Ahmedabad To Statue Of Unity 2 Day Itinerary
Ahmedabad To Statue Of Unity 2 Day Itinerary

Ahmedabad to Statue Of Unity 2 Day Itinerary

I am a domicile of Gujarat if I can say so. My primary schooling happened in Ahmedabad. Hence, I have a lot of memories attached to Ahmedabad. Even today, Ahmedabad feels home to me. One of the best things that I like about Ahmedabad is its connectivity. Irrespective of where you are located, you’ll have a flight, and train to Ahmedabad. Even within the state, Ahmedabad is perfectly located near some of the popular destinations. Be it Adalaj Ni Vav, Rani Ki Vav or Modhera Sun Temple, Ahmedabad is in close proximity to many places. One of the places that I recently visited is the Statue Of Unity, that’s also close to Ahmedabad.

In this post, I share my experience of travelling from Ahmedabad to Statue Of Unity. I’ll also share a Statue Of Unity 2 day itinerary which should be perfect for most of you. You can read my previous post where I shared the complete guide to the Statue of Unity. While the blog post talked only about the monument, I’ll share about all the other places at the Statue of Unity in this post. So if you are looking for an Ahmedabad to Statue Of Unity 2 Day Itinerary, you’ve landed at the right place!

Ahmedabad To Statue Of Unity 2 Day Itinerary
Ahmedabad To Statue Of Unity 2 Day Itinerary

Ahmedabad to Statue Of Unity – How To Reach

The first and foremost question to answer is how do you go from Ahmedabad to Statue of Unity? There are two main ways, one is a road trip to Statue Of Unity and the other is a train journey. The distance is about 200kms from Ahmedabad to Statue Of Unity. It takes about 5 hours on average by road. You need to take the Ahmedabad-Baroda expressway and turn towards Ekta Nagar. The roads are pretty good all along the way. And since you are in Gujarat, getting food along the way isn’t a problem at all.

If you plan to travel by train, I strongly suggest you travel by the Jan Shatabdi Express train that leaves Ahmedabad at around 8 AM. The best part about this Ahmedabad to Statue Of Unity train is the Vista dome coach. There’s one Vista Dome coach on this train. I don’t know how scenic the view is, but I feel you must experience the coach once at least.

Statue of Unity 2 Day Itinerary

You probably landed upon this post because you are planning a trip to the Statue Of Unity. You are also confused as to how much time you need at the Statue of Unity. Is 1 day enough to explore the Statue Of Unity? How many days do I need to visit the Statue Of Unity?

Here’s the thing. There are about 20+ attractions in Ekta Nagar apart from the statue itself. If you want to just view the statue, go to the viewing gallery and visit the museum, 1 day itinerary would be perfect. However, if you want to witness the laser show, I’d suggest a 2 day itinerary. Because the show ends at 8 PM, driving back to Ahmedabad would mean you’d reach home well past midnight.

If you want to have an easy comfortable trip to the Statue of Unity, then I strongly recommend a 2 Day Statue Of Unity Itinerary. That way you can enjoy the statue fully and even visit the other attractions around. You can book your tickets for all attractions at Statue Of Unity on their website https://www.soutickets.in/

Day 1 at Statue Of Unity

Reach Ekta Nagar

Assuming you leave Ahmedabad at 8 AM, you should reach Ekta Nagar by 1 PM at the most. Depending on how hungry you are, you can plan to take a halt at the Amul Cafe for lunch. I’d like to point out that there aren’t (m)any restaurants in Ekta Nagar and hence food can pose a concern. If you are staying at the tent city at Statue Of Unity, then you shouldn’t worry about food.

Ekta Cruise to Statue Of Unity

After lunch, you have two options: you can either rest in your room and explore the places in the evening. Or you can take leave early to explore the Statue Of Unity. Remember that there are slots for every place you visit. So while booking the tickets, ensure that you have selected the proper slots.

You can reach the Shreshta Bhavan for the Ekta Cruise. If you plan early, there’s a cruise at 3 PM. If you plan to relax and leave, there’s a cruise at 5 PM. Please note that the 5 PM cruise is the last one for the day. The tickets are priced at Rs 413 for an adult.

Statue Of Unity via Ekta Cruise
Statue Of Unity via Ekta Cruise

You can take the cruise which takes about 30mins to reach the Statue of Unity. It’s a ride that I highly recommend each one of you to take. You sail on the Narmada, crossing bridges and witnessing the ghats before eventually reaching the Statue of Unity. You’ll love the photos and the videos that you’ll get from the top deck. Trust me, Ekta Cruise to Statue of Unity is the best way to reach there.

Visit the Statue Of Unity, Museum & the viewing gallery

Get down from the cruise and take the free buggy ride to the Statue of Unity entrance. Depending on the type of ticket you’ve taken, you can visit either at the regular entry or express entry. There are moving walkways that will take you to the Statue Of Unity. However, I suggest you walk in the middle towards the Statue Of Unity and appreciate it.

Insightful museum at Statue Of Unity
Insightful museum at Statue Of Unity

Once at the Statue, visit the museum that is located on the ground floor. Learn about how the statue was built and the story behind it. They have some interesting art installations around the place that are worth viewing. After that, you can take the elevator and head to the viewing deck. The elevators are quite fast and you’ll definitely feel your ears pop.

At the top, it can get claustrophobic depending on how many people are there. When we went, it was only 4 of us. So we got that time and space. The views are spectacular. The might Narmada Dam is right in front and everything else looks so tiny. You can take a walk around the entire chest region of the statue. The viewing area at the back of the chest isn’t grande as compared to the one at the chest. Also, it isn’t a 360 viewing gallery that you might have seen at other monuments in the world.

Highest Viewing Gallery At Statue Of Unity
Highest Viewing Gallery At Statue Of Unity

You can then come down and explore the area around the feet of the statue and get some good photos clicked. That’s when you actually realise how huge the statue is.

Experience Laser show at the Statue Of Unity

The next obvious part is the laser show at the Statue Of Unity. The show starts at 7 PM and people are asked to leave the statue from 6 PM onwards. You can choose the seating options based on your choice but remember, it’s first come first serve. Frankly, the statue is so huge, that it actually doesn’t matter where you sit.

Magnificent Laser Show at Statue Of Unity
Magnificent Laser Show at Statue Of Unity

The show lasts for about 30mins and is one of the finest ones I’ve seen in the recent past. It shows the whole life of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. From his childhood days to his job and the Satyagrah movement. They’ve then shown the independence of India and how his efforts helped unite the nation. The show ends with a national anthem and you’ll leave with a lot of pride and patriotism after the show.

Narmada Arti – Option 1

The last thing that you can do on the first day is to visit the Narmada Arti. Similar to the Ganga Arti in Haridwar or Varanasi, there’s a Narmada Arti that happens every day at 8 PM. It takes about 15 mins to drive to the ghats. The Arti isn’t grand in terms of size and attendance when compared to the Ganga Arti, however, the rituals are similar. You can soak in the mystical vibes as the pandits chant the slokas and the hymns played in the background. If you’re a photographer, you can get some really good clicks here.

Unity Glow Garden – Option 2

If you want to avoid the Narmada Arti, you can opt to visit the Unity Glow Garden. It’s a pretty new concept – at least here in India. They have numerous installations with lights in them. You have flowers, deer, rabbits and a lot of other animals with lights in them. It looks extremely beautiful at night. There’s also some Bollywood music being played making it a fun visit for everyone.

Unity Glow Garden at Statue Of Unity
Unity Glow Garden at Statue Of Unity

They have some amazing fountains and plants along with other installations that are perfect to get your new profile pic clicked. Ironically, the Glow Garden is located right next to the Valley of Flowers which you could have visited earlier in the day.

So your day 1 at Statue of Unity can end here. After this, you can go back to your hotel at Statue Of Unity or the tent city. These places are enough for day 1 considering the fatigue involved with travelling to each and every destination.

Day 2 at Statue Of Unity

I am an early rise and a sunrise chaser (if that’s even a word). No matter what time I sleep, I’m usually up by 5-6 AM and that means that I have ample to explore places nearby. Since we were staying at the Narmada Tent City 2, Panchmuli Lake is right next to it. There’s a small hike to the lake and early morning is bliss here. You can see the hills surrounding the lake, birds chirping and a cool breeze. In fact, the seaplane from Ahmedabad to Ekta Nagar lands here. So if you are an early rise, don’t miss this.

Valley of Flowers

The first destination that you can start your day 2 at the Statue Of Unity would be the valley of flowers. Unlike the valley of flowers that you would have heard of, this place has a variety of flowers. The small garden has the Statue Of Unity in the background. There are a variety of flowers as you would have guessed along with some artsy installations. There’s even a selfie spot with the statue of unity in the background. They are also developing a mini garden which is the shape of India. Overall a decent place to start your day.

Valley of Flowers at Statue Of Unity
Valley of Flowers at Statue Of Unity

Jungle Safari

The next destination that we visited was the Jungle Safari. Though the name is safari, it’s actually a zoo. You have these buggies that will take you around the entire zoo. They have a couple of Rhinoceros, Zebras, Giraffe, and a variety of deers. There’s also a section with tigers and cheetahs.

The highlight however for me at the Jungle Safari was the Aviary. They have this huge cage with exotic birds in it. The idea is that humans are caged inside that cage and the birds can fly freely. There are birds of different shapes and sizes. You can get pretty close to them and get some good photos.

Jungle Safari at Statue Of Unity
Jungle Safari at Statue Of Unity

After the zoo visit, you can have ice cream at the Amul or Havmore parlour right outside the Jungle safari park.

Vishwa Van

After visiting the Jungle Safari, you can visit Vishwa Van. The idea of this place was to get soil and trees from across the globe to showcase unity amongst the countries. There are areas made in the shapes of continents. Each continent has trees from that continent. So if you are a nature lover, you’ll surely like this place.

Vishwa Van at Statue Of Unity
Vishwa Van at Statue Of Unity

There’s also a small game on the floor at the far end of the place. It’s with numbers and alphabet and I guess kids would enjoy it. The park again gives you a very beautiful view of the Statue of Unity. You click some good pictures with the statue.

Ekta Nursery

The last place on the day which I suggest you can visit is the Ekta Nursery. The nursery is spread over a large area and houses some exotic plants. The highlight however is the tribal women here who earn their livelihood by selling bonsai and other natural products. It’s a wonderful sign of women’s empowerment. There’s also a restaurant inside and you get some good local/tribal thali there. If you’re a foodie, I’d recommend you try the food here. On a sunny day, you can also try some fresh coconut water right outside the garden.

By this time it would be almost 3-4 PM and makes a perfect time to leave for Ahmedabad. Considering the 5-6 hour drive, you can be at your home or hotel by around 10-11 PM. If you finish early, you can also pay a visit to Ekta Mall. It’s a mall with a shop from every state. So you can buy souvenirs and a lot of other things from Ekta Mall.

Your perfect 2 Day Itinerary to Statue Of Unity

I hope you found this Ahmedabad to Statue Of Unity 2 Day itinerary helpful. Though the statue itself can be covered in a day, it’s because of the laser show, I suggest you spend the night there. The choice is completely yours. We had the exact same itinerary and I’ll say this is just enough to explore places at Statue Of Unity. If you know the places, you know that many places aren’t part of this 2 day Statue Of Unity itinerary. You can definitely modify this itinerary to include and exclude places.

Having done the trip recently, there are a lot of questions that I’ve got from a lot of people about the Statue of Unity. I’ll try to answer a few of them below.

Statue of Unity FAQ

What is the best time to visit the Statue of Unity?

The best time to visit the Statue of Unity is from October to February. The other months are fine too, but I’ll suggest avoiding the months from March to June because of the summers.

Is one day enough for the Statue of Unity?

Ideally no, if you want to cover all the places at the Statue Of Unity. However, if you want to visit only the statue, you can do that in one day without the laser show.

How long is the laser show?

The laser show starts at 7 PM and ends at 7:30 PM

What are the Statue Of Unity Ticket Prices?

Prices vary from attraction to attraction. However, entry to the Statue of Unity is priced at Rs 380 per adult.

That’s about it for the Ahmedabad to Statue Of Unity 2 day itinerary. I hope you found this post helpful. If you have questions or queries, feel free to drop a comment below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM me on Instagram or Get In Touch.

I’d like to thank Gujarat Tourism and the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. Of India for inviting me to experience the Statue Of Unity. Everything on the trip was taken care of by the ministry. However, my experience shared above is genuine, unbiased and purely based on what I experienced.

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