Drinks at Posh Nosh Hyderabad
Refreshing drinks for teetotalers and tipplers

Posh Nosh Hyderabad – Where Weekend Comes Early

Hyderabad loves its cup of Irani Chai with Chai Biscuit. But it also loves the nightlife. I first got a taste of it many years ago when ai had visited OTM in Gachibowli. It was around evening when we entered and about 11 PM when we came out. From literally no one to a dance floor that barely had any place left, everyone was dancing and partying. And that was a Friday evening if I recollect correctly.

But what if you want to visit a place where the weekend comes early in Hyderabad? I was recently at Posh Nosh on a Wednesday, and boy did it feel like a Friday evening! They have recently launched their new menu and Maharaj was invited to experience the same. In this post, I’ll share my experience of an evening at Posh Nosh Hyderabad.

Party Vibes Everyday

While many of Hyderabad’s party places are located in large, fancy setups in Jubilee Hills, Posh Nosh has a rather simple abode. Located in Aditya Enclave, bang opposite Croma, 36 Down Town in Jubilee Hills. A building that has a restaurant/pub on almost every floor.

Posh Nosh is on the 3rd floor. Like most other places, I was also here quite early hence got to explore the setup a little better. The moment you enter, you’ll find the stage on the left, so you know there’s going to be live music. Apparently, there’s live music every day here. The not-so-large space has high chairs, sofas and regular tables to choose from. The bar counter is the next lively place after the stage. Not the largest that I’ve seen, but surely a fully stocked one. They have an outdoor seating area as well which is also a smoking zone. Don’t expect great views from here though.

Stage is set for live music Posh Nosh

Talking about the vibes, the place is LIT as they call it. On that particular day, the crowd started pouring in by around 9 and the live performance just began. Within a span of a few minutes, there were people dancing, partying and grooving to the tunes of the band. The place was packed. For once I did feel that the weekend came early at Posh Nosh.

New Menu at Posh Nosh – Review

The food menu at lounges/pubs is the least important thing. However, I’m glad that a lot of places do emphasise food. Posh Nosh is surely one of them. They have recently introduced a new menu that will satisfy your taste buds. From finger food to bar food, Indian to Italian, the new menu at Posh Nosh has a lot of options. Since I was invited here, the food was on the house and so were the dishes that came in. So let’s get started.

Soups and Starters

We started with a round of soups and starters. We had a comforting creme of Mushroom Broccoli Soup which was so good! I think I mentioned in my previous post as well, how I’ve started loving soups. This one was pretty good too. Not spicy and groovy, but warm and comforting. There was also a Muskmelon Watermelon Feta Cheese Salad. I’ve had Watermelon Feta cheese salad before, but this one with Muskmelon was different and good.

Delicious small plates and starters at Posh Nosh
Delicious small plates and starters

There were a lot of starters on the table, 3 Way Paneer Tikka, Veg Cheese Sticks, Schezwan Tandoori Chaap, Root Vegetable Galauti Kebab. The 3-way Paneer Tikka had 3 huge chunks of Paneer marinated with different sauces – Malai, Tandoori Masala and Mint. Liked the earthy flavours and the marination. The cheese sticks however were my favourite of the evening. Simple preparation but extremely flavourful. The root vegetable Galauti was also nicely done and had a good melt-in-mouth consistency. Overall, a good curation of salads, soups and starters.

Desi Mains at a Pub!

The party was just getting started at Posh Nosh on a Wednesday as I and my friends gulped down a few drinks and relished the starters and small plates. Our eyes lit up seeing desi mains being served. Yes, Nizami Handi, Malai Mushroom with Lacha Paratha along with Pulao. Not something you’d order at such a place, but we’ll, after I had it, might as well order the next time I’m there.

Desi mains at Posh Nosh Hyderabad
Pulao and Nizami Handi for mains

The Malai Mushroom was a preparation that I was having for the first time. It was rich, had a coarse texture and perfectly paired with Lacha Paratha. Nizami Handi was nice too, definitely better than what I have had at some buffet places. Lastly, I couldn’t stop myself from drooling and gorging on the Pulao. It was a simple Veg Pulao, but it was so nicely done!

Where are the drinks?

How can a lounge in Hyderabad not serve drinks? As I said before, the bar counter was the second most happening place after the stage. The band dished out songs as bartenders dished out drinks. They have plenty of choices of tipplers and teetotallers alike. I didn’t go by the menu and asked the Bartender to mix something.

Drinks at Posh Nosh Hyderabad
Refreshing drinks for teetotalers and tipplers

I had a ginger ale-based drink with some rosemary which was pretty refreshing. Then there was a fruity, Mango and Coconut based cooler that was served. This was new and quite good. And then I was also served a Ginger, Lemon and cucumber-based drink which I truly enjoyed. So you can go by the menu or ask the bartender to surprise you!

Party every day at Posh Nosh

I was pleasantly surprised to see such a crowd on a Wednesday evening at Posh Nosh. Some of them were regulars here which means they have a loyal customer base too. The concept of everyday live music is what drives people to Posh Nosh. With the launch of the new menu, there ensure everyone there has a good time.

While I got to sample only a few dishes from the menu, I’d say they’ve got plenty on offer for everyone. Apart from the regular bar food, the starters and small plates are something that everyone will enjoy. The mains were surprisingly good and worth a try. Drinks didn’t disappoint either, even my tippler friends enjoyed the drink.

Overall, quite a happening place whether it’s music, drinks or food. So if you want to experience an early weekend in Hyderabad, head to Posh Nosh and you’ll not be disappointed. Let me know your favourite party place in Hyderabad in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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