play area so if you are visiting with kids, they have you covered. Lastly, they organize cultural performances every evening. Once you are done with your dinner, you can soak in some Gujarati vibes and shake a leg to burn some calories.

Overall, the vibes are pretty calming and good. The property isn’t very large, but since it is located away from the town, it’s quite peaceful. If they had longer stay packages, I wouldn’t mind working remotely from there. Sitting outside my tent under the Mango tree working!

Food at Tent City 2 – Could Be Better

How could a post on be without food?

There’s one huge dining hall that can cater to a few hundred people at a time. They serve breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner. The food served on campus is pure vegetarian only. The food is mostly a buffet spread comprising a variety of Indian cuisine. From starters and soups to mains, desserts and live counter. There’s everything for everyone. In fact, they even have a separate Jain food counter too.

Food at Statue Of Unity Tent City 2
Food at Statue Of Unity Tent City 2

Talking about the taste, I’d say the food is ok and nothing extraordinary. We had Idli Sambhar for breakfast and a north Indian meal for lunch and dinner. The buttermilk served was heavenly, in fact, I filled a couple of bottles of it and brought it to my room. In terms of the variety, I felt local items were quite less.

While I understand they need to cater to a wide range of people, I feel more Gujarati dishes could be added. Out of the 6 meals I had there, I’d say there were only about 10 items in total for all the meals. Food is something they can work on to make the whole experience top-notch.

Cost of Staying at Tent City 2

I’m sure by reading this much and seeing the photos, you’d want to know how much does it cost to stay at Statue Of Unity Tent City 2. Tent city 2 has 2 packages – 2 Nights and 3 Nights. For each of the packages, you can either choose a Delux Tent or a Premium Tent.

For a 2 night package in a Delux Tent, it costs about Rs 9000 on a twin sharing basis and Rs12,000 for the premium tent. For 3 night package, it’s Rs 18,000 for the Delux tent and Rs 24,000 for the premium tent respectively. If you’re wondering that staying at the Statue of Unity tent city 2 is expensive, I’d suggest reading on.

All the packages comprise visits to various places in Tent City. They have a set itinerary as part of which, you’ll have guided tours to many places. You’ll be provided with a guide, an AC bus and tickets to most places will also be included in the package.

Considering this, plus all meals, morning tea and cultural activities, it’s an amazing deal to stay at the Statue of Unity Tent City 2. I’d suggest opting for a 3 nights package to take the maximum advantage and experience the property completely.

You can book the packages from their official site:

How about Tent City 1?

Tent city 1 at Statue of Unity is located a little away from tent city 2. These tents look much more beautiful and the whole property is quite picturesque as compared to tent city 1. There’s a huge water body surrounding the property along with hills in the background. They have the presidential tents too where dignitaries are put up. Many more open spaces and lush green lawns will make you feel that you are in a foreign land.

Statue Of Unity Tent City 1
Beautiful property at Tent City 1

Being far from the town centre, it’s extremely quiet. It has some great views of the sunset making it a spot for a perfect romantic evening. While it was quite sunny when I was there, so wasn’t that romantic, but I hope you get what I’m trying to say. Only in terms of the setup and views, Tent City 1 is better. However, that also comes with extra cost, most packages cost 25-30% more than tent city 2. Plus they have the villas available prices of which can go up to Rs 140,000 for 3 nights!

Final Thoughts

At the end of it, I’d stay it makes much more sense to stay at Tent City 2 than any other place. The only reason is its proximity to the attractions. Even in terms of price, tent city 2 has decent amenities and activities as part of its packages. I had a wonderful experience staying at the Statue Of Unity Tent city. The tents were cosy, thanks to the AC, I could sleep well. The place is extremely quiet and evenings and early mornings are magical here.

To conclude, if you are also looking for hotels in Statue Of Unity, I’d recommend this one. The place can be full hence it’s better to plan ahead of time and book your package. That’s about it for this post, let me know what you feel. If you have any queries or questions, feel free to comment down below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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  1. I loved how comfortable and cozy the tents were, of course the AC was much needed especially in the summers! The chaas was bliss!! Also loved all the greenery around, the chirping of birds in the morning. Wonderful details on the packages and the costs.. and your tent was doubly premium I ‘d say, what with the shade of the tall mango tree 🙂

    • I won’t deny that. That Mango tree, birds chirping in the morning was pure bliss. Wish we couldn’t have come back from there. 😬

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